Newsletter 62: January 2015

Elephants, rhinos, tigers and a host of other animals could be extinct in nature within the next ten years. Our insatiable demand for wildlife–for jewelry, pets, traditional medicine, meat, trophies and fur–is driving a worldwide poaching epidemic. Illegal wildlife trade now ranks as the fifth largest contraband trade in the world, just after narcotics. Compared to drug, arms or human trafficking, however, the war on poaching has received little attention and support. So far, governments and authorities have largely failed to keep up with the sea change in demand for animal parts, leaving it up to passionate individuals fighting on the ground to try to ensure some of our most beloved species are still around for future generations. In THE WORLD WITHOUT WILDLIFE, Richard Preston’s The Hot Zone meets Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, taking readers on a narrative journey to the frontlines of the trade–killing fields in Africa, wild meat restaurants in China, jungles in Vietnam and ivory blackmarkets in New York City–where individuals ranging from scientists to rangers to Buddhist monks believe it is not too late to stop the impending extinctions. Journalist Rachel Nuwer expands on her New York Times, Scientific American and Newsweek coverage about the trade, exploring the forces currently driving demand for animals and their parts; what we stand to lose if those species fall; and how frighteningly close we are to seeing many of them disappear. More than a depressing list of statistics, however, THE WORLD WITHOUT WILDLIFE is the story of the people who believe this is a battle that can be won, that our animals are not beyond salvation.

When Kate Watts abandons her law career to open a food pantry in Northeast Minneapolis, she never dreamed it would be this difficult. Facing the heartbreaking prospect of turning hungry people away, she is grateful for the anonymous donations that begin appearing regularly at the end of each month. Determined to identify and thank her secret benefactor, she launches a plan and catches Ian Bradshaw–a cocky computer hacker with a Robin Hood complex–in the act. Although Kate is drawn to Ian, her enthusiasm regarding his proposal of friendship wanes when she discovers the origin of the money he’s given her. Ian is undeterred and asks Kate to give him a chance, but after learning that he’s hacked her personal computer, she demands retribution to put them on a more level playing field. Impressed with Kate’s tolerance and smitten by her beauty, the mysterious hacker complies and begins to slowly charm his way past her defenses. Time spent with Ian is never boring, and Kate soon finds herself falling for a man for whom anonymity is everything. But Ian has enemies and they’re getting restless. In the hacking world, identifying and exploiting a target’s weakness is paramount, and no price is too high to stop an attack. When a miraculous turn of events follow the most devastating loss Kate has ever experienced, she learns exactly how much Ian will pay to keep her by his side. And when he divulges the truth about his lifestyle and asks Kate to go where no woman has gone before, she learns just how strong her love is for the man who has hacked his way into her heart. In LOVEHACKER New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Tracey Garvis Graves returns to adult contemporary romance, providing her legion of fans with the stunning and addictive novel they crave.

Neuroresearcher Robert Ferrante was the only witness to his wife’s collapse on the kitchen floor of their home in Pittsburgh in April 2013. During Ferrante’s frenzied 911 call, the 41-year-old woman can be heard gasping and moaning. Three days later, Autumn Klein, a doctor and rising star in her specialty, was dead. No one knew why. An autopsy revealed nothing, and Ferrante had his wife’s body quickly cremated. It wasn’t until a day after that that a hospital blood test revealed the unusual cause of death: cyanide poisoning. When investigators found that Ferrante, who was 23 years older than his wife, had purchased cyanide for his lab and had it overnighted just before her collapse, he became the prime suspect. As the investigation continued, they found other damning evidence–Google searches conducted on Ferrante’s computer for “cyanide poisoning” and how a medical examiner would find it. It looked like a slam-dunk, and yet throughout the trial, everyone agreed that the defense was hammering away at the prosecution’s case. Ferrante had a chance. Paula Ward, a seasoned criminal courts reporter, tells the story of a wealthy, successful couple, both leaders in their field, whose marriage began to falter after their move to a new city from Boston despite a shared love of their six-year-old daughter. CONSCIOUSNESS OF GUILT is a tautly told, true-life mystery story, which develops the complex characters of Dr. Klein and Ferrante and follows the nationally known case from Dr. Klein’s collapse to the jury’s verdict.

From local family track nights, trendy half marathons that involve rock music and flashy race bling, to themed races and fun runs, running has something to offer the whole family. The running industry is undoubtedly booming. In fact, since 1990, the number of race finishers has grown by 300%. At the same time, according to the CDC, childhood obesity has more than doubled over the last 30 years. Parents all across the nation are searching for ways to help their children live healthy and active lives. With the dramatic increase of adult runners, the interest in and opportunities for involving kids in running events and races has grown as well. Kid running has become a popular market that is on the rise. Many parents have shown interest in running with their kids because it’s fun, affordable, and doesn’t require prior experience like other sports. But where to begin and what else can running offer families? RUN WITH ME is a unique and timely book written primarily for parents who want guidance, inspiration, and information on running with kids. It’s about bringing parents and kids together through running while promoting fitness and health, growing relationships and teaching invaluable life skills. Co-authors Amanda J. Bowers and Tia J. Stone use their knowledge as mothers, teachers, life-long runners, and coaches to make RUN WITH ME useful and relatable. They share personal stories of running with their own kids and capture the voice of the running community. Also provided are developmentally tailored training plans, motivational strategies, relevant resources, and countless tips on keeping running fun while building the foundation for a healthy life.

Twenty-nine-year-old Nicole Wenders, confident owner and designer of Desire, Inc., a burgeoning high-end handbag company in New York City, works hard to grow her business with the help of Leila, her lesbian assistant, confidante and best friend. Nicole also owns and runs Close Encounters, a popular escort service for women. She donates the profits to charities that help women in Third World countries start their own businesses. Nicole’s father walked out on the family when she was thirteen, and five years later her devastated mother jumped off the roof of their home. Empowering women is important to Nicole, who considers men nothing more than sexual accessories. She has no need or desire for love…that is until wealthy and handsome entrepreneur Archer Thorne walks into her showroom. Their sexual attraction to each other is instant and strong, and they lustfully ravage each other’s bodies with great gusto. When Nicole least expects it, something like love insinuates itself into her heart. Inspired by a visceral reaction to the medieval contract that is the center of the popular Fifty Shades of Grey, Zoe Zarani has written DESIRE, INC., a passionate, sexy romance for women of the 21st century.

George Christie wasn’t just a Hells Angel, he was the longest serving Hells Angel chapter president. It meant leading a group of wild, larger-than-life characters who were anything but natural followers, and being the spokesman for a club that doesn’t always make for great press. He was also the rare peacemaker among street soldiers more comfortable with fighting than standing pat. For decades, he was the guy pushing a rock uphill with a lot of people trying to roll it back down again. That rock wore him out, so he left the Club in 2011. But it’s not a legacy you just shake off like an old leather jacket. You don’t retire quietly from the Hells Angels. Being an Angel is a little like having a tattoo, if that tattoo seeped right down through the skin and muscle, into the blood and bone and cells that make a man who he is. On the outside, let loose of the patch, George Christie is still trying to make peace. Only now it’s a truce with himself, a reconciliation of what was, and what comes next. Finding that peace is a story, a story filled with drama, and battles and all you might imagine (and more) an outlaw biker could go through. It’s a story of family and love, enemies and grudges, rife with struggles, losses and triumphs. It’s the story of the law and the outlaw. It’s George Christie’s story, and he’ll tell it all, no holds barred, in the upcoming book INSIDE OUT: MY LIFE AS A HELLS ANGEL…AND BEYOND, by George Christie.

There is an overwhelming desire today for books that are devoted to the chemical-free and natural-healing lifestyle. People don’t want to use medicines that are actually chemical compounds designed to mimic what essential oils and plants do naturally. Essential oils have just as good, or better, effects on treating illness as chemical drugs do, but are much cheaper. There is a large movement, not only in the US but all over the world, to turn toward homeopathic and alternative medicines. People are buying essential oils at a phenomenal rate, but don’t know how to use them. They can find recipes online, but not in a format that is easy for them to follow and that contain the most easily available ingredients. EARTH’S HEALING ESSENTIAL OILS by Vannoy Gentles Fite, Michele Gentles McDaniel and Vannoy Lin Reynolds is the book that makes using essential oils simple, understandable and fun. A family of women with honed expertise in the healing power of essential oils, Fite, McDaniel and Reynolds present a book that is straightforward in its delivery of the ailments, disorders, and complaints and one that would also contain easily accessible recipes. Examining over 240 illnesses and complaints, EARTH’S HEALING ESSENTIAL OILS will provide over 1,000 easy to follow recipes. Written in alphabetical order with care and clarity this is sure to become a staple in many households searching for a more natural way to heal.

LOVE, DAD: A STORY ABOUT DIVORCING MY WIFE WITHOUT LEAVING MY CHILD is a compelling, often laugh-out-loud dialogue between a father and his adult daughter who share the many ways they refused to let divorce, distance, time, an evil stepfather, or anything else keep them apart when it mattered. International speaker and author of books selling millions of copies (most famously Don’t Eat the Marshmallow…Yet!) Joachim de Posada and his daughter, an attorney, wife and mother Caroline de Posada-Rodriguez tell their story in alternating turns, disclosing personal experiences in one chapter, arguing memories in the next, and ultimately allowing their everlasting love and admiration for each other to shine through. In a style that sharp-eyed readers will find reminiscent of Nick Bantock’s bestselling series that started with Griffin & Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence, Joachim and Caroline recall a life of long distance phone calls, advice-charged postcards from around the world, and a divorced father who showed up for every important moment in his child’s life no matter the personal or professional cost to him. LOVE, DAD will leave readers laughing, crying and inspired to apply its relationship lessons with their own offspring and parents. Some of the principles Joachim shares with his daughter are the same he shares with executives in companies all over the world. And they work!

Whether it be social media, cable news, late-night comedy, or idle chat in the Starbucks line, the current word is that America’s worst President has served in the 21st Century. Half of America–be it the pundit class or the proletariat–seems to think that Barack Obama has been the country’s worst chief of state, while the other half vilifies George W. Bush in the same way. Neither of these fellows, however, can approach the frilly collars and knee-stockings of our only bachelor President, James Buchanan. In THE WRONG MAN, Robert Strauss examines the foppish and often unappealing Buchanan, who was certainly the wrong man in the wrong time–maybe the wrong man in any time–but certainly in the years leading up to the Civil War, which he can easily take the credit for starting. At every juncture as President, Buchanan seemed to make the exactly wrong choice. He influenced the Supreme Court (abridging separation of powers) to make the Dred Scott decision, perhaps the worst one in Court history, two days after he took office. He presided over the country’s most abrupt and severe depression, the Panic of 1857, and did nothing to try to stop or ameliorate it. Buchanan supported Kansas entering the Union as a slave state–when there were fewer than 200 slaves and dwindling at the time–sealing the divide on America’s most vital issue. Oddly enough, Buchanan may have been the most qualified man, resume-wise, to ever hold the office: state legislator, U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator, Ambassador to England and Russia, Secretary of State, yet it seemed he knew less about his country’s needs than his Know-Nothing opponents. Strauss, former Sports Illustrated reporter, author of the memoir Daddy’s Little Goalie, writer of long-form historical journalism, and with over 1,000 bylines in the New York Times will take a discerning, and sometimes a sardonic, view of what it takes to be America’s worst President and how the American method of choosing its leaders may well be the reason it can often get Buchanans, but fortunately sometimes lucks out with Lincolns.

In Ramadi, Iraq, the enemy waited out of sight, in the IED tucked under the trash, in rockets fired from dark alleys. Army combat medic Kyle Clayton and his unit took insurgent fire more often than they returned it. They waited for sudden attacks, for shrapnel to slice through them. They waited for the clatter of AK fire and streams of neon tracer rounds screaming past their patrols. They waited for violence. Clayton’s memoir, THROUGH THE OTHER SIDE traces his and his squad’s journey from the German streets of his post in Baumholder, where soldiers often fought each other while they trained to combat the enemy. Their story takes them to the barren deserts of Kuwait where they wait each day for six long months unsure of whether they will move north to Iraq or go back to Germany. After violence escalates in Ramadi their unit is ordered to the Al Anbar province where they finally engage in combat operations in Iraq. His title also traces Clayton and his friends return home as they attempt to build a new life in the civilian world after the military. His story offers a glimpse of the forces that shaped a new class of veterans from America’s most recent wars, which speaks to the alienation both veterans and civilians experience in their daily lives.

In her latest book, ITALIANISSIMO, Mary Ann Esposito, creator and host of the PBS national series Ciao Italia takes a culinary journey through the twenty regions of Italy, offering a close look into the historical and cultural impacts that define Italian regional cooking. Highlighting five recipes from each region, each will tell a story, influenced by geographic position, natural resources and folklore. Dishes both well-known and obscure are explored in depth, from the origin of their names to how the modern chef can recreate them at home. What does “eggplant parmigiana” really mean and why arancine is colored with saffron? Just about everyone enjoys pizza, but can they list the rules each pie must follow before it can be called a classic? Eye-opening stories about food and culture will accompany each regional chapter introduction, giving the reader a truly personal connection with the recipes. Fun and informative sidebar tips for today’s cook-like how to dry common herbs without compromising their flavor and the most unconventional and foolproof way to cook pasta–will pepper the pages for an all-encompassing experience. Rather than accept the blanket statement “Italian food,” Esposito urges cooks to experiment with the much more rewarding and varied Italian regional cuisine.

In 1999, 17-year-old Adnan Syed was convicted of the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee and sentenced to life plus thirty years. Ever since then, Rabia Chaudry, a family friend who thinks of Adnan as a younger brother, has stood by him as he maintained his innocence, working with his family and legal team in pursuit of justice. In 2013, after they’d exhausted almost all appeals, she contacted Sarah Koenig, a producer at This American Life, in the hopes of finding a journalist who would bring greater attention to Adnan’s story. Sarah’s investigation has turned into the podcast Serial, an international phenomenon and the most successful podcast ever produced, which has been downloaded and streamed more than 5 million times. But in its telling many dozens of stories and broader narratives have fallen through the cracks. While Serial tells Sarah’s story, LIFE PLUS 30: THE SEARCH FOR JUSTICE FOR ADNAN SYED will tell Adnan’s, and the story of Rabia’s relationship with him, his family, and with this case over the course of 15 years through the personal and professional phases of her life from abused wife and mother to attorney and national security consultant working on police profiling of American Muslims, violent extremism, and the internal conflicts of Muslim communities. It will explore a tightly knit community where kids leading double lives were the norm, a criminal justice system that is deeply flawed, and a conviction and life sentence based on a case riddled with inconsistencies, ambiguities, and xenophobia. It will bring to life the voice of Adnan, with his full support, through letters, calls, and visits as two legal teams, his and that of the Innocence Project of UVA, seek to exonerate him and find out the truth of what really happened on that day in 1999. (Please note: this project is represented by Lauren Abramo)

In his first job, a summer stint in construction, Seth Merrin was tearing apart Wall Street. Literally. He then spent the next 30-plus years reconstructing it from the inside out. Merrin, called the “Rabble Rouser” by Institutional Investor, has built several game-changing companies, transformed the way the financial industry works, and made hundreds of millions for his investors. He’s also given a lot of his money away, most notably to the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village in Rwanda where he has helped change the lives for children orphaned by the genocide. He’s emerged as the contrarian of Wall Street and a poster child for how to make money and do good at the same time–a modern day Robin Hood. Merrin’s story is really about David vs. Goliath and the triumph of corporate values and culture over individual greed. Ultimately, it reveals the power of positive destruction–the strategy of taking things completely apart and building them back up from the bottom up–that can be applied to any industry. IF IT’S NOT BROKEN, BREAK IT: UNLEASHING THE POWER OF POSITIVE DESTRUCTION TO BUILD COMPANIES, CHANGE INDUSTRIES AND DO GOOD demonstrates how all industries can be reimagined and rebuilt on a foundation of transparency, trust, efficiency and never settling for status quo. This book, which will resonate with entrepreneurs, as well as those interested in business advice or in the inner workings of Wall Street, shows how Merrin unleashed the power of positive destruction to turn ideas into billion dollar industries and opportunities for himself, his investors, and his employees. And, through his lessons, so-called Merrin’s Maxims, he shares how others can create seismic change in any industry. He also paints the bigger picture: how the power of positive destruction can be used to find answers to some of our biggest problems and help us discover a new and better future. (Please note: this project is represented by Stacey Glick)

There is power in the promises we make to ghosts. Once the vow is spoken, the ghost’s voice is always with us, whispering in our ears and tickling our dreams. Such a promise can become a bond stretching across the centuries and linking one life to another. This is the story of two women from very different worlds whose bond was formed on a warm summer day in the British town of Winchester. In 2002, Katharine Kittredge, a teacher at a small U.S. liberal arts college, stumbled upon the lost diary kept by an Irish woman named Melesina Trench. In 1806, Melesina wrote about the life and death of her two-year-old son in words of such power and agony that Kittredge was profoundly moved and then haunted by the experience of reading it. As she rode the train back to London, Kittredge made a promise to bring this diary forward into the 21st century. Thus, she was launched on a thirteen-year odyssey to learn all that she could about the remarkable woman who recorded her pain so long ago. Early in her search, Kittredge discovered that the way official historical record depicted Melesina was deeply flawed; the most interesting aspects of Melesina’s life had been systematically omitted or obscured: her ungoverned youth, her lively widowhood, the royal romance, and her mid-life reinvention as social activist and author. FINDING MELESINA recounts Kittredge’s search through lost letters, private diaries and overlooked manuscripts, and her growing connection this woman from the past. The twists and turns she traced in Melesina’s life allowed her to reach a better understanding of her own, and the work itself–traveling to England’s Great Libraries, working in Ivy League archives, and connecting with Melesina’s living descendant–transformed the mother-of-two English teacher into an international scholar. This book will resonate with fans of both Elizabeth Gilbert and Stacy Schiff. (Please note: this project is represented by Stacey Glick)

Donna Bozzo, aka The Lady with the Alligator Purse, is so happy to share ideas with millions of people on how to sneak lots of fun into their lives. You may have seen her on TODAY, the Chicago morning shows, Veria Living, or in Chicago Parent Magazine. She’s the zany lady willing to try it all–stay with an Amish family, hide a live rooster for the neighborhood scavenger hunt, let the kids paint the basement deep purple with silver swizzles and report back on how we can fold more fun into our lives. So where is the F-U-N in your life? If you are trying to figure out where it went, if it’s buried under shoulds and woulds, caught up in kid carpools or under a blanket of snores at boring grown-up meetings–then, Donna’s new book WHAT THE FUN? is for you. WHAT THE FUN? is the tangible prescription missing in today’s marketplace that answers every mom’s question– what can I do as a mom to make myself and my family happy? These days folks are way too serious, too busy playing Important, too busy waiting for fun to come to them rather than creating it in the simple moments that, poof, instantly pass through their fingers. Learn how to STOP BEING SO SERIOUS and find more fun in your life. Creating more fun in your days will make you happier, a joy to be around, plus you’ll become a great example to your children. They will grow up learning how to find their own happiness in life. What more could any parent want for their children and for themselves? Life is a heck of a lot more enjoyable when you make fun a priority. WHAT THE FUN? will show you how. (Please note: this project is represented by Stacey Glick)

When her beloved aunt died suddenly, Alicia de los Reyes was furious at God, and abruptly quit the Search for Something More that used to occupy her Sundays. Then she stumbled across a church called Restoration that meets in an abandoned movie theater. Missing the place in her life that her search for God–whatever form he or she took–had once filled, Alicia decided to give church once last chance, this time, from the outside in. SEEKING SOMETHING: A LIBERAL FEMINIST’S YEAR IN THE EVANGELICAL CHURCH is the account of Alicia’s time embedded in the world of fired-up believers. She shows us a human side to the Bible-thumping evangelicals even as she recoils from their conservative views on marriage equality, reproductive rights, and sexual freedom. Alicia is shocked to witness teenagers speaking in tongues and visiting preachers healing with a prayer, yet struggles with her own yearning to accept their conviction and their joy. This immersive experience, expertly woven with important historical context of evangelicalism in America and the spiritual mindset across our nation today, draws on the best aspects of memoir and narrative to bring a community to life. (Please note: this project is represented by Sharon Pelletier)

“Say nothing,” Clara’s husband yells as uniformed agents burst into their home and drag them away from each other. Happily married to her high school sweetheart and raising their adopted daughters, Clara now finds herself isolated in protective custody, stubbornly resisting the agents’ questioning. But even as she protects her former life with her silence, Clara starts to notice cracks in the reality she so readily accepted. Her beloved husband is a powerful and demanding man with many dark secrets. And the daughters he brings her, the girls she trains before they are sold at a high price to important clients–are they as happy in their new lives as she’s always believed? As the official investigation into the family business continues, Clara unspools her memories, confronting the truth of who she is and the weight of the secrets she’s carried for a lifetime. UNRAVELING CLARA by Rena Olsen is an unforgettable debut novel that explores the world of human trafficking with the excitement of a thriller and the emotional acuity of women’s fiction. (Please note: this project is represented by Sharon Pelletier)

The men and dogs of the 8125th Sentry Dog Detachment were sent to Korea to clean up after a war that no one wanted, and became the victims of one of our nation’s greatest instances of neglect and abandonment. K9 KOREA: THE SILENT SENTRIES OF THE FORGOTTEN WAR is the untold story of this group of farm boys and eager dogs, devoted to each other and their country, who served bravely in the Korean War and were cruelly separated at its end. J. Rachel Reed, an oral historian and herself an Air Force veteran, tells the story she learned first-hand from the surviving members of that unit, including the tale of Sam, a dog in the 8125th who was smuggled out of camp and adopted by an orphanage in Seoul. Alongside their amazing testimony of service, loyalty, and love, Reed asks the difficult questions about the inhumanity of a war-machine that forced its men to walk away from their dogs. Her account fills an important gap in the military history of the twentieth century and will be a compelling addition to the bookshelves of history buffs, dog lovers, and readers looking for an unforgettable true story. (Please note: this project is represented by Sharon Pelletier)

A young girl is dead by her own hand, and a summer camp is devastated. The national media, sensing scandal, descends on Camp Round Tops, and campers are pulled from the site at an astonishing rate. But the media doesn’t know the whole story, for in the midst of all the clatter– in a moment of total serendipity– a junior counselor finds evidence suggesting that another counselor had been molesting the lost camper prior to her death. In this debut novel from promising young writer Quinn O’Callaghan, a former essayist and current New York based journalist, LAST AUGUST follows a cast of camp counselors over the course of three days after the body of an 11-year-old camper is found in the woods. Veteran counselor Walden Whalen sinks deep into a quickly-fomenting vendetta and formulates a plan whose repercussions will forever alter the lives of everyone at Camp Round Tops. But while Walden and his small cadre of allies carry out their revenge, intent on bringing justice to the place that has been as much a home to them as any they have ever had, they might just lose their souls in the process. Told through a series of vignettes and featuring a dynamic lineup of characters torn apart by an unprecedented situation, LAST AUGUST is a dark yet powerful portrayal of the nature of love and the depths of cruelty. In LAST AUGUST, O’Callaghan tiptoes the line between literary fiction and the suspense thriller, as he crafts a tale that forces us to reconsider our preconceptions of right and wrong and delivers an ending that will floor readers in a similar vein to Gillian Flynn and Stieg Larsson. (Please note: this project is represented by Mike Hoogland)

If you think you already know everything there is to know about Abraham Lincoln, think again. In LINCOLN THE FATHER, presidential historian and lawyer Alan Manning reveals a very human side of Lincoln, one largely ignored by previous biographers: Abraham Lincoln, father to four sons. A combination of history, biography, and family culture, LINCOLN THE FATHER follows Lincoln from his growing law practice in Springfield through the turbulent war years in the White House, highlighting the same challenges that many fathers face today: balancing a successful career with paternal responsibilities. In taking the spotlight off of Lincoln the president and instead shining it on Lincoln the father, we see not the imposing marble statue of a determined president sitting inside the Lincoln Memorial, but a man frolicking with his sons on the floor of the White House; we see not the thoughtful, burdened president delivering the Gettysburg Address to a war-torn nation, but a man quietly reading bedtime stories to his sleepy-eyed sons; and we see not the resolute commander-in-chief seeking out winning generals and forming war policy, but a man wrestling with his own grown son’s desire to join the army and go off to war. Sadly, Lincoln twice had to cope with every parent’s worst nightmare: the death of a child. Eddy, his second son, died before his fourth birthday, and Willie, regarded by some as Lincoln’s favorite, died in the White House at eleven. Vividly drawn and immensely illuminating, LINCOLN THE FATHER is a must-read that challenges the commonly accepted belief that Lincoln’s busy career resulted in a strained and distant relationship with his eldest son, Robert, and completes the portrait of one of the most popular, significant, and complex figures in American history. (Please note: this project is represented by Mike Hoogland)


Audible will publish Belle Aurora‘s SECOND ACT; THE BEATEN TRACK by Sarah Menkedick; DESERT BOUND by Elizabeth Hunter; NO GHOULS ALLOWED and four more titles by Victoria Laurie; and SEEDS OF INIQUITY by JA Redmerski. Tantor will publish LIVE AT THE FILLMORE EAST AND WEST and ONE DEADLY NIGHT by John Glatt; THE LOVER’S SECRET, THE LOVER’S GAME, THE LOVER’S PROMISE and THE LOVER’S PROPOSAL by JC Reed; INEVITABLE, IRREPLACABLE and INDESTRUCTIBLE by Angela Graham; UNDER LOCKE by Mariana Zapata; and GRANDMA GATEWOOD’S WALK by Ben Montgomery. Dreamscape will publish EVERY TIME I THINK OF YOU by Tracey Garvis Graves.

Film rights to BLACK CHALK by Christopher Yates went to 20th Century Fox on behalf of Imagine Entertainment. Red Rock Pictures optioned film rights for WHILE IT LASTS by Abbi Glines. Film rights to UGLY LOVE by Colleen Hoover went to Hackybox Pictures. Gayle Forman‘s JUST ONE DAY, JUST ONE YEAR and JUST ONE NIGHT were optioned for film by Fake Empire/Universal.

Gayle Forman‘s JUST ONE NIGHT will be published in Czech by Euromedia, and JUST ONE DAY and JUST ONE YEAR in Portuguese by Presenca and in Polish by Nasza Ksiegarnia, while I WAS HERE went to PT Gramedia in Indonesia, Bukowy Las in Poland, Colibri in Bulgaria, Kinneret in Israel, Mondadori in Italy, and Urano in Spain. Eram is publishing Tracey Garvis Graves‘ ON THE ISLAND in Estonian. MAKING FACES by Amy Harmon is being published by Tiara Books in Bulgarian and her INFINITY + ONE, A DIFFERENT BLUE and RUNNING BAREFOOT went to Verus in Portuguese. Richelle Mead‘s VAMPIRE ACADEMY and FROSTBITE are being published in Abanian by Uegen Publishing. SILVER SHADOWS will be published in Brazil by Cia. das Letras and SILVER SHADOWS and THE RUBY CIRCLE will both be published in Turkey by Artemis and in Bulgaria by IBIS, while Mead‘s THE INDIGO SPELL went to Dioptra for Greek publication and Mladinska Kniga has Slovene rights to THE FIERY HEART. Sieben is publishing SURRENDER YOUR LOVE by JC Reed in German. Dutch rights to THE PROGRAM and THE TREATMENT by Suzanne Young went to Karakter and Brazilian Portuguese rights went to LeYa. UNREMEMBERED, UNFORGOTTEN and UNCHANGED by Jessica Brody will be published in Brazi by Rocco, and UNREMEMBERED will also be published in Italian by Fanucci. Pegasus acquired Estonian rights to Colleen Hoover‘s HOPELESS. AVOIDING COMMITMENT by K.A. Linde will be published in Italian by Newton Compton. Italian rights to RARE AND PRECIOUS THINGS and CHERRY GIRL by Raine Miller went to Corbaccio. Albatros acquired Czech rights and Psichogios acquired Greek rights to 13 THINGS MENTALLY STRONG PEOPLE DON’T DO by Amy Morin and Turkish rights went to Kuraldisi. Faro Editorial has Brazilian rights for THE SWEETEST GAME by J. Sterling. Danish rights to Andrew Smith‘s 100 SIDEWAYS MILES went to Rosinante, and Konigskinder acquired German rights to both 100 SIDEWAYS MILES and WINGER. Dogan acquired Turkish rights to BEAUTY FROM SURRENDER by Georgia Cates and SCORING WILDER by RS Grey will be published in French by Lattes. James Hankins‘ JACK OF SPADES will be published by Piper in German. Brazilian rights to EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS, REALITY BOY and GLORY O’BRIEN’S HISTORY OF THE FUTURE by A.S. King were acquired by Autentica. Arkadas will publish AFTER THE END and UNTIL THE BEGINNING by Amy Plum in Turkish. SEDUCED IN THE DARK and EPILOGUE by CJ Roberts will be published in Hebrew by Ahavot. French rights to UNDESERVING by Madeline Sheehan went to J’ai Lu, and Newton Compton has Italian rights to TROUBLE by Samantha Towle. Tammara Webber‘s BREAKABLE will be published in French by J’ai Lu and in Indonesian by PT Gramedia, and WHERE YOU ARE will be published by Konyvmolykepzo in Hungarian. Ambo/Anthos acquired Dutch rights to BLACK CHALK by Christopher J Yates, and Samantha Young‘s INTO THE DEEP and OUT OF THE SHALLOWS will be published in French by J’ai Lu.



World English rights to Books #7 and #8 in Sydney Landon‘s Danvers series went to NAL.

University of Arizona Press bought North American rights to RELEVANT MORTALS by Lorraine Lopez in a deal by Lauren Abramo.

Tracy Edward Wymer‘s MIGHT FLY AWAY went to Aladdin in a World rights deal by John Rudolph.

AFLAME, a novella by Penelope Douglas, went to NAL in a World rights deal.

World English rights to YOGALOSOPHY FOR HEARTBREAK by Mandy Ingber went to Seal Press.

Jim McCarthy sold World rights to Puffin to the first two books in the Famous 50 series, NOTABLE (AND NOTORIOUS) WOMEN WHO MADE HISTORY and INCREDIBLE (AND INFAMOUS) KIDS WHO MADE HISTORY by Saundra Mitchell in a two-book deal.

MOTOR MIX and MOTOR MIX 2 by Emily Snape were sold to Chronicle in a World rights deal by John Rudolph.

Beacon bought North American rights to ENTWINED by Joyce Scott in a deal by Stacey Glick.

The first three books in Denise Grover Swank‘s ROSE GARDNER MYSTERIES went to Crooked Lane Books in a North American rights deal by Jim McCarthy.

Michael Bourret sold PARTY OF ONE by Dave Holmes to Crown in a World rights deal.

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers bought World rights to TOWERS FALLING by Jewell Parker Rhodes in a two-book deal by Michael Bourret.

THE HAUNTING OF IVY MILBOURN by Jessica Spotswood went to Sourcebooks in a two-book deal by Jim McCarthy.

Stacey Glick sold North American rights to GRIT by Cecilia Galante to Schoalstic.

World rights to two as of yet untitled New Adult novels by Colleen Hoover went to Atria.

Jamielyn Nye‘s I HEART NAPTIME IN THE KITCHEN was bought by Grand Central Life & Style in a World rights deal by Stacey Glick.

SPONTANEOUS by Aaron Starmer was sold by Michael Bourret to Dutton in a North American rights deal.

The next two books in Kristy Belcamino‘s Gabriella Giovanni series, BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO WEEP and BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO MOURN were sold in a World rights deal to HarperCollins/Witness Impulse by Stacey Glick.

Jim McCarthy sold AS I DESCENDED by Robin Talley to HarperTeen in a two-book World rights deal.

Libby Cudmore‘s NO AWKWARD GOODBYES went to William Morrow in a World rights deal by Jim McCarthy.

Jessica Papin sold Michelle Brody‘s STOP THE FIGHT to The Experiment in a World rights deal.

North American rights to MY CONFECTION by Lisa Kotkin went to Beacon in a deal by Stacey Glick.

CAMGIRL and a second untitled novel by Leah Raeder to Atria in a World rights deal.

Thomas & Mercer acquired World rights to SHADY CROSS by James Hankins in a deal by Michael Bourret.

DYING TO REMEMBER by Glen Apseloff to Thomas & Mercer in a World rights deal by Michael Bourret.

Mychal Denzel Smith‘s MANCHILD IN OBAMA’S LAND to Nation Books in a World rights deal by Jessica Papin.

Jim McCarthy sold World rights to Tarcher for PORTALS: TRANS-REALITY TIME WARPS, STRANGE CREATURES, AND UFO’S by Linda Godfrey.

The final books in Abbi Glines‘ Rosemary Beach series went to Atria in a two-book World rights deal.

Stacey Glick sold 100 DAYS by Nicole McInnes to Farrar, Straus & Giroux Books for Young Readers in a North American rights deal.

Tilar Mazzeo‘s IRENA’S CHILDREN: YOUNG READER’S EDITION went to Margaret K. McElderry Books in a North American rights deal by Stacey Glick.

NAVIGATING GRACE by Jeff Jay sold to Hazelden in a World rights deal.

NAL bought World rights to MISCONDUCT by Penelope Douglas.

North American rights to WHERE DOES THIS GO? by Laura Ljungkvist went to PowerHouse in a deal by John Rudolph.

Chicago Review Press acquired World rights to THE LEPER SPY by Ben Montgomery.

HENRY BERGH: AMERICA’S FIRST ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST by Nancy Furstinger to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in a World rights deal by John Rudolph.

William Gurstelle‘s BRING OUT THE BIG GUNS went to Chicago Review Press in a World rights deal.

Stacey Glick sold WHAT A FISH KNOWS: EXPLORING THE INNER LIVES OF FISHES by Jonathan Balcomb to Scientific American in a World rights deal.

Thomas Dunne bought North American rights to HEALTHY BREAD IN FIVE MINUTES A DAY: REVISED EDITION and CELEBRATIONS by Jeffrey Hertzberg and Zoe Francois.


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