Newsletter 54: May 2012


When Diane Guerra‘s son Eric signed with the Marines during his senior year in high school, she didn’t speak to him for weeks. As a single mother, she had sacrificed for her son’s future, and he was giving it up to join the military. To her chagrin, he became a Marine infantryman who was deployed twice to Iraq. When the war began, she changed from a mother angry at her son’s choices to a mother who begged God: “Please don’t let him die.” During sleepless nights, she would go to the computer to Google “Marine + dead,” praying that she wouldn’t read about his unit. Desperate for a sense of him, she would drive his car around the neighborhood so she could soak in the smell of his cologne, cigarettes, and sweat. She raged when he called from the battle of Fallujah to ask her to send gloves for him and his buddies, who were sleeping in unheated houses. BRAVER THAN THEY KNOW is not a war story. It is instead a consideration of how a mother came to understand and eventually appreciate her son’s decisions as he grew from a defiant, undisciplined teenager into a mature, successful Marine corporal. The conflict and the journey are hers: a single mother who was compelled to accept that her view of her son’s success was not his view, nor could it be. Guerra’s piece in the “At War” blog of the New York Times, taken from this poignant memoir, elicited strong emotional responses, as doubtlessly will her book.

Kathy Harding was broken-hearted after she and the love of her life parted ways because he didn’t want children. In her early 40s and preparing adoption papers, Harding believed she was looking forward to single motherhood and that relationships would take a backseat, at least for a time. Then, a chance meeting with a visiting Kiwi, in town just long enough to build a boat, leads to the romance of a lifetime. Facing Chapter 11 proceedings that may send the Kiwi back across the Pacific and while Harding’s adoption gets fast tracked, they share a whirlwind two-week fling after which he heads off on an excursion. But, it seems, they are not meant to be apart. With astonishing speed, this Everywoman from Seattle and the explorer and adventurer from Down Under fall head over heels for each other, conceive a child, get married, and hit the road to track a penguin together. A thrilling memoir about all-consuming love, balancing your dreams, and following your heart, OFF THE MAP: MY LIFE WITH A KIWI EXPLORER, OR HOW I FINALLY GOT MARRIED, HAD A BABY, AND TRACKED A PENGUIN IN MY 40S promises to be a delicious, inspiring, real life fairy tale of love against the odds.

When his rakehell brother Tristan is found in a compromising position in a garden with Lady Elizabeth, the Duke of Pemberton’s daughter, Richard, the dashing Earl of Averston, must step in to salvage the family’s honor and avoid a scandal by offering to marry the young woman. Fancying herself in love with the charming but faithless Tristan, Elizabeth is horrified to think that she is now shackled to the imposing and unapproachable earl. Sure, he’s terribly handsome and seems unimpeachably kind, but how can she face a future as the Countess of Averston with a man who must hate her for forcing him into a loveless marriage. For his part, Richard has had to renege on his “understanding” with the beautiful Leticia Wentworth, to whom he’s been promised since they were children, in order to do his duty as head of the family, all because of a foolish chit’s infatuation with his irresponsible brother. Once married, however, Richard discovers that his shy wife is a more complicated and fascinating creature than he’d imagined, and Elizabeth finds herself conjuring up images of her true love and realizing that the face she sees is her husband’s, not Tristan’s. COURTING THE COUNTESS by Donna Hatch, award-winning author, sought-after speaker, and workshop presenter, is a heart-stopping romance with a most beguiling hero and heroine. It is the first novel of a planned trilogy featuring members of the Averston clan and it is a delicious read.

WARRIOR’S LAST DANCE is a collection of inspiring, non-fiction stories about real people who achieved a life goal shortly before they died. Motivated by Carlos Castaneda’s idea that death will wait for a warrior to have one final moment of glory, these tales are celebrations and will encourage people to live their lives so boldly that death will wait for them, too. From famous artists to average citizens, from historical figures to contemporary individuals, these warriors each fulfilled a dream just before passing away. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Warren Zevon fought off death long enough to complete his final, Grammy Award-winning album. Presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on July 4, 1826, living just long enough to witness the 50th anniversary of the country they helped create. Moments before his demise, lifelong Red Sox fan George Sumner watched his beloved team finally win the World Series. Mike Gandolfi is an Emmy, Peabody, and Golden Globe Award-winning television writer who has written for the popular shows Roseanne, Veronica’s Closet, and Dennis Miller Live. He also had a recurring role on Gilmore Girls. In addition, he has studied spirituality for years. He leads More Truth Will Set You Free workshops on behalf of his spiritual teacher, Derek O’Neill. His collection of stories is sure to embolden anyone to persevere, even in the face of death.

Twenty years after she was violently raped, Joanna Connors was a middle-aged mother, living in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, a woman who once was fearless, but now was afraid of just about everything. She barely left her house. She was a movie critic who had this problem: she was afraid of dark theaters. When at a screening alone, which happened fairly often in a one-newspaper town, she sat with all her muscles clenched, awaiting disaster. She organized her life to avoid risk. It was a panic attack that came on while visiting a college campus with her teenage daughter that finally forced Connors to confront what had happened. And to do so, she put her reporting skills to use and began to investigate the man who raped her two decades earlier. I WILL FIND YOU is a reported memoir that moves with the propulsive energy of a thriller, following a journalist as she investigates the biggest story of her life–her own rape. She considers the rape itself and how it was handled by police, prosecutors, the courts, and by her family and colleagues, and how the fear and shame she tried so hard to deny remained, casting its shadow over so much of her life. From there, her investigation leads her forward, to surprising discoveries, encounters with unforgettable characters, and, sometimes, into dangerous situations. Ultimately, I WILL FIND YOU is about reaching across the barriers of race and class to connect with people who would otherwise remain strangers, leading her to her rapist’s doorstep and a most unlikely friendship with his sister. This astonishing memoir is an act of bravery, a celebration of healing, and a thoroughly insightful consideration of violent crime, race, and the justice system.

Even as a little boy, William McKeen was usually the last in his house to go to sleep. Thursdays were especially hard, for some reason. Because of the tension inherent in sharing a room with his big brother–thirteen to McKeen’s seven–he was moved to a large storeroom by his frustrated parents. But despite having his own space (it even had a TV in it), he could never fall asleep on Thursdays. As he grew older, his inability to sleep graduated into full-fledged insomnia. As a father of seven, he found himself spending nights shuffling from room to room watching his family do what he couldn’t…sleep. Since what you can’t have often becomes the exact thing you most want, McKeen became somewhat obsessed with sleep. After undergoing sleep studies and investigating various sleep disorders, Bill began blogging about his experiences. He attracted a good amount of attention for doing so–perhaps unsurprising since 55% of Americans suffer (or have suffered) from some degree of insomnia. His latest book, appropriately titled SLEEP, will follow his personal journey through various sleep studies, utilizing his great skill as an investigative journalist to explore the psychology, physiology, and utter magnificence of the science of slumber.

Lili was twelve years old when she became a prisoner in Auschwitz. She had lost her parents and witnessed the execution of her grandparents at the hands of Nazi soldiers. She spent three years in the infamous concentration camp. Upon her liberation, there was only one place she wanted to go: America. Heidi was four when the war started. “We were poor,” she says, “We had no nice things.” One day, someone gave her a cute little cap. She loved it and wanted to wear it all the time. The cap made her a part of the Hitler Youth Movement. Sixty years later, Heidi–like Lili–calls herself an American. They have never met each other, and their childhoods were spent on opposite ends of history. How is it, then, that they now share a label, that they both call themselves proud members of the same nation? The morning of July 4th, 2011, Constantino Diaz-Duran set out on foot from his home in New York City, headed towards Los Angeles. Born in Guatemala, he is soon to follow in Lili and Heidi’s footsteps and become a naturalized American citizen. Before the ceremony, he wanted to meet as many of his future fellow citizens as he could. He wanted to explore the question of what it means to be an American in the 21st Century. He wanted to find what he shares with people like Lili, Heidi, and those whose ancestors got here on the Mayflower. WALK LIKE AN AMERICAN will tell the stories of the people Diaz-Duran meets as he walks from coast to coast, but more than that, it will tell the story of a country at a crossroads–a nation seeking unity at a time of increasingly divisive political rhetoric. The one percent dominates the airwaves–some occupying streets, others holding tea parties. But the real 99 percent is out there working, studying, raising children. They are the ones who make up the tapestry that is America.

Susan Loomis was always and never faithful in her marriage. She was faithful because she stuck with her husband. But she strayed because she was more deeply in love with food and France. Being married and being in love with a country and its food ways is like comparing apples with oranges. But, just as both fruits share certain traits, both loves were similar in their level of passion. One continued to grow while the other faltered, and that is why Loomis is now fifty-six years old, divorced, and living in that most loveable country. BURNT CARAMEL is the anticipated ninth book from Loomis, an award-winning author, professionally trained chef, and cooking-school proprietor. It is a funny and wise book about the pitfalls of being an expatriate–divorce à la française and the female role in the French legal system; being an expatriate single mother in France; the panic of learning how to keep warm in an old house; the vagaries of hiring French workmen; being an entrepreneur and working within (and without) the French “system.” A clear-eyed romance between woman and country, BURNT CARAMEL is warm, witty, and wise.

Why do we do the things we do? Non-human animal motivations come from instincts laid down in genes over the course of nearly four billion years of constant struggle for survival. And sure, we can see the similarities between wasps’ sexual fascination with orchids and men’s with two-dimensional women in magazines. And in something as complex as the organized behavior of ants we can see the rationale behind the movements of basketball teams. Deeper insights into human behaviors only require a little digging and the right set of lenses. From how smells drive human mating and sexual preference, from the genetics of racism to the biology of disgust, noted author and immunologist Gerald Callahan dissects the human behaviorome–that collection of old and archaic codes that–like the human genome–makes us all do that voodoo that we do so well. A fascinating peek under the hood of human behavior, Callahan’s latest title, THE HUMAN TAIL, is a funny, fresh, scientific consideration of exactly why we do every last dumb thing we do.

Play dumb. Be boring. Don’t solve problems. Respond with feeble weakness. And above all, don’t be yourself. These approaches are not what you’d expect to hear from a communication expert, but they are exactly what is needed to survive in today’s digital communication environment. In STOP TALKING, Geoffrey Tumlin, a communication researcher and business consultant, turns contemporary communication practice on its head. The digital age has inadvertently led us down a worrisome path where we are saying the polar opposite of what we should be saying (or typing) in an increasing number of important situations. Meaningful communication–the lifeblood of civilization and the backbone of successful work relationships–is at risk as the digital revolution facilitates an avalanche of quick, cheap, and easy communication that leads to bungled messages, communication inflation that cheapens our words, and strained work relationships. STOP TALKING draws on scholarly research from the fields of communication, psychology, and management, and combines scientific knowledge with realistic practice to deliver counterintuitive–but highly effective–communication strategies. (Please note, Jessica Papin is the agent on this project.)

Emily Morrison defies death threats and a letter bomb that maims her secretary, but that’s just the warm-up. The ambitious director of a medical research program, Emily undertakes a controversial drug study despite protests even from some within her own program. When the testing finally begins, a young coed suddenly dies after swallowing the experimental medication. Emily figures out what killed the girl–not the study drug, but DIFP, a toxic chemical from her lab. A diabetic, Emily discovers the same toxin in her insulin. Almost anyone could have put it there–her estranged husband who works nearby in the hospital, an angry colleague from her own department, or a graduate student being dismissed for cheating. But when police find a bottle of DIFP in Emily’s office, she quickly goes from victim to suspect. The police turn out to be the least of her worries when a professional hit man begins pursuing her, eliminating any barrier that stands in his way. Emily knows she must confront this killer on her terms, but she’ll have to do it without help, using only the element of surprise and medications to subdue her stalker. And that’s only her first step in getting to the truth. She needs to find out who hired the killer before someone else tries to finish what he started. OVERDOSE is an exciting new thriller from Glen Apseloff, a medical doctor and expert in drugs and toxins. (Please note, Michael Bourret is the agent on this project.)

Gabriella Giovanni’s big Italian-American family can’t understand why she chooses her adrenaline-pumping career as a San Francisco Bay Area newspaper reporter over being married with little bambinos running around. Gabriella spends her days on the crime beat flitting in and out of other people’s nightmares and then walking away unscathed. That’s because for twenty years Gabriella has avoided confronting her own dark childhood memories: her sister’s kidnapping and murder followed by her father’s sudden death three days later. That changes in an instant when a little girl disappears on the way to the school bus stop, and Gabriella’s quest for justice and a front-page story leads her to a convicted kidnapper who reels her in with tales of his exploits as a longtime serial killer and promises to reveal his secrets to her alone. Meanwhile, her passion for her job quickly spirals into obsession when she begins to suspect the kidnapper also killed her sister. When the biggest newspaper in town continues to scoop her on the story, Gabriella begins to believe the fate of her career and the mystery of what happened to her sister both lie in the hands of the kidnapper. When he is sprung from jail on a technicality, Gabriella risks her life to meet with him, hoping to find answers that will help her confront her past and heal her deep psychological wounds. Award-winning former journalist Kristi Belcamino‘s debut crime novel, BLESSED ARE THE DEAD, is an atmosphere-rich sojourn that has been compared to Sue Grafton and offers chilling, authentic glimpses into the mind of a psychopath while also mining the psyche of an extremely likeable and sympathetic protagonist. The novel was inspired by Belcamino’s dealings on her crime beat with a serial killer who police and FBI agents linked to the kidnapping and murders of at least two little girls. When the man died in prison two years ago, she was called for a comment. Belcamino’s personal past colors this smart, effective novel that showcases a strong new voice in the market. (Please note, Stacey Glick is the agent on this project.)

From birth, fraternal twins Judith and Joyce Scott lived as if they were one person in two bodies, understanding instinctively what the other wanted and felt, despite the fact that Judith had Down’s syndrome, profound deafness, and never learned to speak or sign. But this idyllic childhood of color, texture, and feeling ended abruptly when, at age 7, Judith was whisked from their shared bed while Joyce slept, not knowing that the wholeness they had known was being shattered. 50 years later, after spending most of her life in state institutions, Judith would be hailed as one of the most important artists of the 20th Century. ENTWINED: SECRETS FROM THE SILENT WORLD OF JUDITH SCOTT by Joyce Scott, Judith’s twin, takes us on a remarkable journey as Joyce and Judy separately navigate an emotional wilderness of loss and loneliness, until Joyce eventually gains legal custody of her sister at age 40 and enables her to discover her artistic gifts. With unflagging intensity, Judith worked 5 days a week for 18 years, producing over 200 cocoon-like sculptures which today are found in museums and private collections around the world. Judith died in her sister’s arms in March, 2005, having lived 49 years beyond her allotted span at birth, the last 18 in blissful, unrestrained creativity. ENTWINED is a penetrating personal narrative that explores with poetic insight a complex world of disability, loss, reunion, and the resiliency of the human spirit. It also highlights the deep connection that binds twins from birth, an undying love that time and distance cannot sever. It is a thought-provoking book with a compelling narrative that carries the reader through the full spectrum of human emotion, balancing heavy grief with light-hearted humor, hope, and inspiration. (Please note, Stacey Glick is the agent on this project.)

With the role of fathers having changed dramatically over the years and the number of stay-at-home dads increasing daily, there is a greater demand for books that speak to men about the ins and outs of childbirth and fatherhood. Who better to inform the dudes than Chris Pegula, America’s leading parenting expert for men? You’ve seen Chris’s Diaper Dude products in retail outlets such as Babies “R” Us and Buy Buy Baby and watched him on TV shows like Rachael Ray, Ellen, Nate Berkus Show, E! News, and The Oprah Winfrey Show (and soon on Brooke Burke’s, where he will be a video and blog contributor), but now it is time to meet the man behind the brand. His philosophy is simple: You do not have to lose your identity after you become a father. In DIAPER DUDE: A MODERN GUY’S GUIDE TO PREGNANCY, Pegula shares his thoughts on pregnancy, birthing, parenthood, and how it’s okay to be scared out of your mind. Yet unlike many books of this nature, Pegula will delve into the interpersonal side of parenting. DIAPER DUDE: A MODERN GUY’S GUIDE TO PREGNANCY will serve as a resource for couples to navigate through this magical yet stressful time and get closer in the process. Just as Pegula’s new take on fathering supplies created a new market, the expertise he has acquired designing for fathers–not to mention raising three kids–will fill a niche in the fatherhood book category. With the number of diaper dudes growing (70.1 million fathers in the U.S, many of whom have traded blazers for building blocks as stay-at-home dads) and books like What To Expect When You’re Expecting becoming major motion pictures, the timing couldn’t be better. (Please note, Stacey Glick is the agent on this project.)



Victoria Laurie‘s tenth Abby Cooper novel, LETHAL OUTLOOK, will be published in audio by Audible. Tantor will publish editions of Anne Stuart‘s ON THIN ICE and THE WICKED HOUSE OF ROHAN. Steven Raichlen‘s novel, ISLAND APART, went to AudioGO. Audible took the rights to ten Michael Prescott titles: DEADLY PURSUIT, BLIND PURSUIT, MORTAL PURSUIT, STEALING FACES, SHIVER, RIPTIDE, NEXT VICTIM, DANGEROUS GAMES, MORTAL FAULTS, and FINAL SINS. iDISORDER by Larry D. Rosen is being published by Tantor Media. Tantor is also releasing Amy Thomas‘s PARIS, MY SWEET. And Dan Fagin‘s TOMS RIVER went to Random House Audio.

Papierowy Ksiezyc took world Polish rights to Brodi Ashton‘s EVERNEATH trilogy. Dogan Egmont took the World Turkish rights to the first book in that series. World Greek rights to Reem Bassiouney‘s PROFESSOR HANAA went to Editions Papadopoulos. THE MAZE RUNNER by James Dashner will be published in Latvian by The White Book and Lithuanian by Media Incognito. Dashner’s THE KILL ORDER was sold to AST in a World Russian deal, and his THE DEATH CURE went to Jamsai in Thailand. LEONARDO’S LOST PRINCESS by Peter Silverman with Catherine Whitney will be published in Italian by Piemme and in French by Editions Telemaque. J.A. Konrath‘s ORIGIN will be published in Turkish by Arunas. Centrepolygraph took world Russian rights to BLACK CHALK by Christopher J. Yates. Jacqueline Carey‘s NAAMAH’S KISS is to be published in Italian by Nord. SAVING RACHEL by John Locke went to SC Editura Litera in Romania. David Morrell‘s THE NAKED EDGE sold in a Latvian deal to Kontinents. Arkadas took Turkish rights to Amy Plum‘s UNTIL I DIE. WIFE BY WEDNESDAY by Catherine Bybee will be published by Debolsillo in Spain and Bertrand in Portugal. The World Polish rights to Bethany Griffin‘s MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH and DANCE OF THE RED DEATH were sold to MAG. Judith Siegel‘s STOP OVERREACTING was the subject of a World Korean deal from Sigma Press. Richelle Mead‘s foreign deals included Estonian rights to SHADOW KISS to Eram; World Swedish mass market rights to the first three VAMPIRE ACADEMY books to Fenix; Slovakian rights to the same three books to Slovart; the first books in her BLOODLINES series to Bragelonne in France, Moon in the Netherlands, and Cia. da Letras in Brazil. Dioptra took World Greek rights to her LAST SACRIFICE; Domino will publish the Czech edition of THE GOLDEN LILY. BLOOD PROMISE Spanish rights are with Alfaguara; and Latvian rights to SHADOW KISS and BLOOD PROMISE went to Zvaigzne.



Harlequin Teen bought World rights to Michelle Rowen‘s sci-fi thriller COUNTDOWN from Jim McCarthy.

Amazon will be publishing Helen Bryan‘s novel WAR BRIDES.

Lauren Abramo sold World rights to Bailey Cunningham‘s urban fantasy trilogy PILE OF BONES, PATH OF FROST, and PRIZE OF NIGHT to Berkley.

Crown bought North American rights to Jessica Alexander‘s post-NGO life story WELCOME BACK TO CIVILIZATION!

Award-winning, bestselling cookbook author Alice Medrich‘s A NEW WAY TO BAKE went to Artisan in a World rights deal.

Jim McCarthy sold World English rights to Livia Blackburne‘s young adult debut MIDNIGHT THIEF to Hyperion.

ONE-DISH VEGAN by the prolific cookbook author Robin Robertson was sold to Harvard Common Press in a North American deal by Stacey Glick.

Stacey Glick also sold the World rights to Gaby Dalkin‘s cookbook ABSOLUTELY AVOCADO to Wiley.

Stephanie Kuehn‘s debut young adult novel CHARM & STRANGE was sold by Michael Bourret to St. Martin’s in a North American deal.

HOTHOUSE, a publishing history by Boris Kachka, went to Simon & Schuster in a World rights deal.

Stacey Glick sold Dave Lavinsky‘s START AT THE END: HOW TO RETHINK YOUR BUSINESS PLAN WHEN YOU’RE UP AND RUNNING in a World rights deal to Wiley.

Thomas and Mercer picked up World rights (excluding British Commonwealth and Canada) to David Hewson‘s CARNIVAL FOR THE DEAD from Stacey Glick.

Stacey Glick also sold Susan Beal‘s crafting guide SEWING BY THE SEASONS to Chronicle in a World rights deal.

EVEN IF IT HURTS, the third novel by Geoff Herbach, went to Sourcebooks in a World English deal done by Jim McCarthy.

Chicago Review Press picked up World rights to Debra Weyermann‘s investigation of Native American graves being plundered, THE GRAVE ROBBERS.

Jessica Papin sold THE MILLIONAIRE AND THE MUMMIES by John M. Adams to St. Martin’s Press in a North American deal.

Jim McCarthy sold World English rights to the young adult novel WILD by the pseudonymous Alex Mallory to HarperTeen.

World rights to neurologist James Fallon‘s investigative piece on THE SUCCESSFUL PSYCHOPATH went to Current.

Andrew Smith‘s latest novel for young adults, GRASSHOPPER JUNGLE, went to Dutton Children’s in a North American deal by Michael Bourret.

CUPCAKE ENVY by Amy Eilert was sold to Tuttle Publishing in a World rights deal by Stacey Glick.

Two romance novels by Anne Cleeland, kicking off with TAINTED ANGEL, were sold to Sourcebooks in a World English deal.

Michael Krondl‘s delicious book DONUTS was sold in a World rights deal to Chicago Review Press.

Josh Getlin’s historical consideration of George Moscone, OPEN YOUR GOLDEN GATE, was placed with University of California Press in a North American deal.

Amy Plum‘s next two young adult novels, including JUNEAU, went to HarperCollins Children’s in a World English sale completed by Stacey Glick.

Nancy Herkness‘s women’s fiction TAKE ME HOME went to Montlake in a World rights deal.

THE BIG LETDOWN by Kimberly Seals Allers went to St. Martin’s Press in a World rights deal by Stacey Glick.

John Rudolph sold THE REVELATION SAGA by Stephen L. Duncan to Medallion Press in a World rights deal.

Kim Haasarud‘s next two drinks books were sold in a World deal to Wiley by Michael Bourret. They are 101 SHOTS and 101 TROPICAL DRINKS.

AMERICAN WOMAN/AFGHAN MAN by feminist scholar Phyllis Chesler was sold to Palgrave in a World English deal.

DEFENDING YOUR CASTLE by William Gurstelle was sold to Chicago Review Press in a World English deal.

Bestselling romance author Anne Stuart‘s next three books beginning with AFTER THE STORM were sold to Montlake in a World rights deal.

WHEN THE WAR BEGAN by Michael Wolraich was sold to Palgrave in a World English deal.

Gae Polisner‘s second young adult novel FRANKIE SKY was sold to Algonquin in a World rights deal by Jim McCarthy.


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