Newsletter 56: January 2013



For generations, the Kennedy wives have been part of America’s royal family—wealthy, privileged and educated, with front-row seats to many of the key events in the American 20th century. Their lavish lifestyles have been coveted by millions of women worldwide, their fashion sense emulated, their families envied. But while they lived a seemingly glamorous existence, they endured heartbreak and death with a frequency no one would desire—and all under an unprecedented media spotlight that forever changed the nation’s appetite for celebrity news. The tragic lives of the Kennedy wives can most clearly be traced to Rose Kennedy, the matriarch who endured two children’s deaths in airplane crashes and two more at the hands of assassins. But the tragedies didn’t stop there. One Kennedy wife after another endured more than a lifetime’s worth of grief. THE TRAGIC LIVES OF THE KENNEDY WIVES by Amber Hunt is a tale that’s both heartrending in its anguish and inspiring in the women’s steadfast stoicism despite unforgiving public scrutiny.

The evidence was irrefutable: with cheaper tickets at the movies and half-fare passes for the subway, Jill and Mike were now card-carrying senior citizens.  They responded to this cold reality in very different ways.  Jill’s instincts urged her to improve herself.   With exercise, a new vegan diet, vitamins, supplements, and supplements to supplement her supplements, she would make herself good—as good a person as she could be.  Mike went another way.  “Bad,” his instincts hissed.  “Be as bad as you can be before you can’t ever be bad again.” And thus begins the new adventures of THE VEGAN AND THE BARBARIAN, author Michael Tucker’s latest foray into food, drink, travel and marriage.  From their apartment in New York City, in various ports as they careen around the world, to their beloved farmhouse in the hills of Umbria, The Traveling Tuckerberries daily negotiate the no-man’s-land between self-improvement and self-gratification.  Umbria offers treats to both sides.  It’s a great place for vegans because the food is so fresh.  Vegetables pulled right from the earth and tossed over hand-made pasta is one of the world’s great eating experiences.  But Umbria is also a haven for barbarians, with scrumptious baby lambs and plump little piggies just waiting their turn to sizzle on Mike’s wood-burning grill.  THE VEGAN AND THE BARBARIAN is a celebration of the good life as well as a reminder that it takes two distinct individuals to make an interesting and sustaining relationship.

Harry Truman was dead, Gordon Liddy and Howard Hunt were on trial for the Watergate break-in, Nixon took his second oath of office and then suddenly within the span of twenty-four hours, America’s involvement in the Vietnam War ended, Lyndon Johnson dropped dead in Texas and the Supreme Court issued its decision on abortion in Roe v. Wade.  Presidential historian and lawyer Jim Robenalt calls it “simultaneity.”  Great events happening all at once, with a purpose.  In JANUARY 1973, Robenalt tells the riveting story of a loaded month when politics in America pivoted.  January 1973 marked the end of the New Deal, the death of the Great Society, the beginning of the age of cynicism, the start of the politics of hatred and dissention, and the end of an era of compromise in American government.  What Richard Nixon started in his counter-revolution, Roe supercharged.  Camps set up on the fringes of the political parties and became more and more radicalized and dominant over time.  Church and state lines blurred.  Compromise, the only way to govern under the American Constitution, became unthinkable—how do you compromise with people you believe are murderers?  The cultural and generational rifts that opened during the Vietnam War became institutionalized and America turned into what it is forty years later: two Americas with two contradictory and irreconcilable worldviews.  Working with John Dean, the only survivor from the inner-circle of the Nixon White House involved in the cover-up, Robenalt recreates, with a storyteller’s gift, the events that help explain why American politics has become polarized to the point of deadlock.

Almost everyone gossips. Admit it. It’s OK because gossip reduces stress, boosts self-esteem, bonds friendships, and has many other benefits. We now are in a gossip boom, with gossip on Facebook and other blogs. With a laudatory view of gossip and a combination of pop culture and extensive recent research by psychologists and other scientists, THE GOSSIP BOOK is different from any other book about gossip. Richard Weiner worked three years in researching the social sciences, media, and other fields. He met with the 3 AM Girls in London, Liz Smith in New York, and other gossipers around the world. Chapters include London (the gossip capital of the world), China (gossip is endemic in their culture), famous gossipers (from Ben Franklin to Harvey Levin of TMZ), TV (a critique of entertainment news programs), newspapers (gossip in the NY Times, Washington Post, Toronto Sun, and dozens of others), magazines (conversation with the editor of People), and supermarket tabloids (Weiner, who once did PR for the National Enquirer, provides never-before-told revelations). He describes how and why we gossip, chimps and other animals that gossip, recent scandals (the British newspaper mess in 2012 and 2013), gossip blogs (including MediaBistro and Gawker). And, of course, he dishes about celebrities in Hollywood and Washington. From the days when people gathered in caves, chatter about the best hunting—for food and mates—helped us evolve and survive. Legal and religious restrictions have not stopped us from gossiping. The more we understand how gossip works, the better we can use it—what to say, what to keep secret, who to tell, and how and when to tell it. Weiner gossips on Twitter and, but the best gossip is in THE GOSSIP BOOK.

“So, you’re the kid who changes people’s lives.” Real estate mogul Steve Roth sized up the young man with the handsome face, warm eyes and powerful physique and saw something special. He’d already heard the stories. How John Sitaras had made an impact on some of the most prominent men in the country–George Soros, Charlie Rose, Fred Adler, David Geffen, Paul Volcker, Jules Kroll and Jim Robinson, among others. But the real story at the heart of John’s success is deeper than muscle. In THE SITARAS METHOD: ALPHA FITNESS FROM NEW YORK’S POWER TRAINER, he will tell a riveting, ultimately heartwarming story of rising from the depths of poverty and pain to become a life-changing fitness guru. In 1995 John was sitting in a wheelchair, barely able to move his right leg even a single inch. A young man on the tough streets of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, John had been struggling for his entire life. That struggle culminated in a devastating event when he became the victim of a vicious gang assault that killed his best friend. John barely survived the attack, which crippled him. Despondent, broken and fearing that his life was over, John was faced with a choice: shrivel up and die or teach himself to walk again. His remarkable comeback is the inspirational center of a book that goes on to blow the lid off of the human drama of fitness. Here we’ll meet John’s amazing collection of clients who will make themselves available for interviews, and Jimmie Johnson will write the foreword. The Sitaras Method, which the Financial Times calls “the billionaire’s workout,” is not just for moguls; it provides a window into possibility for everyone. The newest star in the fitness world, John Sitaras is more than just a trainer to the rich and famous. His message about how to change your life and health when you think it’s beyond your ability will resonate with everyone who’s ever hoped to be stronger, fitter and more centered. John’s burning will to rise above his broken past and live fully is the new all-American model.

Who is John Roberts, and what does he really want?  Ambitious and politically astute, the man who took the center chair at the Supreme Court in 2005 now deftly leads it from the right.  Presidents may come and go, but the youthful chief justice abides with lifetime tenure, wielding enormous power to validate political agendas—or kill them. Obamacare is just one case in point. Roberts’s tie-breaking vote saved the president’s signature initiative and bought Roberts a measure of liberal credibility, even as he crafted the decision to subtly advance his own conservative mission. As the chief justice grows in his job, he continues to burnish his credentials as an adroit advocate who speaks through polished opinions.  But what inner compass guides the enigmatic Roberts? What impels him as the country’s most important unelected official? In his next investigative biography, award-winning legal journalist John A. Jenkins traces the origins of Roberts’s conservative ambitions and sets them squarely in the context of the Court’s current direction. Digging deeply into thousands of documents and formative experiences, IN SEARCH OF JOHN ROBERTS takes readers back to Roberts’s childhood in an Indiana steel-mill town; to the all-boys Catholic boarding school where Roberts opposed admission of girls; into the Reagan White House where the future chief justice sought to please his right-wing elders; and into the Court itself. In his acclaimed recent book, The Partisan: The Life of William Rehnquist, Jenkins, the longtime president and publisher of CQ Press and New York Times Magazine contributor, calls Roberts the “natural heir” of the iconoclastic Rehnquist—and with good reason.  Roberts clerked for Rehnquist at the Supreme Court during the 1980 Term, and later took his elder’s place.  As Roberts makes his mark, history’s judgment awaits. But readers need not.

One of the biggest differences between having children and owning Pit Bull mix dogs is that after meeting your family for the first time, the first question out of a stranger’s mouth usually isn’t, “Do your kids bite?” Former CNN and Headline News writer-producer Timothy Glynn explains in his new memoir, DOG YEARS, that friends and family feel it is their duty to spell out all the ways life will change when marriage and children are part of your future. But on the topic of dogs and the dramatic lifestyle changes they bring, no one ever utters a peep. DOG YEARS follows Glynn’s colorful, pre-dog life as “just a redneck” growing up in California and along the Gulf Coast in the 1970s, to a world turned upside down and inside out by three canines whose gruff exteriors belie their gentle nature.  It’s a journey that takes him from weekly lunches with his beloved, but racist, grandmother to a near-miss shark attack off Horn Island to his Atlanta neighborhood where people resort to gunfire when they run out of fireworks on the weekends and holidays. It’s only after Glynn becomes a member of the “landowning bourgeoisie” that he also becomes a first-time dog owner. By then, he thought he had pretty much figured out what life was all about.  But it was only after he let Brutus, Moon Pie and The Sneak in his door and into his heart that he truly began to understand the scientific concept of entropy: the universe moves from a state of order to a state of disorder. Glynn’s new disorder includes holes chewed in walls, a job lost due to a medical condition and the real reason he suspects heartbreak may actually be a very good thing.

Breakfast is supposedly the most important meal of the day, but it never gets the same attention as its counterpart in the evening. In IMPORTANT MEALS, Brian Yarvin takes a look at America’s regional and immigrant cuisines before they’ve been awake long enough to clean house and dress up for company. Noticing that none of the neighborhood immigrant restaurants served breakfast and wondering if people from around the world skipped their morning meals entirely, Yarvin joined locals for breakfasts of soups, dumplings and flatbreads from a wide range of cultures and found himself neck-deep in a world of undisguised authenticity. In between, he found American regional specialties that were just as unique; people who started their mornings with herrings, chile, or scrapple. And with that, he wanted to know even more; the history of coffee, the universality of eggs, and just how exactly did you make that thing called scrapple? IMPORTANT MEALS tells the story of one man’s breakfast and of breakfast on a global scale; a time and place where people, their food and their lives are out on display, stripped of their gringo veneer, and exposed for the rest of us to examine. (Please note, Michael Bourret is the agent on this project.)

The award-winning international novelist Wena Poon grew up in Asia on a steady diet of Roald Dahl, C.S. Lewis, and…kung fu films. Already a published author in England and Asia, and a hit on the international literary festival circuit, she recently completed THE ADVENTURES OF SNOW FOX AND SWORD GIRL, a Princess Bride in samurai costumes. Her first to be pitched in the United States, this hilarious novel is set in a mythical East Asia and stars a masked young Emperor named Tal and his superheroine-like bodyguard, Sei Shonagon, a feisty orphan with a fast tongue and a faster sword. The two embark on a quest to resolve the Emperor’s existentialist crisis: is he a fox in the form of a man, or a man in the form of a fox? The pair swashbuckle their way through a gorgeous medieval landscape littered with characters from classic Chinese and Japanese martial arts epics. Violence rating: somewhere between Kill Bill and Kungfu Panda.Poon’s stories are loved by adults and children alike, and they have been broadcast by BBC Radio 4 as a 10-episode radio series, performed in a Roman arena in France, staged at Westminster Abbey in London, and used as literature exam text in Singapore schools. Winner of the UK’s Willesden Herald Prize for best short fiction, Poon has been nominated for France’s Prix Hemingway, Ireland’s Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award, and the Singapore Literature Prize. (Please note, Stacey Glick is the agent on this project.)

Former news anchor, founder of The Hopeless Housewife website and contestant on ABC’s upcoming cooking competition, “The Taste,” Erika Monroe-Williams always had a knack for elevating a recipe—but not without kitchen disasters along the way. Fabulous dinners have gone hand in hand with burned ingredients and other mistakes to become dinner-party fodder and jokes within her family, which includes husband, former Major League Baseball All-Star Matt Williams, and their daughter, Madison. Instead of giving up, the mistakes just motivated Erika further, as she stockpiled a resource of quick, foolproof recipes to whip up impressive meals in no time, plus tricks in times of disaster (Use a box grater to remove burnt parts!). All of this will be highlighted in THE HOPELESS HOUSEWIFE CONQUERS THE KITCHEN: 150 SIMPLE YET SPECTACULAR RECIPES SO YOU CAN TOO. Recipes have Ina Garten’s sophistication combined with Rachael Ray’s accessibility, and are perfect for every occasion from every day to entertaining, like Mascarpone and Berry-Stuffed French Toast, Gnocchi with Spicy Short Ribs, and Fried Green Heirloom Tomatoes with Burrata and Red Pepper Aioli. The cookbook also includes roasting charts, food substitution guides and much more that Erika has found to help liberate anyone who has ever felt hopeless in the kitchen. (Please note, Stacey Glick is the agent on this project.)

Listen up dieters: You CAN have your cake and eat it, too! Come on, live a little. To lose weight America teaches a boot camp mentality of food deprivation, punishment and guilt. That’s not fun and obviously that’s not working. Diets fail because you torture and restrict yourself and then act out and give up. The sane solution is the DESSERT-A-DAY DIET which works because every day you actually eat what you want (dessert!) as part of a balanced diet plan that is natural and nourishing. It gives your tastes buds what they crave (sugar!) while giving your body the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs. All of the pleasure, none of the guilt. This simple yet satisfying plan by national food & nutrition expert Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD started out as a popular Fitness Magazine article and now has been transformed into a complete 4-week weight loss plan. Finally a diet where dessert isn’t taboo, but rather it’s the celebrated key to optimal health and permanent weight loss success. Dawn is the nutritionist for the Chicago Cubs, a member of the advisory board of Fitness Magazine, and the dynamic author of The Flexitarian Diet. The DESSERT-A-DAY DIET philosophy is part of a growing brand that will have national media coverage & corporate sponsorships to promote the book, website, webinar series and product line. (Please note, Stacey Glick is the agent on this project.)

In THE CIA LIFE, acclaimed journalist Lisa Spinelli delivers a deeply felt and keenly observed memoir of her life and her complicated relationship with her father. After two bullets rip through the Mogadishu dessert and into John Spinelli’s chest, his youngest daughter Lisa learns the ultimate family secret—her father is a spy for the CIA. The news helps explain her extraordinary childhood filled with abrupt international moves, bomb threats and hushed conversations. However, the truth does little to heal Lisa’s severed relationship with her injured father. It’s not until Lisa sees John laying on a hospital bed a year later, a second bullet freshly removed from his ribs, that she realizes her father’s mortality and works on mending their broken connection. Digging deep into her memories, as well as her father’s past, Spinelli paints a searing portrait of a father/daughter relationship torn apart and the healing process that made them whole again. (Please note, John Rudolph is the agent on this project.)

In THE COURT-MARTIAL OF PAUL REVERE, Michael Greenburg, the acclaimed author of Peaches & Daddy and The Mad Bomber of New York, reveals the untold story of one of America’s iconic heroes. Prior to Pearl Harbor, the Penobscot Expedition of 1779 was the worst naval disaster in American history, resulting in the loss of an entire flotilla of American vessels at the hands of a smaller and lesser-equipped British force. In the finger pointing that followed the debacle, the famed Lieutenant Colonel Paul Revere, who had been commissioned as the commander of the artillery train and had openly disparaged the competence of other officers, was arrested and charged with neglect of duty and cowardice. Though ultimately exonerated of all charges, the fiery Revere spent years of his life demanding – and finally receiving – a trial for court-martial to clear his name. Featuring detailed accounts of Revolutionary battles and politics, and culminating a gripping courtroom drama, THE COURT-MARTIAL OF PAUL REVERE is a must-read for anyone who yearns to better understand our country’s early days. (Please note, John Rudolph is the agent on this project.)

As a U.S. Senator’s daughter, Nan Ellen Dixon has had the opportunity to observe up-close how the women leaders with whom she has formed bonds worldwide have enacted changed and revolutionized our world, holding close the dream of a better life. These women are building bridges across religious differences in the Middle East, sustaining families against unimaginable obstacles in Ethiopia, rising above the Rwandan genocide. Young leaders here in America are embracing servant and moral leadership to bring about a positive change. In WOMEN CHANGING THE WORLD, they are profiled, as are the principles that have made them great. Dixon will equip readers with knowledge and understanding of the principles that will allow them to live and lead effectively, through various methods of instruction to suit all types, giving personal and observational examples in order to foster the drive to inspire, empower and transform. (Please note, Rachel Stout is the agent on this project.)


Jewell Parker Rhodes’s SUGAR will be published in audio by Brilliance. David Morrell’s TESTAMENT, LAST REVEILLE, THE TOTEM, BLOOD OATH, RAMBO FIRST BLOOD PART II, RAMBO PART III, and DOUBLE IMAGE will also be published in audio by Brilliance. Listening Library will publish James Dashner’s THE EYE OF MINDS and two books in the forthcoming YA series, The Mortality Doctrine. Richelle Mead’s GAMEBOARD OF THE GODS and the second book in the forthcoming Age of X adult paranormal series will be published in audio by Penguin. Melinda DuChamp’s FIFTY SHADES OF ALICE IN WONDERLAND and FIFTY SHADES OF ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS will be published in audio by Brilliance. Audible will publish Shiela Himmel and Lisa Himmel’s HUNGRY and K.A. Linde’s AVOIDING COMMITMENT. Brilliance will publish JA Konrath’s DISTURB, as well as Jack Kilborn and Blake Crouch’s KILLERS UNCUT. Audible will also publish Samantha Young’s MOON SPELL, RIVER CAST, BLOOD SOLSTICE, SLUMBER, BLOOD WILL TELL, BLOOD PAST, SHADES OF BLOOD, SMOKELESS FIRE, SCORCHED SKIES, and BORROWED EMBER, and Elizabeth Hunter’s A HIDDEN FIRE, THIS SAME EARTH, THE FORCE OF WIND, A FALL OF WATER, and BUILDING FROM THE ASHES. J.A. Redmerski’s THE EDGE OF NEVER, THE MAYFAIR MOON, KINDRED, THE BALLAD OF ARAMEI, and DIRTY EDEN will be published in audio by Audible. S.H. Kolee’s SEEING SHADOWS, CHASING SHADOWS, and LOVE LEFT BEHIND will be published in audio by Brilliance. Jeff Yeager’s HOW TO RETIRE THE CHEAPSKATE WAY will be published in audio by AudioGo. Random House Audio will publish Mardi Jo Link’s BOOTSTRAPPER.

SLAMMED and POINT OF RETREAT by Colleen Hoover were optioned for film by Debbie Gruber and Stephanie Kramer in partnership with Lorenzo di Bonaventura. Thomas Moran’s MAN IN THE BOX was optioned for film by Martin Shapiro Management. Kathryn Casey’s DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS was optioned for film by Marvista Entertainment. Judy Melinek and TJ Mitchell’s WORKING STIFF was optioned for television by Warner Bros.

UK & Commonwealth rights to Abbi Glines’ THE VINCENT BOYS AND THE VINCENT BROTHERS went to Hot Key Books, while Spanish rights went to Destino and Italian rights went to Chrysalide. Hungarian rights for THE VINCENT BOYS, BREATHE, BECAUSE OF LOW, EXISTENCE, and PREDESTINED went to Maxim Konyvkiado. Spanish rights to James Dashner’s THE KILL ORDER went to Nocturna, while Brazilian rights went to Vergara & Riba, and Bard took Bulgarian rights to the first three books in the series: THE MAZE RUNNER, THE SCORCH TRIALS, and THE DEATH CURE. Mag took Polish rights to Amy Plum’s DIE FOR ME, UNTIL I DIE, and IF I SHOULD DIE and Motto took Czech rights for all three books. Norwegian rights to IF I SHOULD DIE went to Cappelen Damm, while Arkadas took Turkish rights. Tracey Garvis Graves’s foreign deals for ON THE ISLAND included simplified Chinese rights to Beijing Zhengqing, Latvian rights to Zvaigzne ABC, Greek rights to Sotiris Yiannatos, Polish rights to Albatros, Swedish rights to Forum, and Croatian rights to Znanje. Hermes took Bulgarian rights to David Morrell’s THE NAKED EDGE. UK & Commonwealth rights to Joanna Connors’s I WILL FIND YOU went to Fourth Estate. Tammara Webber’s foreign deals for EASY included Hungarian rights to Konyvmolykepzo, Polish rights to Jaguar, Turkish rights to Epsilon, Danish rights to Gyldendal, Norwegian rights to Hege Randen, Hebrew rights to Kinneret-Zmora-Dvir, Catalan rights to Grup 62, Romanian rights to Epica, Russian rights to Atticus-Azbooka, and rights in Brazil to Verus. Cappelen Damm took Norwegian rights to EASY and an untitled companion novel. China Times took complex Chinese rights to Fran Hawthorne’s ETHICAL CHIC. German rights to Jack Kilborn and Blake Crouch’s KILLERS UNCUT went to Heyne. Artemis took Turkish rights to Melinda DuChamp’s FIFTY SHADES OF ALICE IN WONDERLAND and FIFTY SHADES OF ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. Valentina took Brazilian Portuguese rights to Tara Sivec’s SEDUCTION & SNACKS, while Eksmo took Russian rights to SEDUCTION & SNACKS and FUTURES & FROSTING. Polish rights to Richelle Mead’s THE INDIGO SPELL went to Nasza Ksiegarnia and Estonian rights to BLOOD PROMISE went to Eram.  Greek rights to THE GOLDEN LILY went to Dioptra. Orange Books took Bulgarian rights to John Locke’s LETHAL PEOPLE, LETHAL EXPERIMENT, and SAVING RACHEL. J.A. Redmerski’s foreign deals for THE EDGE OF NEVER included Thai rights to Kaewkarn, Norwegian rights to Gursli Berg, and Brazilian Portuguese rights to Suma de Letras. Pena took Turkish rights to Anne Eliot’s ALMOST. UK & Commonwealth rights to Nicole Williams’s CRASH, CLASH, and CRUSH went to S&S. Mongolian print and e-book rights to Dori Jones Yang’s SON OF VENICE went to Monsudar. S&S took UK & Commonwealth rights to Steph Campbell’s GROUNDING QUINN and DELICATE. Czech rights to Don Fulsom’s NIXON’S DARKEST SECRETS went to Euromedia. Simplified Chinese rights to John Hemingway’s STRANGE TRIBE went to Shanghai Joint Publishing, while Czech rights went to Paseka. UK & Commonwealth rights to Liz Reinhardt’s FALL GUY, DOUBLE CLUTCH, JUNK MILES, and SLOW TWITCH went to Random House UK.



World rights to Klancy Miller’s SUPPER FOR ONE went to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Stacey Glick sold World rights to founder of Chris Pegula and music journalist Frank Meyer’s DIAPER DUDE: A MODERN GUY’S GUIDE TO PREGNANCY to Perigee.

World English rights to Diane Fanning’s seventh untitled book in her Lucina Pierce mystery series went to Severn House.

Stacey Glick sold World rights to Abigail Johnson Dodge’s THE COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO BAKING to Taunton.

World rights, excluding World Spanish, to Raine Miller’s self-published NAKED, ALL IN, and EYES WIDE OPEN went to Atria.

MEET ME HERE and BOUND by Bryan Bliss were sold to Katherine Tegen Books in a North American deal by Michael Bourret.

Michael Bourret sold World rights to Brian Yarvin’s untitled noodle cookbook to Countryman Press.

World rights to D.B. Gilles’ THE SCREENWRITER’S REHAB went to Michael Wiese Productions.

Lauren Abramo sold World rights to Samantha Young’s self-published ON DUBLIN STREET and the follow-up, DOWN LONDON ROAD, to New American Library.

Actor, husband of actress Tori Spelling, and father of five children Dean McDermott’s THE GOURMET DAD went to Harlequin in a World rights deal.

Jim McCarthy sold World English rights to Geoff Herbach’s FAT BOY VS. THE CHEERLEADERS and an untitled follow-up to Sourcebooks.

Christie Matheson’s TREE MAGIC and the as-yet-untitled follow up were sold to Greenwillow in a World rights deal by Stacey Glick.

Michael Bourret sold World rights to Susanna Salk’s DECORATE FEARLESSLY to Rizzoli.

SMART POWER by Columbia professor Peter Coleman and executive coach Robert Ferguson was sold to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in a World rights deal by Jessica Papin.

Stacey Glick sold World rights to founder of Daniel Shumski’s WILL IT WAFFLE? to Workman.

Jessica Papin sold World rights to Mona Eltahawy’s HEADSCARVES AND HYMENS to Faber and Faber.

Meg Leder and Rachel Kempster’s BIG ME, LITTLE YOU was sold to Sourcebooks in a World rights deal by Michael Bourret.

North American rights to Chris Peterson’s VIRGIL’S BARBECUE ROADTRIP and CARMINE’S CELEBRATIONS went to St. Martin’s.

Stacey Glick sold World rights to Robin Robertson’s MORE QUICK-FIX VEGAN and THE VEGAN GLOBAL KITCHEN to Andrews McMeel.

Cyn Balog’s DREAM KINDGOM and as-yet-untitled follow up was sold to Harlequin Teen in a World rights deal by Jim McCarthy.

Michael Bourret sold World rights to Anne Jamison’s FIC: Why Fanfiction is Taking Over the World to Smart Pop.

World rights to author of self-published series for teens and adults Elizabeth Reyes’s next adult novel went to Atria.

Stacey Glick sold World rights to a revised edition of Robin Robertson’s VEGAN PLANET to Harvard Common Press.

Michelle Rowen’s FROM FEAR TO ETERNITY, the third book in the Immortality Bites Mystery series, was sold to New American Library in a World rights deal by Jim McCarthy.

John Rudolph sold World rights to Leland Gregory’s FIFTY SHADES OF DUMB to Skyhorse.

Matthew Algeo’s LAST TEAM STANDING went to Chicago Review Press in a World rights deal.

North American rights to Angie Stanton’s self-published YA romances ROCK AND A HARD PLACE, SNAPSHOT, and two as-yet-untitled follow-ups to Harper Children’s.

Jim McCarthy sold World rights to Juliet Blackwell’s two as-yet-untitled books in the Haunted Home Renovations series to New American Library.

Journalist Robert Gilhooly’s THE NAIL THAT STICKS UP went to Chicago Review Press in a World rights deal.

World English rights to Linda Carroll and David Rosner’s BOTH THE KING’S HORSES went to Gallery.

Jim McCarthy sold World rights to Juliet Blackwell’s two as-yet-untitled books in the Witchcraft mystery series to New American Library.

World English rights to Abbi Glines’ BECAUSE OF LOW, WHITE IT LASTS, JUST FOR NOW, and BREATHE went to Simon Pulse.

North American rights to Lizzie Stark’s second book, PANDORA’S DNA, went to Chicago Review Press.

World rights to Sydney Landon’s WEEKENDS REQUIRED, NOT PLANNING ON YOU, and FALL FOR ME went to New American Library.

Jim McCarthy sold World rights to Linda Godfrey’s AMERICAN MONSTERS to Tarcher.

Jessica Papin sold World rights to member of the Birmingham Police Department T.K. Thorne’s LAST CHANCE FOR JUSTICE to Chicago Review Press.

JUNIOR: THE TRIUMPHANT LIFE AND TRAGIC DEATH OF JUNIOR SEAU by Adam Lazarus went to Da Capo Press in a World rights deal by John Rudolph.

Jim McCarthy sold World English rights to Jackson Pearce’s COLD SPELL to Little, Brown Children’s.

Jessica Papin sold North American rights to Lord Ian Strathcarron’s THE INDIAN EQUATOR to Dover Editions.

World rights to Nicole Williams’s originally self-published ebooks CRASH, CLASH, and CRISH went to Harper Children’s.

Stacey Glick sold World rights to Jessica Merchant’s SERIOUSLY DELISH to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


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