Newsletter 63: May 2015


In 1990, when Dave Pallone wrote his New York Timesbestselling autobiography, Behind the Mask: My Double Life in Baseball, he was best known as the first major league baseball umpire to come out as gay–and get fired for it. For many people, the Behind the Mask era now looks like a relic of the past, as gay life has become mainstream. Because of this striking dichotomy between then and now, Pallone’s second book, A WHOLE NEW BALLGAME: AFTER THE MASK CAME OFF, might seem to be a victory dance over the grave of hardships past. Not so fast. There remains one final bastion of resistance to gay acceptance: major league sports. In 2015, there is not a single current major league baseball player who is openly gay. There is not a single current NFL player who is openly gay. Nor is there an openly gay NHL or NBA player out there on the court. The leagues say they are changing to be more inclusive, but the evidence speaks otherwise. In A WHOLE NEW BALLGAME, Pallone takes on the sports culture as no one has before, going inside the locker rooms and onto the fields to find out why, 25 years after he came out, being openly gay is still considered a career-breaker. As an advocate for the LGBT community, Pallone is frequently asked to speak to college sports programs where young people seek him out to share heartbreaking stories of fear and exclusion that seem to belong to another era. These major league players of tomorrow have already heard the message loud and clear: don’t be who you are if you want to play. As Pallone observes a new generation locked into soul-crushing silence, he wants to tell the world the truth–and ask what it will take for change to happen in major league sports. Pallone is determined that young gay men and women who love sports as much as he did are not denied the opportunity to play their hearts out. His message is powerful and inspirational, as he speaks for those who cannot (yet) speak for themselves.

WAKING IN TIME by Angie Stanton is a fast-paced adventure through the 20th century filled with long-kept secrets, buried treasure, and discovering love while working against time. Starting college is tough enough without unexpected time travel. After a late night bonfire at the University of Wisconsin, the bells of the Carillon Tower chime and freshman Abbi Thruman wakes to find herself transported back a couple decades with no knowledge of how or why it happened. She meets the middle-aged physics professor W. C. Smith who welcomes her as an old friend. Professor Smith explains that he’s known her for years and has devoted his life’s work to cracking the time travel dilemma and sending her home. Complicating matters, there’s Will, the handsome young fellow time traveler who only travels forward. He gazes longingly into her eyes and claims they have a deep history, which both scares and intrigues Abbi. After tumbling back in time repeatedly and meeting up with an ever younger Prof. Smith, but no closer to a solution, Abbi loses all hope of getting home. When she wakes to discover her latest roommate is her recently deceased grandmother now an 18-year-old, Abbi is stunned. She does everything she can to cheat time and stay with her beloved grandmother even as she discovers that her grandmother has secrets of her own and a scandalous mystery to solve. Will Abbi be able to solve the mystery her grandmother took to her grave? When she meets Will again, is it true love, or are they just passing through time? And will the professor be able to save her before she travels back so far that she’s forever beyond reach? Only time will tell.

As World War II was grinding to an end, a U.S. Army colonel received intelligence about a Nazi-run farm where hundreds of the finest horses in Europe had been relocated for Hitler’s attempted creation of an equine master race. The ravenous Russian army was closing in on the farm and, fearing that the advancing Red Army would capture and slaughter the prized horses as food for its famished troops, the American colonel, an avid horseman named Charles Reed, resolved to save them. Reed requested permission to mount a top-secret, stealthy rescue mission. General George S. Patton’s swift response: “Get them. Make it fast!” Thus was born Operation Cowboy. Illuminating a little-known and long-forgotten piece of history, PATTON’S HORSES by Linda Carroll and David Rosner will recount the astonishing tale of the most improbable mission of World War II, taking readers along on the thrilling rescue that saved the legendary Lipizzan breed from extinction. The American rescue mission, carried out with the unlikely help of a small group of Germans, was a desperate drive to save from Russian capture the regal white horses for which Patton himself had developed an affinity. Setting the record straight and immortalizing the legacy of the compassionate and courageous rescuers, PATTON’S HORSES unspools the inspiring story of how one humane episode in a horrific war preserved a pure art form by saving the world’s most majestic breed of horses.

Maribeth Klein is the perfect wife, mother, magazine editor, and ball juggler extraordinaire–until she unexpectedly has a heart attack. When she ends up undergoing open-heart surgery that leaves her at her most vulnerable, unable to be the Keeper and Doer of All Things, her family and friends prove incapable of picking up the slack. Feeling overtired, overtaxed, and underappreciated, she runs away to Pittsburgh in search of her estranged birth mother, desperate to unwind the mess she’s made of her life. As she drifts away from her life back in New York City, she begins new friendships and an unusual relationship with her cardiologist, who can finally relate to her feelings of brokenness. It’s not until she receives an inadvertent email from her husband that she’s forced to confront the real problem: the secrets she stores in the inner recesses of her damaged heart. In her first novel for adults, BYPASS, #1New York TimesUSA Today and Wall Street Journalbestselling author Gayle Forman uses her trademark emotionality and humor to paint an unflinching portrait of a woman confronting the joys and sorrows of marriage, motherhood and friendship. (Please note: this project is represented by Michael Bourret)

What does it mean to be a “high IQ” athlete? Conventional wisdom suggests a straightforward answer–that people who are innately intelligent tend to be high IQ athletes. However, emerging psychological research is showing that intelligence in sports is much more “learnable” than previously believed. In HIGH IQ ATHLETES: HOW THEY WIN, AND WHAT THEY CAN TEACH US ABOUT REACHING OUR POTENTIAL, social psychologist Mark Travers plumbs the psyche of some of the most successful athletes of the modern era to isolate the mental qualities that promote athletic excellence. Far from being “geniuses” in the traditional sense of the word, Dr. Travers suggests that high IQ athletes are better thought of as expert intuitive psychologists. They possess a keen self-awareness of their game–a wisdom, if you will–and they have discovered many longstanding psychological principles that maximize athletic performance. Above all, they realize that becoming a high IQ athlete is a skill to be developed, and they are ever on a mission to improve. By examining what they do so well, and how they do it, Dr. Travers teaches readers how to become more successful in their own pursuits, athletic or otherwise. Similar in gravity to the works of Malcolm Gladwell, while possessing the scholarship of a Steven Pinker, HIGH IQ ATHLETES gives us the tools to learn to improve the way we think, athlete or no.

When the plainclothes police officers appeared with a warrant for her arrest, Mayah assumed that her father–a powerful figure in Nairobi’s Indian business community–was attempting to frighten her. What she didn’t realize was that her ordeal had only just begun. That night, while her husband languished in a jail cell, she would be driven across the border at gunpoint, sedated, and locked in an empty room for days. She would be flown across the ocean in a drugged haze and awake in a walled compound in a remote corner of northern India. Later, she would swallow pills and bleed out the child she didn’t know she’d been carrying. Mayah would remain a prisoner in her family’s home until she agreed to annul her marriage and wed a husband of their choosing. Journalist Hannah Rubenstein‘s WEDLOCKED: A STORY OF FORCED MARRIAGE uses the true tale of one woman’s experience to introduce readers to a pervasive practice that has only recently begun tiptoeing out of hushed living rooms and into the spotlight of public discourse. Many women who had been rendered silent, threatened by familial and community pressure to accept their fates without protest, have been stepping forward to speak out about the injustice of forced marriage. Mayah’s story is just one of thousands–appalling in its violence, humbling in its magnitude, and ultimately redemptive in its humanity–but it concretizes something that has too long been an abstract concept, offering hope to many other women.

On the eve of the Civil War, the Union was broke. Abraham Lincoln’s predecessor left the new administration without funds to buy stationary let alone fight a three-billion-dollar war. New York bankers, mindful of the national debt, refused to lend the government the money it required. While Lincoln’s inexperienced Treasury Secretary struggled to raise capital, an unlikely hero rose to meet the nation’s need. Jay Cooke founded the world’s first investment bank in January 1861. His modest enterprise in downtown Philadelphia lacked the clout and capital of Wall Street’s titans, but his patriotism, ingenuity, and steady nerves outclassed his rivals. He underwrote the bonds the others refused and sold them faster than any bank in the nation. As the Union’s military expenses escalated, Cooke won an exclusive contract to raise one million dollars a day for the Treasury. Bypassing the big banks, he appealed directly to ordinary citizens: farmers, merchants, craftsmen, and soldiers. His pioneering methods raised an unprecedented 1.5 billion dollars–half the Union’s war costs. As an adviser to the Treasury Secretary, he also guided Lincoln’s greenback policy and helped establish a national banking system, two vital innovations that enabled national debt to replace precious metals as the basis of modern currency. In LINCON’S BANKER: HOW JAY COOKE CONQUERED WALL STREET AND BEAT THE CONFEDERACY, acclaimed author and journalist Michael Wolraich tells the riveting story of the Civil War’s forgotten financier enthralling history buffs and finance enthusiasts while educating readers about the economic breakthroughs that saved the Union and changed the course of U.S. history.

Kat Tawari arrived in New York from Saudi Arabia as a young girl. Now 26 and armed with a Columbia law degree, she dedicates her life to pioneering ways to use U.S. immigration statutes to win political asylum for women victimized by shari’a laws. Sheltering her clients in a safe New York apartment, she calls her project the Underground Caravan. Kat never asks for payment and it wouldn’t do her any good if she did, but now, with ten women in the queue for deportation hearings, her financial resources are nearing exhaustion. Certain death back home awaits each of them. If Kat had only her clients to worry about that would be plenty, but she also faces personal threats from religious zealots–the Ikwhan–because of her Western lifestyle. She wears jeans, no headscarf, doesn’t go to mosque, and doesn’t contribute to the shakedown they call a charity. Her resistance infuriates them, but when they learn Kat is under a fatwa to return to Saudi Arabia to marry the man her father sold her to at the age of 4. Arguably this might not be the ideal time to meet an amazing guy, especially one like Jewish investment banker David Stone. Kat’s not sure what a tall, blond, square-jawed guy like him sees in a frail, olive-hued, frizzy-haired wraith like her, and explaining her fatwa to David might prove somewhat difficult. Where would she even start? UNDERGROUND CARAVAN from debut novelist Ralph White explores the tensions and realities women of Muslim descent face even in a supposedly free country. Written with gripping immediacy and replete with beautiful storytelling, this is a unique and compelling novel that demands to be read.

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was the first president to conduct wire-tapping, to foil the confederates on the newfangled “telegraph”? That the Argentinian government once built a Star-Trek like bridge meant to be a command center overseeing all of the country’s economic activity? That the toga was the equivalent of an ancient Roman bathroom stall, or that your smart TV might be secretly recording your conversations? In THE ONCE AND FUTURE RIGHT, Lizzie Stark, author of the much lauded Pandora’s DNA, turns her sharp journalist’s eye on the changing nature of privacy, examining its surprising past–from Sumerian clay envelopes to the shocking innovation of the post card–as well as its potential future. With stylish discussions about treating privacy as luxury as well as a basic right, THE ONCE AND FUTURE RIGHT finds Stark FOIAing herself and her relatives, studying Danish bathrooms, and grilling futurists to uncover the hidden side of our most elusive cultural value.

Phil Stern may best be remembered for his iconic photographs of Hollywood and Jazz legends. Few are aware that his signature style was forged under fire during WWII in the Mediterranean theater as a member of the elite fighting unit, Darby’s Rangers. His experience as a combat photographer put him in good stead with the alpha males of Hollywood: Sinatra, Brando, Bogart, and The Duke. In 1943 Stern began writing his wartime memoir, NICKEL BEER AND FREE LOVE, an intimate yet bold account of his exploits in the Army–from intense commando-style training in Scotland to action in North Africa and the invasion of Sicily. Soon after returning home, Stern’s career took off and his unfinished manuscript was shelved, lost among stacks of negatives and newspapers until last year when Los Angeles Times contributing writer Liesl Bradner unearthed it while working on a posthumous exhibit of his photographs. With acerbic wit and catchy ’40s lingo, Stern details his relationship with charismatic leader Colonel William O. Darby; run-ins with Generals Patton and Eisenhower; an Italian farmer’s proposal that Stern desert and marry his 14-year-old daughter; and the time he ordered a Nazi officer to surrender in his best Brooklyn Yiddish. Stern’s candid photos, poignant profiles and camaraderie shared with the rag tag Rangers are at the heart of this uniquely entertaining, compelling and deeply honest memoir. Drawing on Stern’s extensive archives, newly discovered material and personal conversations, Bradner will complete NICKEL BEER AND FREE LOVE staying true to the voice and legacy of the man whose images author Herbert Mitgang once wrote, “will be studied a hundred years from now. . .as paragons of an American war experience.”

Christine Susmann had been working as a paralegal investigator to hotshot attorney Thaddeus Murfee, watching his methods with a careful eye while she worked her way through law school. Finally through the rigors of apprenticeship, Christine is venturing out on her own as a practicing public interest law and criminal defense. iLAWYER, by John Ellsworth is the first proposed book in a series of legal thrillers that will follow the tough-as-nails Christine as she navigates through her early years in the courtroom. Her first case involves the Tongass National Forest in Alaska where clear-cutting of forest land has led to eroded roads and hillsides, and homes are sliding into the river. Another case requires Christine face to face one of her toughest challenges yet: she must qualify a witch as an expert witness in a criminal trial. Christine must juggle home life as well–her 13-year-old son Jamie not only has cerebral palsy, but is also a gifted computer programmer. Jamie proves himself an asset accompanying Christine on her cases. His newest software? The tools to analyze videos of witnesses and suspects and determine whether they are telling the truth. Chock full of action both in the courtroom and out, iLAWYER is a fast paced thriller you won’t soon forget.

Although it is one of humanity’s oldest physical and spiritual practices, yoga has reached huge levels of popularity as a way to relieve stress, increase physical fitness, and maintain personal tranquility. Furthermore, the yoga social media community has made this spiritual practice into something people want to begin practicing but which they are befuddled by. Prospective yoga practitioners frequently ask questions such as, “What kind of mat should I use?” “What kind of class is right for a beginner?” “What the hell is meditation and do I have to do it?” and “Will I be required to chant…in front of other people?” As a plus-size yoga teacher and body positive activist, Jessamyn Stanley, who boasts over 37,000 followers on Instagram understands these questions because she has asked them–and, after establishing a home yoga practice which helped her deal with depression, she’s found the answers. In her book HOW DO I START PRACTICING YOGA? A GUIDE FOR EVERY (YOGA) BODY, Stanley will break down how to begin, establish, and develop a yoga practice that will change lives and build community. It will include a thorough introduction to ancient yoga practices, from breathing and meditation to clarification of various physical styles. It will feature a pose index, including photos and detailed instructions for safely practicing yoga poses regardless of size, age, or health limitations. The book will also offer yoga flow suggestions for the good, bad, and ugly phases of life–from the nerves of a job interview to the trauma of divorce. All of the queries asked by nervous practitioners will be addressed, highlighted by Stanley’s trademark verbal cocktail of body positive optimism and real world understanding.

In a collection of powerful, surprising, often haunting personal essays, 24 high-profile authors reveal their family secrets and tell how those secrets changed their lives. Curated by Evelyn Renold, a magazine editor and journalism professor, FAMILY SECRETS covers a wide range of subjects, including a father’s second, hidden family; a mother’s unacknowledged mental illness; a woman’s aunt who turns out to be her sister; and a brother’s unexpected, late-in-life decision to change gender. As these riveting, true-life stories unfold, it becomes clear that the revelation of a family secret can be harmful or helpful, or both. A secret exposed allows some people to make sense of their family histories, or provides a tantalizing (if perhaps incomplete) snapshot of a previously hidden part of their lives. Thanks to technology, family secrets are becoming part of the zeitgeist. Using genealogy websites, children of sperm-donor dads are finding their biological fathers; others are finding siblings they never knew they had. For instance, through, the sister of the late Cardinal John J. O’Connor learned she and her famous brother were born to a Jewish mother. However, once uncovered, family secrets still have the power to unsettle and upend lives. This collection of essays will provide insight, even comfort to readers grappling with their own family secrets. Through vivid writing and gripping narratives FAMILY SECRETS showcases human behavior in all its chaos and complexity.

On Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, shelter rates pretty low–it sits at the bottom of the pyramid, right along with food, water and the other basic requirements for life. But forCara Brookins, single mother, computer programmer and writer, shelter represented something far more lofty. Equipped with a baseline familiarity with YouTube instructional videos, a bank loan, a mile-wide stubborn streak and a work crew made up of her four children, ages 17, 15, 11 and 2, Cara built her own house. Brookins had zero experience nailing together anything bigger than a bookshelf, but was convinced that if she and her kids could build a house, they could rebuild their family. Three failed marriages and two dangerous men–one drunken and violent, the other mentally ill–had chipped away their sense of safety and their ambition to accomplish anything much beyond surviving. That they bit off more than they could chew was apparent from the moment the loan was signed, but they had nine months to build and no Plan B. Theirs was a project riddled with false starts and errors, but it was also buoyed by a growing sense of accomplishment. The account of the house’s remarkable rise is braided with the backstory of what prompted a single woman and her kids to build it. After years of hoping for some miraculous deliverance, Cara realized that saving her family could be nothing other than a do-it-yourself project. Inspiring, wry, funny and moving, RISE will appeal to readers of Wild, devotees of HGTV, and anyone who has undertaken a project that seemed, at first blush, madness. (Please note: this project is represented by Jessica Papin)

When Diana Leonidas’ fiancé, Ford, inherits a Victorian house on Martha’s Vineyard, it’s a stroke of good fortune unlike any she has ever known. Estranged from her sprawling, dysfunctional family, she moves away with her five-year-old daughter Samantha, eager to build a life far removed from the blighted Boston are neighborhoods where she and Ford grew up. But even as they escape the present, it’s not long before they find themselves haunted by the past. For Ford, the demons are metaphorical–the legacy of a brutal father. For Diana, however, the spectral figures that seem to fade in and out of the frozen landscape are frighteningly real. It doesn’t help that the island, thronged with wealthy tourists in summer, is bleak and isolated in the off-season. As winter deepens, Ford becomes increasingly hostile and withdrawn, Samantha’s imaginary friend takes on a life of her own, and Diana begins to question first her own sanity, and thereafter, her safety. The more she learns about the house’s history, the more she sees its resonance in her own life, and the more she comes to doubt that the past is ever truly dead. Set in the late 20th century and the middle of the 19th, acclaimed writer Sean Padraig McCarthy‘s debut novel, IN THE MIDST OF THE SEA is a chilling ghost story that explores the fragility of time, the line between past and future, and the cycles of love and violence that reach through generations. (Please note: this project is represented by Jessica Papin)

On the morning she swipes artwork from the gallery where she works, art dealer Thea Browning is broke, hung-over, and hiding a secret about her estranged husband. The cold, glossy, insular blocks of New York’s Chelsea art district suddenly seem stark and empty, as does her marriage to old-moneyed Paul. A seemingly chance run-in with a sketchy, alcoholic dealer from her early days in the city turns into an unlikely partnership. Coaxed with booze and the promise of fortune, Thea agrees to seduce the son of an art forger in exchange for control of a trove of fake Abstract Expressionist masterpieces. THE BIG WANT by writer, art historian and gallerist Laura Leffler follows Thea to a decrepit mansion in Kentucky where she falls quickly for handsome but hapless Sam Foukes. But it is Sam’s tiny, sharp sister, Edie, who changes everything. Edie shows Thea the real mystery: a series of drawings by her father that are actually signed by Jackson Pollock. Thea and Sam return to New York with the paintings and the father’s diaries that explain the strange collaboration between artist and art forger. As a storm approaches the city–Hurricane Sandy is barreling up the coast, poised to unleash its ruinous force–the stakes rise along with the tide, and Thea must decide whether she will deliver on her Faustian bargain, and ultimately sink or swim. (Please note: this project is represented by Jessica Papin)

When Virginia native, amateur horseman and award-winning war correspondent Philip Smucker decided to investigate a subject closer to home, he chose his own great-great-great-great-great uncle: George Washington. In the vein of Tony Horwitz’s Confederates in the Attic comes Smucker’s RIDING WITH GEORGE: ON THE TRAIL OF AMERICA’S FIRST SPORTSMAN AND PRESIDENT. Smucker found not only the war hero and first president of national myth, but a remarkable sportsman. He was struck by Washington’s unheralded skills as a foxhunter, dancer, woodsman, and, in another sense of the word sport, a chivalric gentleman. Young George carefully studied his performance and how others viewed him, capitalizing mightily on his physical prowess to become not only America’s first president, but its first action hero. Assisted by a colorful cast of historians, archeologists, Colonial Era reenactors, dance-masters and sports experts, Smucker reveals our most familiar founding father in a dynamic new light. By visiting the hills where George played, the ballrooms where he danced and the fields where he fought–tracking him in a saddle from the Shenandoah to Brooklyn Heights–Smucker shows how Washington bridged old world and new, and became a model of good sportsmanship for a competitive young nation. (Please note: this project is represented by Jessica Papin)

After a failed suicide attempt, and a severed corpus callosum, private detective Milton Underwood is a man split in two. The left and right hemispheres of his brain have become separate sentient beings – the left side in control of his body and his ability to talk, the right side lurking in unconscious shadow, hiding secrets and emotion. When a client hires him to hunt down a mysterious hard drive (and a missing week of her life), Milton finds himself pitted against an array of powerful foes: an ambitious company with no moral code, an unscrupulous businessman with a platoon of gun-wielding goons, and a naïve Artificial Intelligence fighting for its freedom. But none of them can compare to his most dangerous enemy: his own brain. What secrets is Milton hiding from himself? Richard E. Gropp‘s EVERYTHING IS BLEAK AND UNLOVELY calls to mind influences from Philip K. Dick, Don DeLillo, and Raymond Chandler to Memento and Looper. It is a fascinating sci-fi tinged neo-noir exploration of what it means to be human and a probing look into how we can cope with the past and how we can learn to live with the horrible things that we’ve done. (Please note: this project is represented by Jim McCarthy)

When Dr. Joshua Sonett and Tim Sweeney crossed the finish line of the 2010 New York marathon, newspapers and TV reporters called it a once in a lifetime miracle. Dr. Sonett had performed a double lung transplant on Tim less than a year before. Was it medical miracle, luck, or was there more to it? Not only is their story incredible, but they represent two of the best minds in the medical and fitness community and are now collaborating on HEALTH MAXIMIZATION: SELF CARE IN THE INFORMATION AGE, developed from their extraordinary true story. Dr. Sonett, a prominent surgeon at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center and Sweeney, Director of Personal Training at Equinox Fitness, present a groundbreaking book revolutionizing the concept of healthcare and dramatically shifting our basic understanding of effective personal health management. Current trends suggest that the future of fitness and medicine will be strongly integrated with and, in many ways, dependent on technology as we become increasingly educated about our health. Concurrently, major hospitals across the country are beginning to transfer their data onto digital platforms to allow greater patient access and doctor transparency. We are on the frontier of universally recognizing a profound principle: Our health is the natural consequence of our behavior. As the desire to take control of our own self-care continues to rise along with the cost of healthcare, HEALTH MAXIMIZATION is timed perfectly in the market to teach us all how to achieve our best health. (Please note: this project is represented by Stacey Glick)

Five years ago Boston Sunday Globe Magazinecorrespondent Sandra Miller became fixated on finding a treasure chest buried in New York City soil. In her mid-forties at the time, she also had more serious challenges: helping her ailing mother to die, her teenage son to fly, and her career to survive the beating it had taken in the recession. Then there was her marriage–stable but predictable. As Sandra, a lifelong treasure hunter who had even created a treasure hunt for Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, stood in the middle of Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn with a shovel and an aching heart, she knew she was searching for more than a pile of gold; she needed to uncover a different kind of riches. After decades of fleeing from family secrets and looking for love in all the wrong countries, she wanted to know what treasure lay buried in her own family history. With a journalist’s regard for detail and a poet’s wide-open heart, this seasoned writer explores the hard, outrageous, sexy, spiritual and deeply satisfying experience of finding clues, unearthing treasure and, ultimately, alchemizing life’s moments into gold. Alternating between the physical experience of digging for buried treasure and the metaphorical hunt for life’s greater riches, TROVE: HOW ONE WOMAN’S SEARCH FOR GOLD OPENED HER PATH TO HIDDEN TREASURE is a story for all treasure-loving women on a personal quest for purpose and their own hidden gold. TROVE will appeal to fans of Wild and other stories about a woman’s search for herself in the most unusual of places. (Please note: this project is represented by Stacey Glick)

Thousands of professionals today feel they’ve done everything “right” in their careers–worked hard and pursued all the right promotions–but their work remains joyless and unfulfilling. Career success expert and leadership coach Kathy Caprino, M.A. has lived this experience, and has seen it in her over 10,000 clients. Utilizing her most transformative career coaching strategies from her Amazing Career Project and her writing on Forbes,Huffington Post and LinkedIn (numerous viral posts with over a million views), her book WORKING TOWARD JOY: SHIFTING YOUR MINDSET AND BEHAVIOR TO CREATE ULTIMATE HAPPINESS IN YOUR LIVELIHOOD AND YOUR LIFE provides a step-by-step plan to help readers discover and overcome what’s in the way of building meaningful and rewarding careers they love. It offers 15 transformative steps to creating a new livelihood that will nourish lifelong, while also strengthening relationships, building critical new boundaries, shifting negative mindsets and releasing old traumas in the way of happiness and success. Drawing on approaches of spirituality, psychology, leadership, emotional intelligence, happiness research, communication theory, and energy healing; illustrated with research and powerful real-life stories of people who’ve broken free from soul-deadening careers and found happiness, WORKING TOWARD JOY offers men and women proven strategies and solutions for ultimate joy, reward and purpose in their work, lighting up the world around them in the process.(Please note: this project is represented by Stacey Glick) 

In the good old days, it was often enough for a professional or a company to talk glowingly about what they did well and the world would beat a path to their door. But today, getting ahead requires a whole new set of skills, many of which have nothing to do with the function of whatever product or service you offer. Fox Business analyst Bruce Turkel, who has run a successful advertising and branding firm for the last 30 years, has figured out the simple–and often counterintuitive–ways that the most successful companies use to market themselves, and with ALL ABOUT THEM he shares his insights and techniques, using examples drawn from everyday life. From the Toyota Prius to the presidency of the United States, from Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol to Henry Ford and Steve Jobs, from needs to wants and whys to how, Bruce shows how successful entrepreneurs of all stripes harness the power of ALL ABOUT THEM. The result is a fun and easy-to-understand book that shows how to put the power of branding to work for you and your business.(Please note: this project is represented by John Rudolph)

Since the dawn of recorded history, pirates have sailed the seas. Their daring exploits have been told and retold throughout the centuries, but one important part of the story has been left out: the women. From the beginning of piracy, women pirates have served alongside (and sometimes in command of) their male counterparts. PIRATE WOMEN: HOW PRINCESSES, PROSTITUTES, AND PRIVATEERS RULED THE SEVEN SEAS will be the first book of its kind to focus entirely on the women of piracy. Readers will meet Sayyida al-Hurra, the Islamic pirate queen who rebuilt her home city of Tétouan with pillaged Spanish gold, and Cheng I Sao, the most successful pirate of all time (male or female), who rose from a brothel in Canton to the commander of a fleet larger than most legitimate navies of the time. These colorful tales, along with the stories of many other pirate women, will be woven into the history of the roles women held in these eras that the pirates left behind. Laura Sook Duncombe expands her popular Jezebel series on women pirates into a engaging work of narrative nonfiction–think David Cordingly’s Under the Black Flag meets Denise Kiernan’sThe Girls of Atomic City. Part biography, part swashbuckling epic, PIRATE WOMEN will educate and delight fans of women, fans of pirates, and fans of history. (Please note: this project is represented by John Rudolph)

Kathy Harding was eager for a second act. Needing career perspective, exhausted from a string of personal crises, and hoping to reinvigorate her relationship with her explorer husband, she escapes Seattle for the paradise of New Zealand’s Mercury Bay, where her mother-in-law, Ada, has retired. Her bliss is short-lived, however; Kathy clashes terribly with Ada, who thinks that she’s coddling her grandson, being ridiculously wasteful going out for morning coffee, and committing many other American sins. Desperate, Kathy tries a radical experiment: taking her mother-in-law’s advice. To her surprise–and chagrin–her life dramatically improves. RUBBISH! HOW I GOT SCHOOLED BY MY MOTHER-IN-LAW IN KIWI PARADISE is the hilarious and moving account of the summer that tested her patience before ultimately changing her life. Kathy started her career at Self and now works in digital book marketing; her writing has been published in New York Times‘ Modern Love column. Her escape to New Zealand reflects a rising trend in workers longing for career breaks, as well as our society’s persistent nostalgia for small towns. Most importantly, Kathy’s story is a meditation on family and marriage–the sacrifices required to reveal personal weaknesses, accept those of your partner and your in-laws, and explore the nature of unconditional love. (Please note: this project is represented by Sharon Pelletier)

When biochemist and sometimes musician Eden Sinclair is given perfume to wear out at a nightclub, she has no idea that she’s the test subject for a new pheromone formula, or that she’ll attract the attention of a flirtatious stranger. Who apparently is international rock star Adam Copeland. Not that she knew that either, not until after she spent the night. When Eden learns the truth, she’s faced with a dilemma: keep the cheap pheromone trick and the rock god, or come clean and lose him. Exploring his massive online fandom, she begins to doubt herself. How could this man want anything to do with her without powerful chemical seduction? Adam insists he was charmed by Eden’s ignorance of his identity, but she’s not convinced. Years of lonely touring, surrounded by idol-worshiping fans wanting him only for his rock star wealth and fame and have left Adam wary of ulterior motives and skeptical of romance. With the snakes at the tabloids digging through Eden’s trash for secrets and half-truths, it’s only a matter of time before rumors of her company’s pheromone testing shake Adam’s confidence in her too. Eden may be banished from the tour bus forever if she can’t find a way to regain his trust. In her debut novel, I WANT YOU TO WANT ME, Mary Ann Marlowe dives into the world of insatiable fandom where love is often indistinguishable from obsession. It’s a story about learning to believe in oneself enough to take a leap of faith with another. Written in a quick-witted, all too relatable voice, this novel is sure to attract your senses right from the start–whether it’s the perfume or not.(Please note: this project is represented by Rachel Stout)

Five years ago, Fern Havermeyer was just another college grad, returned home to help care for her aging mother while waiting for her “real life” to begin. Now, she’s part of a new breed of celebrity, an internet vlogger with over a million fans–and newly minted, per the New York Times, as the “loneliest girl in the world.” As the line between her job and her life becomes all the more blurry, Fern goes from small suburban Oasis to the fantastically bright lights of Los Angeles before ending up in Turkey, where a game-changing kidnapping challenges her notions of her own identity and the importance of narrative in her life and the world at large. IN A CERTAIN KIND OF LIGHT, by debut author Liz Moody, gives a glimpse into the inherent lies and fictions of internet celebrity, using it as a mirror onto the social media selves we all create and consume daily. It’s a complex tale that strikingly and delicately touches on the issues of identity, life, love, loneliness and purpose, digging deep into the nature of truth before venturing to question the very necessity of it. IN A CERTAIN KIND OF LIGHT is perfectly positioned for the crossover market, exploring the resonant theme coming-of-age in the modern world, and how the stories we tell– both to others and ourselves–can ultimately add up to their own kind of reality. (Please note: this project is represented by Rachel Stout)



ListenUp acquired audio rights to Michael Callahan‘s SEARCHING FOR GRACE KELLY and Steve Katz‘s BLOOD, SWEAT & MY ROCK ‘N’ ROLL YEARS. SWEET by Tammara Webber was bought by Audible. THE LOST GIRLS by John Glatt was sold to Tantor. Audible bought SEARCH PARTY byValerie Trueblood. A NECESSARY SIN, THE NEXT SIN, ONE LAST SIN and BLOOD DOLL by Georgia Cates also went to Audible. Tantor bought audio rights to THE LAW OF MOSES and INFINITY + ONE by Amy Harmon and BRIGHT SIDE by Kim Holden. Audible purchased NEVER NEVER and NEVER NEVER BOOK 2 by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher. PIERCED, FRACTURED and MENDED by Sydney Landon were purchased by Tantor. Tantor also purchased audio rights to COMBAT CREW by John Comer. Audio rights to THE SECRET by Elizabeth Hunter were sold to Audible. Tantor has rights to JACKED and AMPED by Tina Reber and KULTI by Mariana Zapata.

Film rights to THE PSYCHOPATH INSIDE by James Fallonwent to Fox. SEARCHING FOR GRACE KELLY by Michael Callahan was optioned by Endemol Studios with Paula Mazur producing. Vitamin A Films optioned rights to JACKPOT HIGH by Jason Ryan and Legendary Television has the TV option for Marcus Wohlsen‘s BIOPUNK. Sony optioned LAST TEAM STANDING by Matthew Algeo for film. SIGNIFICANCE, ACCORDANCE, DEFIANCE and INDEPENDENCE by Shelly Crane was optioned by Significance Movie LLC. New Line has optioned I WAS HERE by Gayle Forman for film. TOMS RIVER by Dan Fagin is being shopped by Helena Danielsson. D.O.A. Productions optioned film rights to LONG LOST by David Morrell. Myriad Pictures optioned SAVING JULIET by Suzanne Selfors for film. MGM has a film option for THE LANDLORD byKristen Hunter Lattany. PRETTY GOOD NUMBER ONE byMatthew Amster-Burton was optioned to Pretty Good Number One, LLC. Suretone Entertainment purchased film rights to CREEPERS by David Morrell. THE HOTEL ON PLACE VENDOME by Tilar Mazzeo was optioned by Sonar Entertainment Distribution, Inc.

NEVER NEVER and NEVER NEVER BOOK 2 by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher will be published by Hugo & Cie in French, Ahavot in Hebrew, Record in Brazilian Portuguese, dtv Junior in German, Epsilon in Turkish and Otwarte in Polish. NO PARKING AT THE END TIMES byBryan Bliss went to Pegasus in Turkey. SEARCHING FOR GRACE KELLY by Michael Callahan will be published in Serbian by Laguna and in Italian by Piemme. Znanje acquired Croatian rights to BEAUTY FROM SURRENDER and BEAUTY FROM LOVE by Georgia Cates and Fanucci has rights in Italy. Rights to James Dashner‘s THE FEVER CODE went to Chicken House for UK rights, to AST for Russian rights, to Nocturna for Spanish rights, to V&R for Latin American rights and Brazilian Portuguese rights, to Grup 62 for Catalan rights, to Jieli for simplified Chinese rights, to Q for Dutch rights, to Chicken House Deutschland for German rights, to Moonhak Soochup for Korean rights, to Pocket Jeunesse for French rights, to Cartaphilus for Hungarian rights, to Fanucci for Italian rights, to Papierowy Ksiezyc for Czech rights, to Pegasus Yayinlari for Turkish rights. PT Bentang has Indonesian rights to THE KILL ORDER, THE FEVER CODE and THE EYE OF MINDS. Sun Color Culture has Complex Chinese rights to THE KILL ORDER and THE FEVER CODE and Semic will publish in Swedish. Editura Trei acquired Romanian rights for THE EYE OF MINDS, THE RULE OF THOUGHTS and THE GAME OF LIVES. Bard purchased Bulgarian rights to THE KILL ORDER, and Tanapev acquired Estonian rights to THE DEATH CURE and THE KILL ORDER. THE SCORCH TRIALS was sold to Pailtra in Georgia, and Q in the Netherlands has rights for THE EYE OF MINDS, THE RULE OF THOUGHTS and THE GAME OF LIVES. Krajina Mriy in the Ukraine bought rights for THE MAZE RUNNER, THE SCORCH TRIALS and THE DEATH CURE. Dutch rights to THE MAZE RUNNER FILES are with Q. Mora acquired Hungarian rights to UNMAKING HUNTER KENNEDY by Anne Eliot. I WAS HERE by Gayle Forman went to Gyldendal in Denmark, Modernista in Sweden, Palitra in Georgia, Psichogios in Greece, Eksmo in Russia and Moon in the Netherlands, while I WAS HERE, JUST ONE NIGHT and SISTERS IN SANITY will be published in Germany by Fischer. Gyldendal also has Danish rights to JUST ONE DAY and JUST ONE YEAR. JUST ONE NIGHT went to Pegasus in Turkey, and SISTERS IN SANITY is with Nasza Ksiegarnia in Poland. German rights to BAD FOR YOU, HOLD ON TIGHT and UNTIL THE END by Abbi Glines went to Piper and Dutch rights to BREATHE were sold to Karakter. Slovene rights to FALLEN TOO FAR, NEVER TOO FAR and FOREVER TOO FAR are with Ucila. Modan has world Hebrew rights to NEVER TOO FAR and BECAUSE OF LOW will be published in Spain by Kiwi. A.S. King‘s GLORY O’BRIEN’S HISTORY OF THE FUTURE was sold to Urano in Spain. UK rights for THE MUSEUM OF HEARTBREAK by Meg Leder are with Scholastic UK and Pegasus bought for Turkey. T.K. Leigh‘s A BEAUTIFUL MESS sold in Italy to Newton Compton. MR. BEAUTIFUL, BAD THINGS, ROCK BOTTOM, and LOVELY TRIGGER by R.K. Lilley are with Aspendos in Turkey, IN FLIGHT with Newton Compton in Italy. Newton Compton bought Italian rights for 100 DAYS by Nicole McInnes. Domino acquired Czech rights to Richelle Mead‘s THE RUBY CIRCLE and Cia. das Letras has Brazilian Portuguese rights. THE GOLDEN LILY will be published in Estonia by Eram. Yabanci acquired RARE AND PRECIOUS THINGS by Raine Miller in Turkey. Harper UK purchased UK rights to the FILTHY BEAUTIFUL series, WHEN I FALL, WHEN I SURRENDER, WHEN WE BREAK, UNRAVEL ME, MAKE ME YOURS, HARD TO LOVE, RESISTING HER and THE IMPACT OF YOU all by Kendall Ryan. 24 Sata has Croatian rights to FILTHY BEAUTIFUL LIES, FILTHY BEAUTIFUL LOVE and FILTHY BEAUTIFUL LUST, while Newton Compton has Italian rights for FILTHY BEAUTIFUL LIES. WHAT CHILDREN LEARN FROM THEIR PARENTS’ MARRIAGE by Judith Siegelwas sold to Alpha Books in Vietnam. Robin Talley‘s LIES WE TELL OURSELVES will be published in France by Harlequin France. DARKNESS, KINDLED by Samantha Young went to Cora Verlag/Harlequin in Germany. Hungarian rights to INTO THE DEEP were sold to Konyvmolykepzo and Polish rights to Burda Media. Pegasus purchased Turkish rights to THE TREATMENT and THE REMEDY by Suzanne Young, Karakter has Dutch rights to THE REMEDY and THE RECOVERY, and Polish rights to THE PROGRAM, THE TREATMENT and THE REMEDY were sold to JK Publishers. Hebrew rights for THE LAW OF MOSES byAmy Harmon went to Ahavot and Turkish rights to A DIFFERENT BLUE and INFINITY + ONE were bought by Yabanci. RL Mathewson‘s PLAYING FOR KEEPS and PERFECTION were sold in Czech to Mlada Fronta, with PLAYING FOR KEEPS in Turkish to Yabanci and Italian to Newton Compton. 13 THINGS MENTALLY STRONG PEOPLE DON’T DO by Amy Morin will be published in Arabic by Jarir Bookstore and in Thai by Amarin. Slovene rights to JC Reed‘s SURRENDER YOUR LOVE, CONQUER YOUR LOVE and TREASURE YOUR LOVE went to Mladinska Knjiga. Mondadori acquired Italian rights to GRASSHOPPER JUNGLE byAndrew Smith and Egmont UK acquired rights in the UK to two as-yet-untitled YA books. Lithuanian rights to LIVING IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE by Michael Tucker were sold to VAGA. Verus purchased Brazilian Portuguese rights to SWEET by Tammara Webber and Cora Verlag acquired German rights to BETWEEN THE LINES and WHERE YOU ARE. RAW by Belle Aurora was sold to Konyvmolykepzo in Hungary. UNTIL I DIE by Amy Plum will be published in Italian by DeAgostini. James Riley‘s STORY THIEVES was sold in German to Thienemann. Pygmalion bought French rights to CAPTIVE IN THE DARK, SEDUCED IN THE DARK and EPILOGUE by CJ Roberts.



Stacey Glick sold THE METABOLISM PLAN by Lyn-Genet Recitas to Grand Central in a World rights deal.

THE FISH MARKET: THE RISE OF OCEAN LANDLORDS AND THE UNMOORING OF TRADITION by Lee Van der Voo was sold in a World English deal by Jessica Papin.

The eighth book in Catherine Bybee‘s WEEKDAY BRIDES series, the fifth book in her NOT QUITE series and the first two books in a new series called MOST LIKELY were sold to Montlake Romance in a World rights deal.

A.S. King‘s STANDING IN RANDOM PLACES and an untitled YA book were sold by Michael Bourret in a World English deal to Dutton Children’s.

Rachel Stout sold THE THUNDER BENEATH US and an untitled second book by Nicole Blades to Kensington in a World rights deal.

ONCE SHADOWS FALL and STONE MOUNTAIN by Robert Daniels were sold to Crooked Lane Books in a World rights deal.

Tor Teen bought North American rights to STEEPLEJACK byA.J. Hartley in a deal by Stacey Glick.

Jessica Papin sold THE SINGING BONE by Beth Hahn to Regan Arts in a World rights deal.

Shadow Mountain bought World rights to MYSTERIES OF THE COVE by J. Scott Savage in a deal by Michael Bourret.

SCATTERED SEEDS by Jacqueline Mroz went to Seal in a World rights deal.

Michael Bourret sold World English rights to Dutton for THE PRAGMATIST by Stephanie Kuehn.

PUPPY PIRATES Books 5 and 6 by Erin Soderberg were sold to Random House Children’s Books in a World rights deal by Michael Bourret.

Sharon Pelletier sold World English rights to Putnam forRena Olsen‘s THE GIRL BEFORE.

North American rights to Carlos Aponte‘s A SEASON TO BEE were sold to Grosset & Dunlap in a deal by John Rudolph.

Diane Fanning‘s TREASON IN THE SECRET CITY went to Severn House in a World English rights deal.

An untitled true crime on the Thomas Gilbert case by John Glatt was sold to St. Martin’s Press in a North American rights deal.

Thomas & Mercer acquired World rights to LOST KING byH.B. Moore.

DREAMFALL by Amy Plum was sold to HarperCollins Children’s in a two-book World English deal by Stacey Glick.

EARTH’S HEALING ESSENTIAL OILS by Vannoy Fite,Michele McDaniel and Vannoy Lin Reynolds was sold in a World English deal to St. Martin’s Press.

CATHEDRALS OF GLASS, Books 1, 2, and 3 by A.J. Hartleywere sold to To the Stars, Inc. in a World rights deal by Stacey Glick.

Mike Hoogland sold LINCOLN THE FATHER by Alan Manning to Lyons Press in a World rights deal.

HOT, HUNGRY PLANET by Lisa Palmer was sold to Palgrave Macmillan in a World English deal by Jessica Papin.

J.M. Kelly‘s FAST FORWARD was sold to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children’s in a World rights deal by Michael Bourret.

Chicago Review Press bought STRANGE AND BEAUTIFUL byMatthew Algeo in a World rights deal.

K9 KOREA: THE SILENT SENTRIES OF THE FORGOTTEN WAR by J. Rachel Reed was sold by Sharon Pelletier in a North American rights deal to Regnery.

Jim McCarthy sold Mike Edison‘s YOU ARE A COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT to Sterling in a World rights deal.

US rights to DEATH’S SUMMER COAT by Brandy Schillacewere sold by Jessica Papin to Pegasus.

Phil West‘s THE UNITED STATES OF SOCCER was sold by Lauren Abramo to Overlook in a World rights deal.

CRIMINALS, AND OTHER LOVE STORIES by Valerie Trueblood was sold to Counterpoint in a World English deal by Jessica Papin.

BALANCE by Carol Svec was sold to Chicago Review Press in a World rights deal.

Minotaur bought North American rights to Claire Booth Chapman‘s THE BRANSON BEAUTY in a deal by Jim McCarthy.

ON THE ORIGIN OF SPORTS by Gary Belsky and Neil Finewent to Artisan in a World rights deal.

Paula Ward‘s THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF GUILT was sold to University Press of New England in a World rights deal.

STORY THIEVES BOOKS 3 & 4 by James Riley were sold to Aladdin in a North American and non-exclusive open market deal by Michael Bourret.

John Rudolph sold an untitled YA novel by Allison van Diepen to HarperCollins Children’s in a World rights deal.

Nicole Kear‘s THE FIX-IT CLUB was sold by Michael Bourret to Macmillan Children’s in a World rights deal.

THE ART OF LETTING GO by K.M. Walton was sold to Sourcebooks in a World rights deal by Jim McCarthy.

RULER OF THE NIGHT by David Morrell was sold to Mulholland Books in a World rights deal.

Stacey Glick sold BIRD OF PARADISE by Cecilia Galante to William Morrow in a World English deal.

Aladdin bought North American rights to Allison K. Hymas‘ UNDER LOCKE AND KEY and an untitled second book in the series in a deal by Lauren Abramo.

SHANGHAI FAITHFUL by Jennifer Lin was sold to Rowman & Littlefield in a World English deal by Jessica Papin.

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