Newsletter 48: May 2010


In the summer of 2000, Dick Cheney reached an understanding with the man who would be our 43rd President. When offered the Vice Presidency by George W. Bush it was agreed that his role would not be like that of any prior VP. And by all accounts, it was not. With the reins given, Cheney managed to stage the first significant coup in the history of the American government, circumventing its constitution’s seemingly airtight procedures of succession. His hidden expansion of the power of the executive branch and his own power through evasion of the constitutional checks and balances allowed him to emerge toward the end of the first term of the Bush Administration as the most powerful Vice President in the country’s history. He was chief executive, if not in title, then in fact. Brandishing fear and intimidation as his weapons, he advanced step by step, bit of disinformation by bit, to take the nation and Britain and a coalition of, for the most part, very small nations, to war. CHENEY’S WAR CRIMES by veteran Times reporter and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Holcomb B. Noble will be the hard-hitting indictment of Dick Cheney that the American political and criminal system has failed to bring. Containing important new material on how Cheney seized control of principal elements of the United States government – its foreign policy, its military policy and its national security – this damning journalistic investigation into the most elusive Svengali of our time will unearth the considerable threats he has posed to the most sacred institution and very foundation of this country, our constitutional democracy.

When Mardi Link finally told her pot-smoking, layabout husband of two decades to get out of the house, he left, but he sure didn’t go far. “Mr. Wonderful,” as Mardi’s girlfriends had nicknamed him, moved into a rented house directly across the street, leaving her to raise their three sons alone, despite his close proximity. Having given up her career as a newspaper reporter and magazine editor to stay home with their boys, Mardi was an unemployed stay-at-home mother in a remote part of northern Michigan, trying her hand at hobby farming when she divorced. Determined to hold on to the only home her children had ever known – a drafty, century-old farmhouse on six acres – the one time “hobby” farm now had to feed a family of four and sustain twelve chickens, one rooster, two horses, two dogs, two cats, and one piglet. One of Michigan’s notorious winters was bearing down on them, there was an impending bank foreclosure on the farm, and Mardi was beginning to worry about their mortal and, yes, heathen souls. How was she ever going to keep the four of them warm, stave off the bank, feed their bodies and their souls all alone? Not by getting a job – Michigan had 18% unemployment. Not by telling her rich parents that she now had to return soda cans for grocery money; they would never understand. The family would do it by working together. BOOTSTRAPPER is an inspiring, poignant, and laugh-out-loud funny memoir about chicken wrangling, church shopping, zucchini farming, and family. Mardi met Mr. Wonderful when she was only 19; more than two decades later, as an adult single woman, she wasn’t looking for that one good man, but rather trying to raise three good men. Her personal story of financial hardship and triumph is tightly wrapped within America’s own economic meltdown. With the help of a pellet gun, an axe, a stolen disco ball, and a Christmas dinner of hot dogs roasted on a campfire in their own woods, she tells the heartfelt story of one plucky heroine, her equally heroic sons and their sheer nerve and determination to make it through thick and thin.

When Katherine Friedman Holland‘s sister Andrea was born, her parents were told that the best thing for the baby, and for them, was to institutionalize the child and, as they put it, go on with their lives. They were being given a free pass, the permission from countless doctors and specialists to unburden themselves. They could move on from this ‘mistake’ without looking back. But 40 years ago, during a time where the word “Mongoloid” was still used to describe Down Syndrome babies, the literature, support systems, research and education about disabilities simply did not exist the way it does today. The choice Katherine’s parents made was to embark into unknown territory. Would Andrea be able to have a conversation? To walk? To dress herself? They did not have the answers to these questions, but they were determined that their daughter would live at home. A POSSIBLE DREAM chronicles the years from Andrea’s diagnosis to her life today as a working television actress who lives alone in her own apartment, drives a car, travels worldwide as a motivational speaker, and recently generated a small firestorm in the news and on the internet by taking on former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin for criticism of an episode of Family Guy that she participated in. An inspiring story of a life lived to its fullest, A POSSIBLE DREAM is a heartwarming account of family ties and what we’re all capable of if we believe in ourselves and are believed in.

American students are traveling abroad in record numbers, with a 150% increase in the last decade. Unfortunately, the incidence of tragedy has increased just as rapidly. No one knows the statistics more than Beth Holloway, the mother whose worst nightmare came true when her daughter Natalee was abducted on a high school trip to Aruba. In THE INTEL FILES: THE ULTIMATE STUDENT TRAVEL SURVIVAL GUIDE…FROM THE EXPERTS, Ms. Holloway, with former FBI and DEA agents from the security powerhouse Investigative Management Group, will teach families and students how to approach every travel scenario like a special op: to prepare for and prevent danger armed with knowledge – and to react like a professional if the worst happens. They will offer advice on topics from avoiding financially motivated crime to how to react in crisis situations like arrest, terrorism and natural disaster. An A-Z appendix provides a safety analysis for each of the one hundred most visited countries, with location-specific details on known risks, criminal and terrorist threat levels, health warnings, cultural practices, local 911 equivalents and more. Written with Rebecca Morse, THE INTEL FILES includes personal tips from government officials, security experts, and professional explorers. With the ultimate advice from the experts, this is an invaluable and essential guide to making every trip a safe one – and will bring the fun, adventure and discovery back to student travel.

The first American-born canonized saint in the Catholic Church was a rather unlikely one; Elizabeth Seton began life as an Episcopalian, after all. An authentic WASP, she lived down the block from Alexander Hamilton and danced at George Washington’s 65th Birthday Ball wearing cream silk slippers. After a trip to Italy at the age of 27, Elizabeth came to believe that Catholicism was her way to God and converted, but in those early days of the United States, Catholics were shunned. It was then that people talked of burning down her house. Nevertheless, her conscience told her to pioneer her own trail. After all, the Seton family motto from its 12th century coat of arms was, “At Whatever Risk, Yet Go Forward.” So she did. In SECRET SOUL: HOW ELIZABETH SETON SHAPED A NEW WORLD FOR AMERICAN WOMEN, Joan Barthel will explore the fascinating life of an unlikely saint who founded the first order of active nuns in this country. An independent-minded and spirited woman, Seton unselfconsciously embodied many roles: She was rich, poor, an aristocrat, an outcast, a wife, a mother (a working mother), a widow, a single parent of five children, a Protestant, a Catholic, an almost-accidental nun and a feminist at a time when the word was unknown. In an era when women’s rhetoric was passive and restrained, she wrote with feeling, humor and candor. SECRET SOUL is the riveting biography of this exceptional heroine who lay down a path for faith-centered feminism, and how that continues to affect us to this very day.

In early 2005, English sailor Steve White set his sights on the 2008 Vendee Globe, competitive sailing’s most grueling and dangerous race. The Vendee challenges competitors to singlehandedly pilot their 60-foot boats round the world with no help and no stops. But White’s epic struggle began long before he joined the boats gathered in the French port of Les Sables D’Olonne. Struggling to raise the funds he’d need for the months-long race, he watched with increasing frustration as one potential sponsor after another committed and then dropped out. Ultimately, he set sail for the Vendee’s starting line with the fading hope that funding would appear; his boat, his home and his professional future were all on the line. An eleventh-hour backer allowed him to compete, but the amount was so miniscule that White would be racing with a budget less than what other boats were spending on provisions and supplies. And for all that, the real challenge was yet to come. In HARD TO THE WIND: THE INSPIRING STORY OF A SAILOR WHO RISKED EVERYTHING TO TRIUMPH OVER SAILING’S MOST DANGEROUS RACE, writer Chris Peterson chronicles White’s effort to conquer the Vendee and the overwhelming ordeals he endured along the way. Having weathered the exhausting drama of simply getting to the starting line, White would need every ounce of his indomitable resolve and ingenuity to make it through the race itself. HARD TO THE WIND will describe his grueling voyage through the most savage and unpredictable waters on the planet. Contending with cockpit fires, injury, near-complete equipment failure and damage to almost every part of his aged vessel, Steve’s remarkable story will show how, against all odds, he crossed the finish line in a triumph of pure will, an underdog who simply refused to quit.

Between now and 2030, the population of 65-or-older Americans is projected to grow by almost 90 percent, more than four times as fast as the population as a whole. At the same time, budget-strapped states are cutting away at Medicaid, which pays for two out of three nursing home residents. Now states are making it possible for the elderly to forgo the nursing home as a final destination and, instead, “age in place” in their own house or in a community home. This change, a radical rewriting of the prescription for America’s frail elderly population, is saving millions in Medicaid expenditures, but raises other issues about quality of care. In HOMESTRETCH, A COMING OF AGE FOR AMERICA’S NURSING HOMES, John Coston, an author and veteran reporter with more than 25 years experience as a news editor on the national and foreign desks at the Wall Street Journal, will reveal the changes in the wind that will impact millions of aging Baby Boomers. Exploring hot-button issues on the nursing home front today and the philosophical overhaul of life’s last stretch, he’ll introduce new ideas and forward-thinking alternatives in an industry that is adjusting to the rapidly growing population of our older loved ones.

In December 1974, a thirty-five-year-old attorney met with the Chief Justice of the United States at Dolley Madison’s home, a block from the White House, to try to show how the Supreme Court could benefit from the computer magic he was about to demonstrate. Robert L. Brinton had twenty minutes to introduce Warren Burger to Lexis, the first online, real-time, interactive search engine powerful enough to navigate an ocean of words – the vast literature that defines American law. Not only did his career depend on his success, but the future of one of the boldest bets on computer technology ever made hung in the balance. More than an hour later, an assistant entered the conference room with a message from the U.S. Attorney General. “The Attorney General will have to wait,” Burger responded. “I am seeing the future of legal practice in the United States, and I don’t wish to be interrupted.” SEARCHING EVERY WORD: LEXIS-NEXIS AND HOW COMPUTERS TRANSFORMED THE PRACTICE OF LAW tells the story of the invention of the world’s first dynamic, full-text search engine. Written with renowned researcher Will Bagley, a 2009 Yale Fellow in American History, this innovative and surprising high-tech adventure describes how LexisNexis struggled against primitive but enormously expensive digital hardware, arcane and virtually unusable software, and confident predictions that lawyers would never use computers. SEARCHING EVERY WORD is the sprawling and fascinating story of what drove an astonishing band of corporate titans, elite lawyers and legal scholars, technical wizards, pulp-fiction writers and some of the smartest attorneys of the twentieth century to invent the revolutionary software that forever changed the way American attorneys practice law.

Every notion matchmaker Nicolette Michelle ever had about love was blown out the window when she started taking on wealthy titans who were willing to pay a hundred thousand dollars to find their soul mate. Like a modern day Margaret Mead, she became a singles anthropologist, coaching her clients through the strange – and often disturbing – habits of the 21st century dater. MANUFACTURING LOVE: A MATCHMAKER’S TALE is an enthralling and voyeuristic look into the real life experiences as a matchmaker for the rich and desperate at one of the country’s leading dating agencies. Offering an intimate glimpse into the agency’s Golden Database, she includes profiles of celebrities, dignitaries, and industry giants with cash to burn and exposes the dating secrets of a multimillion dollar industry built on the hope of finding “The One.” Throughout this adventure, Nicolette imparts nuggets of wisdom she’s learned along the way to discovering love herself. Part tell-all, part journey of self-discovery, this glimpse behind the curtain will reveal what it’s like to hold people’s romantic lives like pawns in your hand and what happens when love calls checkmate when you least expect it.

Ken Baum originally developed his time-tested technique “The Mental Edge” 25 years ago for world class athletes. His unique process teaches its followers that the mind is either your key to success or your lock on failure. Now, after two and a half decades of putting his methods to the test with the world’s best athletes, he has reshaped his expertise for a corporate audience. Baum believes that anyone can overcome a fear of public speaking, cold calling or starting their own business, or go from passive to more effective, but how does one make this change when it’s not in his or her natural personality? How do you lead when you don’t feel like a leader? MIND OVER BUSINESS, written with best-selling business co-author Bob Andelman, gives men and women the tools they need to change their minds and develop the skills they lack in order to succeed. The heart of this book relies upon sound, life-changing mental training that will allow readers to alter their thoughts in order to create their desired outcomes. A comprehensive, surefire guide to success, Baum will once again demonstrates that when your mentality and attitude changes the results simply follow.

As a lawyer, reporter and award-winning historian, Suzanne Evans was always searching for creative new ways to share her enthusiasm for American history with her children. One day, while trying to teach them the names of each president in chronological order she was struck by an epiphany – one that seemed fun and would allow her to delve into a beloved subject from a different perspective. She quickly buckled down and set off on an exciting new path of historical and culinary detective work. The result is Dr. Evans’ meticulously researched THE PRESIDENTS’ FAVORITE FOODS COOKBOOK: QUICK AND EASY RECIPES FROM GEORGE WASHINGTON TO PRESENT DAY. Consisting of 150 authentic and adapted presidential recipes and dozens of lively asides, historic portraits, photographs, and fun presidential food facts, from the history of Macaroni and Cheese at the White House (Thomas Jefferson’s favorite) to FDR’s “Royal Hot Dog” diplomatic fiasco, this unique, accessible and engaging overview of the presidents’ favorite foods will fascinate home cooks, professional chefs, and anyone interested in cooking, the history of food, and the hidden culinary history of the American presidency.

In Karyn Colfer‘s world, one of the newest pop-culture sensations meets one of the oldest afflictions in medical history. Her 19-year-old son Chris stars in the hit series Glee, a comedy playing out on television. Her 14-year-old daughter Hannah suffers from epilepsy, a tragedy playing out in real life. Until age two, Hannah showed signs of being intellectually gifted – until she suddenly began slipping into staring spells. Since then she’s been experiencing an average of fifty seizures per hour. The threat of a fatal seizure hangs like a sword over her and her family every day. As reported on 60 Minutes, there are more people living with epilepsy than with Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy combined; the disease claims as many lives as breast cancer, yet receives barely a fifth of the funding. For years Karyn fought off feelings of bitterness – she knew her bright little girl would never be able to go out on dates, or get a driver’s license, or live on her own. Was Karyn going to let her situation crush her spirit, or was she going to work tirelessly to create the best possible life she could for both her son and her daughter? It was fight or flight; Karyn chose to fight. Co-written by author Paul Levesque, whose personal bond with the Colfer family gives him unique access to even the most intimate aspects of their singular story, SEIZING EVERY DAY recounts an incessant battle between a medical establishment that insists there’s no real hope for people in Hannah’s situation, and a pair of iron-willed parents who refuse to take no for an answer. Its inspiring message of hope and tenacity will appeal to all who, despite daunting adversity in their own lives, remain determined to seize every day. (Please note: this project is represented by Stacey Glick.)

The rules of the game have changed, and communications professionals need to change with them. Operating in a BUZZ 2.0 world means more than just knowing how to send messages using the Internet. It means fully understanding the newfound multiplying power of the recipients of those messages and using the tools provided to craft messages that aren’t just read, but spread. In particular, maximizing BUZZ 2.0 potential means delivering messages to individuals in a manner that makes it as easy as possible to share them with others. Television, radio, print and other traditional mediums certainly are still critical, but the online medium enables far easier viral spreading, not to mention far more targeted marketing. It means that a properly crafted, compelling message to 100,000 people can easily reach millions.These days, even though communications professionals know that the internet has power, they don’t know how to harness it. They try to apply the techniques of traditional marketing and publicity in a medium that calls for a different strategy. “Buzz Czar” John Hlinko‘s BUZZ 2.0 will be the eye-opening training guide for the communications professional, marketing/PR expert, and a world of individuals (including authors!) who need to promote themselves and their personal brand. John is a social media consultant working with PR firms, Fortune 500 companies, and national advocacy organizations. He also helped to lead in its early days, founded (one of the most successful grassroots movements in American political history), and has received numerous awards and recognitions, including being named one of PR Week‘s top five PR Professionals of the year. (Please note: this project is represented by Lauren E. Abramo.)


WHY SMART PEOPLE MAKE BIG MONEY MISTAKES by Gary Belsky and Thomas Gilovich will be published in Italy by Etas; complex Chinese rights went to Heliopolis Culture Group; Helion took Polish rights and Nonfun will publish the book in Russian. German publisher Heyne will publish Jack Kilborn‘s AFRAID. Complex Chinese rights to Dominique Lapierre‘s A RAINBOW IN THE NIGHT sold to China Friendship Publishing. Richelle Mead‘s VAMPIRE ACADEMY and FROSTBITE will be published by Alma Littera in Lithuania; Eram will publish the Estonian edition of the books and Znanje will publish the books in Croatia. Bulgarian publisher IBIS bought rights to BLOOD PROMISE, SPIRIT BOUND and LAST SACRIFICE, books four through six in Mead‘s Vampire Academy series. Books four and five went to Polish publisher Nasza Ksiegarnia. Mladinska Knjiga took rights to BLOOD PROMISE for publication in Slovenia. Thai rights to RAZIEL by Kristina Douglas were purchased by Amarin. KUSHIEL’S CHOSEN by Jacqueline Carey will be published by Triton in the Czech Republic. Nord will publish another book in the series, KUSHIEL’S JUSTICE, in Italian. Amy Huntington‘s Sleepwalking trilogy was purchased by Loewe in a world German rights deal. The first book in the series will be published by Cappelen Damm in Norway; Bayard purchased French language rights to the book; Russian rights were bought by Eksmo and Turkish rights went to Arkadas. I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING by Lillian Glass went to Zavod for publication in Serbia and Montenegro. Polish rights to James Dashner‘s Maze Runner trilogy were purchased by Papierowy Ksiezyc; Pegasus will publish all three novels in Turkey. ZEN AND THE ART OF POKER by Larry Phillips will be published in the Netherlands by Gottmer. Heather Brewer‘s five book series The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod was purchased by Razorbill UK and Puffin Australia in a UK & Commonwealth deal. Italian rights to MARRYING GEORGE CLOONEY by Amy Ferris went to Rizzoli. Ebury purchased UK & Commonwealth rights to Jeff Hertzberg and Zoë François‘s ARTISAN BREAD IN FIVE MINUTES A DAY and HEALTHY BREAD IN FIVE MINUTES A DAY.

Audible will publish the audio editions of Pat Brown‘s THE PROFILER and Colin Broderick‘s memoir ORANGUTAN. Audio rights to EIGHT TO FIVE, AGAINST by Mary Doria Russell were purchased by Random House Audio.


World rights to LEAVING MUNDANIA by Lizzie Stark sold to Cynthia Sherry at Chicago Review Press.

Michael Bourret sold the next two books in Dale Basye‘s Heck series to Diane Landolf at Random House Children’s Books in a World rights deal.

Allison Fishman‘s HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO sold to Justin Schwartz at Wiley by Stacey Glick in a World rights deal.

Michael Bourret sold World rights to MONKEY SEE, MONKEY ZOO by Erin Soderberg to Michelle Nagler at Bloomsbury Children’s.

World English rights to LIVING BACKWARD by Cyn Balog sold by Jim McCarthy went to Stephanie Lane at Delacorte.

World rights to FALSE PROFITS by Bill Duggan and Trevor Harris sold to Myles Thompson at Columbia University Press by Michael Bourret.

Suzanne Young‘s A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL sold to Donna Bray at Balzer and Bray by Jim McCarthy in a two book World English deal.

North American rights to Diane Fanning‘s latest true crime on the Raynella Dossett Leath murder case went to Charles Spicer at St. Martin’s Press.

NIXON’S GREATEST SECRETS by Don Fulsom sold to Tom Dunne at Thomas Dunne Books in a North American rights deal.

Robert Pigeon at Da Capo Press purchased World rights to Alice Feiring‘s NAKED WINE.

THE LAST BOYS PICKED by Janet Edgette and Beth Margolis-Rupp went to Denise Silvestro at Berkley in a World rights deal by Chasya Milgrom.

Michael Farr‘s THE ARROGANCE CYCLE was sold to Janice Goldklang at Globe Pequot. The author retains British and translation rights.

Daniel Ehrenhaft at Sourcebooks purchased North American rights to Geoff Herbach‘s STUPID FAST from Jim McCarthy.

The latest as-yet-untitled true crime by Michele McPhee was purchased by Charles Spicer at St. Martin’s Press in a North American rights deal.

Michael Bourret sold World rights to THE BIG SPACE BOOK by Jim Bell to Melanie Madden at Sterling Publishing.

Erin Downing‘s ECLIPSED sold to Ari Lewin at Disney Hyperion in a two-book deal by Michael Bourret. The author retains British and translation rights.

World rights to Anne Stuart‘s prequel to the House of Rohan series went to Adam Wilson at Mira Books.

Tracy Behar at Little, Brown purchased HELP! FOR WRITERS by Roy Peter Clark in a World rights deal.

Elena Azzoni‘s A YEAR STRAIGHT went to Krista Lyons-Gould at Seal Press. The author retains British and translation rights.

World rights to Jackie Newgent‘s 1,000 LOW-CALORIE RECIPES sold by Michael Bourret to Linda Ingroia at John Wiley & Sons.

DETROIT: A BIOGRAPHY by Scott Martelle went to Jerome Pohlen at Chicago Review Press in a World rights deal.

World rights to Marci Alborghetti‘s THREE KINGS DAY sold to Andrew Attaway at Guideposts by Michael Bourret.

FUNNY IS MONEY by DB Gilles sold to Michael Lewis at Michael Wiese Productions in a World rights deal by Michael Bourret.

Lorene Cary‘s IF SONS, THEN HEIRS sold to Malaika Adero at Atria. The author retains translation rights.

Charles Spicer at St. Martin’s Press purchased North American rights to Carlton’s Smith‘s as-yet-untitled true crime on the Stephanie Lazarus murder case.

NO SURRENDER: THE RISE AND FALL OF FORD MOTOR COMPANY by Bryce Hoffman went to Roger Scholl at Broadway Business in a World rights deal.

Michael Bourret sold World English rights to EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS by A.S. King to Andrea Spooner at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

North American rights to THE LOST PRINCESS by Peter Silverman with Catherine Whitney sold to Stephen Power at John Wiley & Sons.

North American rights to DADDY’S LITTLE GOALIE by Robert Strauss went to Chris Schillig at Andrews McMeel.

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