Newsletter 55: September 2012


In journalist Lizzie Stark’s family, no one gets to keep both their life and their breasts, thanks to the horrific legacy of cancer built into the family DNA. As a 27-year-old newlywed, Stark discovered she carried a hereditary BRCA 1 mutation, an error in genetic code that bears with it an up to 86 percent lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. Although a genetic test for cancer risk may sound like the height of scientific development, the treatment remains crude and barbaric. As Stark approached 30—the age at which her mother developed breast cancer—she faced the terrible decision of whether to remove healthy breasts or bet on the slim odds of escaping the disease that had ravaged so many women in her family. In PANDORA’S DNA, she uses her family’s experience to frame a larger story about the so-called “breast cancer genes,” exploring the morass of legal quandaries, scientific developments, medical breakthroughs, and ethical concerns that center around the BRCA mutations, from the troubling history of prophylactic surgery to the landmark lawsuit against Myriad Genetics, which has patented all known cancer-promoting BRCA mutations. Stark also relates her own personal story of how the genetic test changed her life, trapping her in the no-man’s land between sickness and health.

BOTH THE KING’S HORSES will take readers on a riveting ride through the greatest sports rivalry of all time. Thirty-four years after their epic battles produced horse racing’s last Triple Crown winner, Affirmed and Alydar remain even more inseparable in the mind’s eye than they were on the racetrack. For all the breathtaking drama of their desperate duel in the 1978 Belmont Stakes, “The Greatest Race Ever Run” was merely the fitting climax of the fiercest rivalry ever waged by horses or humans. On a collision course from the time they were conceived in the same breeding shed from shared bloodlines, the two chestnuts went head-to-head a remarkable ten times—galloping stride-for-stride and taking along for the ride two teams of characters as colorful as the colts themselves. This intertwined tale of two Thoroughbreds offers a study in contrasts as stark as David and Goliath. If Alydar and his human connections personified racing royalty, Affirmed and his embodied every underdog outsider who’s had to claw his way into the winner’s circle. Tapping into nostalgia for a bygone era with a compelling narrative that only reads like fiction, authors Linda Carroll and David Rosner will bring to life the rivalry that ennobled “The Sport of Kings” and capped horse racing’s last golden age with its crowning glory.

 As a dad of four—soon to be five—Oxygen reality star, veteran actor, and husband to Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott grew tired of cooking dish after dish to keep pace with the food fancies of his children. THE GOURMET DAD will teach parents everywhere how to simplify family mealtime—how to make one dish, and one amazing dish only, for every meal. A gourmet meal for the grown-ups and—with a few omissions and adjustments—a dish for the kids. It’s a time saver, budget saver, and no brainer—one dish, two great outcomes. THE GOURMET DAD will show you how to sneak “grown-up” ingredients into a meal without your kids suspecting a thing. He’ll help introduce your little ones to the wonderful world of flavorful food and exploration, beyond their beloved mac ‘n’ cheese. Dean’s lighthearted and healthy attitude towards cooking leaves plenty of room for mistakes. He guarantees that if you allow yourself the space to mess up a recipe once, the next time you try, you’ll knock it out of the park! In the meantime, it will give you and your kids something to laugh about!

Stephen Drucker was the editor of Town & Country magazine and dying a slow death from boredom.  His life was socialites, diamond watches, and pretending that the world in 2012 is still a Slim Aarons photo. Running away was all he could think about, so he ran as far as he could, taking the subway to Brooklyn for lunch alone. Sitting in a café, feeding off all the youth and energy, being calmed by the big sky and the European scale, all he could think was how much he wanted to be there. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before he quit and moved to Brooklyn. Drucker’s captivating narrative tells the story of Brooklyn rising; of how, from the beginning, it has played the smart, irritating elbow in the ribs of its dominant twin, Manhattan. The first movie studio, the first theme park, Murder Inc. and the DA who brought it down, the lone Dutch farmhouse still occupied four centuries later, the accent that’s almost extinct, the Afrocentric world of Al Sharpton and Spike Lee, the brownstone movement of the Seventies, the warrior parents and anomic hipsters and immigrants from everywhere—it’s a long, twisted tale of ambition and creativity. Like Bill Bryson and Robert Hughes before him, Drucker decodes the DNA of one of the great shows on earth. It’s going to be, as the French say, très Brooklyn.

Drunk, damaged and alone, Amy looks out of the skylight of her South London flat and watches the sunset-lit pink belly of an airplane fly overhead. She looks down into her empty wine glass and understands that she is turning into her father—and it is time to stop. Emma Vandore was a high-rolling journalist living in Paris when her alcoholic father died. She was 30 years old and he, 62. In her first novel, TWISTED LADDER, she explores the genetic side of addiction, and whether you can outrun your genes. It is not a memoir—many of the episodes are fictional—although it draws heavily on Vandore’s experiences. Her father, Peter, deserves a writing credit for the achingly sad but beautiful chapter “Cherry Trees,” based on his account of a period where he doubted his own sanity. Written in an immediate, episodic style, TWISTED LADDER weaves overlapping stories of Amy and her father Andrew. We watch as Andrew, an Edinburgh lawyer, loses everything while Amy grows into a smoking, drinking, drug-taking teenager. In forthright, unsentimental prose, Vandore’s story questions why some people become addicted and others not. The tale gives a new twist on the nature/nurture debate, and how to deal with the knowledge that there may be something cursed in one’s genes.

Though for years The Secret City was not on any map, its existence is all too real.  This community of 75,000 rose out of the farmland and forests of rural Tennessee—built seemingly overnight by the United States Government during World War II.  Libby Clark, a Bryn Mawr graduate, accepts a position as a scientist in the raw, bustling town of Oak Ridge in 1943.  Because of wartime secrecy, she does not know, but suspects, that her work is part of the Manhattan Project—the effort to create the first atomic bomb.  As she wrestles with this possibility, she also struggles to find her place in the enclosed society—she is scorned by many of the other scientists because she’s a woman and held at arm’s length by most of the women because she’s a scientist. After she finds the dead body of her roommate’s sister, it mysteriously disappears, and its existence is completely denied by government officials. Faced with a wall of silence, Libby makes a promise to do all she can to find out who’s responsible for the young woman’s death.  Her determination to seek justice instigates endless assaults on her credibility and patriotism and ultimately to her personal safety. SCANDAL IN THE SECRET CITY by Edgar-nominated crime writer Diane Fanning, is a fascinating, once-in-a-century, page-turning novel.

Robert Daniels makes his stunning fiction debut with the razor sharp and labyrinthian BROKEN DOLL, the first in a series featuring P.I. John Gideon, a former homicide detective and boxer. When Gideon is asked to investigate a rumor that Atlanta Falcon’s star tight end, Larry Walker, has been shaving points, he’s put on a collision course with both a ruthless Hollywood producer and a hired killer. What seems like a simple question has an answer far more complex and ominous than anyone can imagine. Following a football game, Walker’s beautiful wife disappears. Little by little, layers of a dark secret begin to unravel with disastrous consequences for all involved. With a hero as likable and compelling as Robert Parker’s Spenser, BROKEN DOLL is an exhilarating thriller.

A woman in her thirties walks down Brooklyn’s Kingston Avenue, the main drag of the Lubavitcher Hasidic sect. Despite the modest skirt and blouse she knows to wear, she’s too familiar with the code to pretend she’s passing through. She’s an outsider, but no stranger. Walking past the kosher pizza shops and Jewish bookstores, she picks out the familiar faces of friends from childhood summers at the bungalow colony and countless visits with relatives right there in Crown Heights. They, in turn, squint their eyes in half-recognition. This cultural “perp walk” opens VISIBLE MARKS & PECULIARITIES, a memoir by Chaya Deitsch, of growing up Hasidic, not in the Lubavitcher epicenter of Crown Heights, but in the unlikely city of New Haven, Connecticut. The book traces her attempt to straddle two cultures: that of the closed and familiar religious community of her clan, and the wide open and uncertain horizons of the secular world. She ultimately leaves the safety of her community to lead an independent and secular life—always carrying the peculiar marks of the religious world she came from. VISIBLE MARKS & PECULIARITIES speaks to the choice many of us have to make between the lure of community acceptance and the need to forge one’s own path. At the same time, it offers a glimpse into the fascinating, closed world of Lubavitcher Hasidism, known to city dwellers and college students for their “mitzvah tank” caravans and campus Chabad Houses—told by a true insider.

Steve Katz was an integral part of the folk-rock and jazz-rock movements as an original member of two of the most influential bands of all time: The Blues Project and Blood, Sweat and Tears. As a young Jewish lower-middle-class boy from Queens, he suddenly found himself in another world, encountering celebrity, revolution, war, and romance. Armed with humor, insight, and a historian’s eye, Katz weaves a story of what it means to grow up Jewish in New York. As both musician and executive, Katz has seen the music industry from all sides, and reveals his unique observations of the dichotomy that each engenders. With appearances from an eclectic cast of characters including Groucho Marx, Elizabeth Taylor, Sandy Koufax, Martin Luther King, Andy Warhol, Tennessee Williams, Jimi Hendrix, Lou Reed, and Mickey Spillane, among many others, STEVE KATZ: A LIFE IN ROCK AND ROLL will take you on an unforgettable journey into a world most can only dream about.

An oath made at the scene of his parent’s brutal murder has kept William Hastings, Marquess of Standish, utterly dedicated to his King and country. That is, until the day the War Office asks the impossible: interrogate the debutante daughter of a suspected traitor under the guise of courting her. To make things worse, Lady Samantha Buchanan isn’t a stranger—she’s the niece of his beloved former guardian and possibly the most refreshing and innocently sensual woman he’s ever met. Lord Standish knows it is essential to remain detached from the situation, but as the stakes get higher and his attraction to Samantha can no longer be denied, he is forced to make a choice—accept another assignment or stay close to Samantha and put both of their lives at risk. SOMETHING SCANDALOUS by Nicola Davidson is the first book in her wildly entertaining Regency series.

In 2002, shortly after graduating from college, Maggie Andersen and her boyfriend Michael Patrick Thornton were among the founders of a storefront theater in Chicago called The Gift which has since become one of the most vital companies in the city. For a time, everything was going perfectly. But in 2004, Mike suffered a rare spinal stroke that left him paralyzed. Having been together for years, Maggie was by his side through hospitalizations and rehab and efforts to get back to directing. Eventually, though, she left. Maggie’s stunning, brutally honest memoir, NO STARS IN JEFFERSON PARK is a real life Dive from Clausen’s Pier—a story of tremendous love, excruciating guilt, and a consideration of how we make the most difficult decisions in our lives. This incredibly brave memoir marks the debut of a thrilling new talent. (Please note, Jim McCarthy is the agent on this project.)

Have you ever had that flash impulse, “I could throw this child right out the window!” Most parents have. Stress arises as parents explore the “how to” of everyday issues ranging from separation anxiety to sleep troubles, whining to aggressive behavior, tantrums to bullying. How do we set kind but effective limits, and manage to keep our cool in the midst of our children’s most difficult (and high-decibel) moments? Different as they seem, each of these perennial parenting concerns is rooted in emotion. The insight missing from every other parenting book is this: The behavioral troubles that exhaust parents and complicate their children’s lives can be eased—even eliminated—by improving the emotional connection between parents and children. PARENTING BY CONNECTION: FIVE SIMPLE TOOLS THAT GIVE YOU THE POWER TO HELP YOUR CHILD AND TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE AS A PARENT, by industry leader and founder of Hand in Hand Parenting Patty Wipfler, is the essential guidebook for understanding the emotion-powered behavior that so often baffles and vexes parents and caregivers. It offers proven, practical skills that have been tested by the literally hundreds of thousands who have benefited from Patty’s work with families. Even the most harried parents can use the simple but powerful tools outlined here to build better support for themselves, and to alleviate their children’s difficult behaviors. It’s full of real-life stories from parents who’ve successfully dealt with everything from tears to tantrums, from biting to bedwetting to building a more supportive school environment. The approach it offers is a fresh, original take on the work of parenting, in particular, the emotional work of parenting. Like Dr. Benjamin Spock’s Baby and Child Care did so many years ago, PARENTING BY CONNECTION will spark a paradigm shift in parenting that will enhance and inform the art of parenting for generations to come. (Please note, Stacey Glick is the agent for this project.)


SMART POWER: HARNESSING THE POWER OF CONFLICT AT WORK by Peter T. Coleman, PhD and Robert Ferguson, PhD is a lively and original new work that exposes the elephant under the rug in most workplace conflicts: Power. Grounded in over 15 years of empirical research by Columbia University Professor Peter T. Coleman, director of the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution, and on the faculty of Teachers College and The Earth Institute, this book offers cutting edge insights into how to cultivate the strategies and skills for employing SmartPower  to manage even the most demanding work conflicts. It reveals: 1) why managers get attracted to using the same influence tactics repeatedly, even when they fail, 2) how emotions “pool” in work relationships over time and then set the stage for disastrous conflicts, 3) how readers can increase their repertoire of strategies and tactics for conflict management up, down and across the hierarchies of power at work, and (drum roll!), 4) how to get unstuck from habits of mind and learn to become more agile and adaptive in addressing the many different kinds of conflict we face daily. Developed in collaboration with psychologist and management consultant Robert Ferguson, this book outlines the Seven Strategies for navigating the treacherous seas of power and conflict. (Please note, Jessica Papin is the agent on this project.)

An unnamed woman turns back to look at her doomed city and is transformed into a pillar of salt.  In ANGELS AT THE GATE—a compelling alternative account of the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah—Lot’s wife is Yildeth, a free-spirited daughter of Abraham’s tribe raised as a boy in her father’s caravan.  Adept at languages and the art of negotiation, Yildeth is determined to stay with her father and the caravan, refusing to accept the changes that loom with the coming of womanhood.  The appearance of two mysterious strangers unravels her world. Everything Yildeth values most—her family; her freedom; even her magnificent hunting dog—is taken from her, sweeping her into a quest across the desert to seek her father’s killer and the kidnapped man who some believe is an angel.   In the vein of Anita Diamant’s The Red Tent, award-winning novelist T.K. Thorne draws on a seminal tale of divine wrath and the early history of the Hebrews to spin an unforgettable story of a young girl’s courageous journey in a time of upheaval and extraordinary events. (Please note, Jessica Papin is the agent on this project.)

The starting kicker for the 2012 Super Bowl-winning New York Giants, Lawrence Tynes’ road to NFL stardom is unlike many others. Lawrence began his career in backwater football stops like Scotland and Ottawa, but with a strong leg (and a stronger work ethic) he found himself kicking the overtime field goal that sent his team to the Super Bowl—twice! Over his career, Lawrence has done Letterman and the waiver wire, with a reputation as of one of the NFL’s “good guys.” So, fans will be stunned to know that while Lawrence savored glory in the NFL’s biggest market, his older brother Mark watched from behind bars in state prison for a 27-year sentence on drug trafficking. Written with Lawrence’s longtime friend and Boston sports radio personality Damon Amendolara, TWO KICKS TO GLORY shares Lawrence’s life-story in a frank, honest account that will provide a fresh look at the ups and downs of life, both inside the NFL and out. (Please note, John Rudolph is the agent on this project.)



Suzanne Young’s THE PROGRAM will be published in audio by Simon & Schuster Audio. Audible will publish Victoria Laurie’s WHAT A GHOUL WANTS, NO GHOULS ALLOWED, DEADLY FORECAST, and DEADLY FORECAST. Tammara Webber’s EASY, BETWEEN THE LINES, WHERE YOU ARE, and GOOD FOR YOU will be published in audio by Brilliance.

ON THE ISLAND by Tracey Garvis Graves was optioned for film by MGM.

Slovakian rights to NIXON’S DARKEST SECRETS by Don Fulsom went to Ikar. Egmont took British rights to Stephanie Kuehn’s CHARM & STRANGE. UK & Commonwealth rights to Anne Stuart’s TO LOVE A DARK LORD, SHADOW DANCE, and LORD OF DANGER went to Mira UK. Michael Prescott’s LAST BREATH and STEALING FACES will be published in Turkish by Beyaz Balina. Japanese rights to William Duggan’s NAPOLEON’S GLANCE: THE SECRET OF STRATEGY went to Keio University Press. Gonzo took Russian rights to Richard Cole with Richard Trubo’s STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN: LED ZEPPELIN UNCENSORED. UK & Commonwealth rights to Christopher Yates’s BLACK CHALK went to Harvill Secker, while complex Chinese rights went to Eurasian Press. Tracey Garvis Graves’s foreign deals for ON THE ISLAND included French rights to Bragelonne, Italian rights to Garzanti, Spanish rights to Salamandra, Norwegian rights to Aschehoug, Dutch rights to Luitingh-Sijthoff, UK & Commonwealth rights to Michael Joseph (who also bought her next book, COVET), Portuguese rights to Intrinseca in Brazil and ASA in Portugal, German rights to Goldmann, Russian rights to Atticus-Azbooka, Thai rights to Earnest, Israeli rights to Kinneret Zmora-Bitan Dvir, Czech rights to Euromedia, Slovak rights to Ikar, Danish rights to Turbulenz, complex Chinese rights to Kate Publishing, and Turkish rights to Epsilon. Richelle Mead’s foreign deals included Slovenian rights to THE GOLDEN LILY to Mladinska Knjiga, Lithuanian rights to SPIRIT BOUND to Alma Littera, and Greek rights to both SPIRIT BOUND and BLOODLINES to Dioptra. Rights to James Dashner’s THE KILL ORDER went to Chicken House in the UK. Latin American and US Spanish rights went to Vergara & Riba. Bentang took the Indonesian rights to Bethany Griffin’s MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH. Amy Thomas’s PARIS, MY SWEET will be published in Brazilian Portuguese by Tapioca. Oak Tree took complex Chinese rights to Bear Heart with Molly Larkin’s THE WIND IS MY MOTHER. French rights to Steven Raichlen’s ISLAND APART went to Sogides. Colleen Hoover’s SLAMMED will be published in Italian by Rizzoli. Dong Fu Tian Xia Literary World took simplified Chinese rights to Arthur Ciaramicoli and Kathy Ketcham’s THE POWER OF EMPATHY. Hungarian rights to Jacqueline Carey’s KUSHIEL’S DART went to Konyvmolykepzo. Shinshokan took the Japanese rights to Heather Brewer’s EIGHTH GRADE BITES, NINTH GRADE SLAYS, TENTH GRADE BLEEDS, ELEVENTH GRADE BURNS, and TWELFTH GRADE KILLS. French rights to TENTH GRADE BLEEDS went to La Martiniere Jeunesse. Tammara Webber’s foreign deals for EASY included German rights to Blanvalet, Spanish rights to Plaza & Janes, Italian rights to Fanucci, and French rights to J’ai Lu. Razorbill UK took UK & Commonwealth rights to Tamara Webber’s EASY, BETWEEN THE LINES, WHERE YOU ARE, GOOD FOR YOU, and two as-yet-untitled books. Farol Literario took the Portuguese rights to Amy Plum’s DIE FOR ME, UNTIL I DIE, and IF I SHOULD DIE. Kossuth took Hungarian rights to John Locke’s LETHAL PEOPLE, LETHAL EXPERIMENT, SAVING Rachel, and NOW AND THEN.



Chef, restaurateur, and TV personality Gale Gand’s newest cookbook, GALE GAND’S LUNCH!, went to Wiley in a World rights deal.

Jessica Papin sold World rights to veteran journalist Joseph Coleman’s THE OLD MAN AND THE HAMMER: THE AGING REVOLUTION IN THE AMERICAN WORKFORCE to Oxford University Press.

Helen Bryan’s THE SISTERHOOD went to Amazon in a World rights deal.

THE BIG LETDOWN by journalist and breastfeeding advocate Kimberly Seals Allers was sold to St. Martin’s in a World rights deal by Stacey Glick.

Real estate magnate Herman Russell’s memoir BUILDING ATLANTA was sold by John Rudolph to Chicago Review Press in a World rights deal.

Ben Montgomery’s WOMAN WALKING was sold to Chicago Review Press in a World rights deal.

John Rudolph sold North American rights to Wayne Drash’s ON THESE COURTS to Touchstone.

Michael Bourret sold North American rights to Brodi Ashton’s NEVERFALL to Balzer & Bray.

Writer and editor at and Michelle Buffardi’s GREAT BALLS OF CHEESE was sold by Stacey Glick to Wiley in a World rights deal.

Jessica Papin sold World English rights to Valerie Trueblood’s SEARCH PARTY to Counterpoint.

VODKA: AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY by Victorino Matus was sold to Lyons in a World rights deal by Stacey Glick.

World English rights to Ramsey Hootman’s COURTING GRETA was sold by Jim McCarthy to Gallery.

US and Canadian rights to Prue Leith’s A SERVING OF SCANDAL and two as-yet-unnamed previously published titles went to Glenn Young Books.

Jessica Papin also sold World English rights to Clifton Crais’s HISTORY LESSONS: A FAMILY MEMOIR OF MADNESS, MEMORY, AND THE WONDERS OF THE BRAIN to Overlook.

MY LAST KISS by Beth Neal was sold to Farrar, Straus Children’s in a World English deal by Stacey Glick.

World rights to Joe Konrath and Ann Voss Peterson’s FLEE, SPREE, and THREE went to Thomas & Mercer.

John Rudolph sold World rights to James Grymes’s VIOLINS OF HOPE to Harper.

North American rights to Tracy Garvis Graves‘s ON THE ISLAND and COVET were sold to Dutton.

Allison Fishman’s LIGHTEN UP AMERICA! went to Time Home Entertainment in a World rights deal by Stacey Glick.

Michael Bourret sold World rights to author of the Wake series Lisa McMann’s CRASH in the Visions series to Simon Pulse.

Crown bought World rights to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Joseph Hallinan’s KIDDING OURSELVES.

Penguin Young Readers bought US, Canadian, and Open Market rights to Tammara Webber’s EASY and her as-yet-untitled follow up.


Colleen Hoover’s originally self-published ebooks SLAMMED and POINT OF RETREAT were sold in a World rights deal to Atria.

Jim McCarthy sold World rights to Jackson Pearce’s FROZEN to Little, Brown Young Readers.

Grove/Atlantic bought US, Canadian, and Open Market rights to Joanna Connors’s I WILL FIND YOU.

Author/illustrator Vern Kousky’s debut OTTO THE OWL was sold by John Rudolph to Nancy Paulsen Books in a North American deal.

Michael Bourret sold World rights to Erin Downing’s BEST FRIENDS FOREVER (OR UNTIL SOMEONE BETTER COMES ALONG) to Aladdin.

Robin Talley’s debut LIES WE TELL OURSELVES was sold by Jim McCarthy to Harlequin Teen in a World English deal.

Michael Bourret also sold North American rights to Emily Wing Smith’s PANDORA’S DOCKS and her as-yet-untitled memoir.

US, Canadian, and Open Market rights to journalist Mike Fleeman’s as-yet-untitled true crime on Russell Sneiderman sold to St. Martin’s Press.

Jim McCarthy also sold psychic Jackie Barrett’s THE HAUNTING OF THE GEMINI to Berkley in a World rights deal.

Stacey Glick sold World rights to Daniel Shumski’s WILL IT WAFFLE? to Workman.

Michael Bourret sold World rights to Louise Bonnett-Rampersaud’s next two as-yet-untitled books in The Secret Knock Club series to Amazon.

Jessica Papin sold World rights to Karen Amster Young and Pam Godwin’s 52 WEEKS to Skyhorse.

Montlake bought World rights (excluding Spain and Portugal) to Catherine Bybee’s first two books in her Weekday Brides series, WIFE BY WEDNESDAY and MARRIED BY MONDAY. World rights to her next two as-yet-untitled books in the Weekday Brides series also went to Montlake.

Judy Melinek and T.J. Mitchell’s WORKING STIFF: THE MAKING OF A MEDICAL EXAMINER…TWO YEARS, THREE DISASTERS, 247 AUTOPSIES, AND A NEW BABY was sold by Jessica Papin to Scribner in a World rights deal.

World rights to Tina Reber’s LOVE UNSCRIPTED and LOVE UNREHEARSED went to Atria.

Simon Pulse bought US, Canadian, and non exclusive Open Market English rights to Abbi Glines’s THE VINCENT BOYS and THE VINCENT BROTHERS.

US, Canadian, and Open Market rights to John Glatt’s as-yet-untitled true crime on Lois Goodman, the professional tennis referee, sold to St. Martin’s Press.

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