Newsletter 40: September 2007


Between them, Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore have received Emmy nominations, People’s Choice Awards and International Film Festival awards for their work as actors, playwrights, producers, and writers for film and television.

Now, they’ve teamed up for the uproariously funny, poignant and romantic YOU’VE GOT HATE MAIL.

In the age of Instant Messaging, a slip of the key can be more devastating than any slip of the tongue ever was. So Richard Winters discovers when he accidentally IMs his wife while making a date to meet his mistress for an afternoon quickie. Stephanie, his beautiful, naïve wife who is just getting the hang of this whole new form of communication, doesn’t understand what’s going on, but her acerbic, hostile friend, Peg, does. While Stephanie is willing to give Richard the benefit of the doubt–after all, confusing messages are coming at her all the time on the Internet, a lot of them involving penis enlargement–Peg knows that her friend is the unwitting victim of a scumbag husband who’s been cheating on her for years.

Like an electronic age When Harry Met Sally, YOU’VE GOT HATE MAIL is a laugh-out-loud comedy of manners told through a series of IM exchanges that are alternately cringe-worthy (who hasn’t sent an embarrassing e-mail to the wrong person?) and full of witty insights into modern relationships

YOU’VE GOT HATE MAIL is a delightful, positively unputdownable read. Will Stephanie and Richard be able to save their marriage without bloodshed? Will Peg ever get a date? Will Richard’s sweet, gentle buddy, George (a goldfish in a world of sharks), find true love? Will Wanda, the office skank, ever stop dating married guys? You’ve got to read the novel to find out.


Eric Nuzum is both an award-winning journalist and a ginormous wuss. Professionally, he’s a skeptic, needing things to be proven over and over before he believes them to be true. That aside, he is really, really scared of ghosts. Maybe that’s an understatement. He is to “scared of ghosts” what LeBron James is to “competent at athletics.” Now it’s time for him to try to introduce his skepticism to his fear in BOO: A GHOST STORY ABOUT FRIENDSHIP, THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH, THE DOWNSIDE OF RECREATIONAL DRUG USE, GUILT, PUNISHMENT, A LITTLE GIRL IN A BLUE DRESS, FINDING AND LOSING TRUE LOVE, AND ONE IRRATIONAL FEAR. Journeying to some of the most frightening haunted places he can find in order to, basically, see what happens, Eric will take along a collection of colorful experts and friends to locations like Rose Hall in Jamaica, the Whaley House in San Diego, the West Virginia State Penitentiary, the infamous Clinton Road in Newark, New Jersey, the Gettysburg battlefield, and several others. He’ll unfold his personal story for readers–the ways in which his fear of ghosts can be traced back to a time during which he was combating tremendous personal demons–weaving it in with other narrative explorations of history, popular culture, and spirituality. Then he’ll spend an evening with a guy who thinks his wife’s vagina is haunted…which should put everything back into perspective.

Weight loss manuals are not exactly rare…but popular diet books designed and written by registered dietitians are all but invisible. Though some of the most successful titles have helped people drop pounds by cobbling together a plan based on their authors’ own experiences and beliefs, none of them encompass the full knowledge base necessary to develop an effective—and healthy—program. THE JOY BAUER WEIGHT LOSS PLAN builds upon the advice acclaimed nutritionist and Today show regular Joy Bauer offered in the #1 New York Times bestseller Joy Bauer’s Food Cures. This new book is fine-tuned to clearly delineate the four specific dieting stages, and expanded to include more detailed information about…well, everything. In it, Joy ups the accessibility by providing quizzes and checklists that guide readers to appropriate actions, and creates meal plans for more than three full months of diet and maintenance eating.  THE JOY BAUER WEIGHT LOSS PLAN is a natural and necessary addition to the diet book library. This is a program that true health experts and organizations will feel good about recommending. Joy specializes in motivating people to achieve their goals by giving them honest information, and encouraging them to seek out the variations that work best for them. The Plan worked for thousands of Joy’s clients, men and women who have collectively lost more than 100,000 pounds—that’s the heft equivalent of the population of a small town! Now is the time to roll out the full program. Joy won’t be satisfied until she helps strip off 1,000,000 unwanted pounds. It’s entirely possible.

At the opening of ABSOLUTION, Adam Hurtubise‘s powerful thriller, former state police lieutenant Nelson Ramsey, a veteran homicide investigator and executive security specialist, is alternately dodging and praying for death in Sing Sing where he’s locked up after killing a suspect during an interrogation. The fact that the suspect was a child rapist and serial killer earned Ramsey the respect of his law enforcement colleagues, but his actions got him a 10-year sentence. When the Vice President of the United States is found dead during the annual hunting trip organized by the governor of New York (Ramsey’s former boss), Ramsey is asked to secretly and quickly conduct his own investigation of this mysterious death. He is freed in the custody of correctional officer Tyler Bird and given a timeline in which to figure out if what appears to be an unfortunate hunting accident is really cold-blooded murder. The evidence Ramsey uncovers will put him and Byrd in mortal danger and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel–just the prison hell he wants so desperately to escape. With echoes of The Fugitive and Absolute Power, ABSOLUTION is a taut, darkly compelling novel with an unforgettable hero.

Women tend to think their problems are unique, specific, unsolvable, and quite often embarrassing. But after fielding thousands of women’s health questions during her career, Dr. Marie Savard can safely say that she has heard them all at least twice. Women are more homogenous in their concerns than they think. Sure, the details change, but women all over the world share more health commonalities than might be immediately obvious. Marie has had nuns, stay-at-home moms, and corporate CEOs ask the same question about vaginal discharge, and each thought she was the only one in the world to experience the problem. What would you ask if your best friend was also a physician? What might your mother ask, if she had the nerve? The answers in CONVERSATIONS WITH YOUR VAGINA reveal that there are no off-limits questions, no dark secrets of womanhood. In it, Marie, with Carol Svec, will talk with women directly and honestly, but with the compassion and understanding that comes from more than 30 years of treating health problems. Marie’s ultimate goals are to inspire each woman to take the specific action that makes sense for her, and to show that whatever questions she has, she is not alone. CONVERSATIONS WITH YOUR VAGINA: EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX, LIBIDO, HORMONES, AND OTHER MEDICAL FACTS OF LIFE is an invaluable resource for women of all ages and all backgrounds written by an exceptional doctor with equal parts compassion and experience.

On January 1, 2010, America’s first Baby Boomers will turn 64. Just as they reinvented the teen years with the Beatles and Rolling Stone, just as they reinvented parenthood with daycare and What to Expect…, just as they reinvented middle age with botox and tummy tucks, so they are on the verge of reinventing the very meaning and language surrounding What Was Formerly Known As Old Age. But how to get through it? WHEN YOU’RE 64: THE GET-REAL HEALTH GUIDE FOR BABY BOOMERS by Dan Hurley seeks to fill the niche for aging Boomers that What to Expect When You’re Expecting fills for parents-to-be. Rather than pandering with inspirational puffery that makes out aging to be entirely preventable, WHEN YOU’RE 64 will deliver frank, bracing advice about not only forestalling the diseases of aging, but dealing with them when they do arrive. The truth is, the power of modern medicine to detect, delay, and cure (or at least ameliorate) the diseases of aging is fairly awesome–but only if you know enough to make use of it. Hurley is a noted health journalist and frequent contributor to the New York Times Science section whose latest will be the must-own, comprehensive guide to living well in the new old age.

Rae Francoeur is a 58-year-old woman experiencing the kind of sexual awakening that one might think is the province of lovelorn teenagers or twentysomethings. In fact, she is a firm boss, a single mother, an accomplished writer and a disciplined runner. She is also sexually in thrall to J., her 67-year-old lover, who takes her on the erotic journey of her life. FREE FALL is a memoir and a meditation. After an 18-year relationship that had left her feeling empty and lackluster, R. is shocked at the fierceness of her feelings for the dashing, independent, uncompromising J. When they come together in a mature, explosive sexual exploration R. is finally able to face lifelong anxieties about identity, creativity, gender roles, dependence, vulnerability and aging. Ultimately, the book is an ode to love, to life, to physicality and, yes, to sex. It is about physical reawakening and about spiritual transformation. It is sexy, funny, intense, titillating, provocative, new and different. And, it is a gorgeously written manifesto that says that age is no impediment to romance and wild, unabashed lust.

They suck: the SATs, PSATs, LSATs, MCATs, all of them. They’re sterile, humorless and obviously written by people with gigantic rods up their butts. That’s all about to change. Say hello to the BSAT, the test-with-a-twist, a subversive parody of the exams we love to hate. The BSAT heralds fake tests, a fresh new genre of humor, the Colbert Report of standardized tests. Featured are real problems with real answers, but run through a warped comedic meat-grinder. Transgressive, hot-button topics are worked into disturbed Math problems, sick Analogies and appalling Reading Comprehension passages. The answer keys are as inappropriate as the questions. Every year more than two million kids spend countless anxious hours preparing for the SATs alone. Along with five million more already in college, these stressed-out young people (and their perhaps even more stressed out parents) are hungering for the BSAT. And relief is just one perverted sentence completion away! John Forster is an award-winning humorist and songwriter. Marc Segan is an inventor who has created hundreds of toys and commercial products. They have combined their wit and wisdom to create THE OFFICIAL BSAT STUDY GUIDE. Standardized testing may never be the same again.

THE LOST JOURNALS OF SYLVIA PLATH is set in the frozen wasteland of Midwestern academia. Wilson A. Lavender, father of three, instructor of women’s studies, and self-proclaimed genius, is beginning to think he knows nothing about women. He spends much of his time in his office not working on his dissertation, a creative piece titled The Lost Journals of Sylvia Plath. A sober alcoholic, he also spends a lot of his time not drinking. Wilson’s wife, Kate, is an anxious hippie and recent Ph.D. with no plans other than to read People magazine, eat chocolate, and seduce her young neighbor. Kate is intelligent, funny, and disturbed. Her husband’s “tortured genius” exhausts and amuses her. The Lavenders’ stagnant world is roiled when Katie’s pregnant sister, January, moves in. January is obsessed with her lost love and determined to reconnect with her glittery past, but her presence in the Lavender household will disrupt Katie and Wilson’s existence and make them reexamine their lives and relationship. With this debut, Kimberly Knutson, graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, has crafted a riveting, surprising, and beautiful work that is equal parts humor and heartbreak. It is an auspicious literary debut.

ONE NIGHTSTAND documents Carrie Stewart‘s search for love. Okay, no, scratch that B.S. It is a book about Carrie’s difficulty finding love and what she endures on her journey to justify a symbolic furniture purchase. Here’s the deal: one day at her favorite Indonesian import store, the salesman asked, “Do you want one bedside table or two?” A loaded question, indeed. The answer to which set Carrie off and running, pulling herself up by her knee-high black leather bootstraps date after painful date, wondering along the way why the guys seated across from her at the restaurant never failed to make celibacy a more appealing option. At its core, ONE NIGHTSTAND is a collection of bitingly sarcastic, brutally honest letters addressed to the many men she has met along the way, giving a provocative and unapologetic overview of what went wrong and why there’s no wedding cake in their future. Linking those letters are narratives which detail the circumstances of the dreadful dates and Carrie’s layperson perspective on single life. With acid wit and brutal honesty, Carrie’s take on dating is as devastating as it is devastatingly funny.

As December 26, 2005 came and went, journalist and book author Andrea Collier realized that in less than a year she would be knocking hard and fast at the door of 50. How would she honor it? What would she do once she was 50? If she had an “A” game, now was the time to bring it out. She didn’t hear bells, whistles or feel particularly legendary; she wanted to honor living this long, but using her financial and emotional capital for a wedding-sized birthday party was not the answer. In one moment, she decided that she was going to make it all about herself—in fact, a whole year of her. THE YEAR OF 50. She stared her biggest fears in the eye and decided to be a party, a journey, an adventure, a lesson, and a gift to herself. She spent the rest of the year making wish lists and jotting down questions she wanted to answer. She carefully mapped out a strategy to approach the upcoming year, somehow knowing that it would never go as smoothly as she thought. She added flexibility to her list. Never one for the pity party, she spent 365 days living out loud. THE YEAR OF 50 is a memoir of her personal exploration of this milestone, and chronicles how Andrea immersed herself in life. With this book, she gets to invite other women to her party. Based on a syndicated column from which she received overwhelming response, THE YEAR OF 50 is a celebration of life and self that all women, approaching 50 or recalling it fondly, will be able to delight in.

In the bestselling book Affluenza, co-authored by David Wann, the various dysfunctions of overconsumption were presented as symptoms of a plague-like disease that strikes families, health, bank accounts, communities, and the environment. David’s follow-up, Simple Prosperity, presents the rough shape of a lifestyle that provides twice the satisfaction for half the resources. Now, he proposes his third title, VALUE SHIFT: HOW ONE FAMILY’S LIFESTYLE BECAME MORE SUSTAINABLE. In it, he will explore the challenges and necessary actions to make the changes. For example, at the simplest level of change, the family vows to bring reusable shopping bags to the grocery, but they find it difficult to remember because their habits are so ingrained. They decide to eat lower on the food chain, but they are unfamiliar with recipes that don’t include meat. They want to reduce transportation related costs and environmental impact, and realize that moving to a neighborhood that meets their various needs would be the best way to accomplish this goal. At a time when we know how imperative it is to cut down our own “ecological footprint,” David’s latest is an accessible, entertaining, and imperative guide to what everyone can do, as an individual, to make the shift to a more sustainable lifestyle.

James Cook, the unsuspecting hero of Jeopardy! producer Brett Schneider‘s debut novel, UNSTUCK, suffers from a bit of…geographic instability. Having retreated from the world into a chemical cocoon of painkillers and antidepressants, James has only just barely graduated from high school when he learns that Macey–his lifelong best friend and sometime love–is pregnant with their child. Succumbing to life’s pressures, and to a most unexpected side effect of mixing medications, James comes unstuck in space, beginning an accidental odyssey around the globe. With a nod to Vonnegut but a voice all his own, Brett’s darkly comic first fiction tracks James’ inadvertent adventures, from awakening on a beam of the Eiffel Tower to popping up in a rather unwelcome headquarters in North Korea, all the while just trying to make it home to Macey. Ferociously funny and unexpectedly tender, UNSTUCK is a fine introduction to a thrilling new talent. (Please note, Jim McCarthy is the agent on this project.)

Every year millions of people attend parties for the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards, but in the 90s a new phenomenon emerged: casual parties every week to watch “must see” programs such as Seinfeld and, later, Sex and the City. These days, there are suburbanites going next door to watch Dancing with the Stars on Mondays and college students gathering in dorm halls on Wednesday nights for Lost. In BOTTOMS UP!: THE BOOK OF TV DRINKING GAMES–with a foreword by Cindy Brady herself, Susan Olsen–comic Jennie Wong offers a fun take on this new trend, providing everything you need to throw your own viewing party to watch your favorite show. With a contemporary spin on the tradition of the original TV drinking game, “Hi, Bob,” this book provides game rules, cast profiles, drink recipes, and show trivia for over 20 primetime hits like Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and American Idol, as well as syndicated favorites like Everybody Loves Raymond and genre games for everything from football to infomercials. All you need to do is pick a show, pick a night, mix up a few drinks and you are ready to party! With experience including working as a game show researcher; winning Ben Stein’s Money; performing at The Improv, The Laugh Factory and The Comedy Store; and a Ph.D. in communication, Jennie helps us indulge our guilty pleasures in the company of booze, friends and Friends. (Please note, Lauren Abramo is the agent on this project.)

For the past ten years Jillian Venters, writing as the Lady of the Manners, has run the Gothic Charm School website ( dedicated to explaining that being a Black-Clad-Freak doesn’t have to mean being depressed and snarly. (Witty, sarcastic, and possibly a touch cynical, yes. Mean-spirited, sullen, and rude, no.) Since then, the Lady of the Manners has spent a not-inconsiderable amount of time trying to gently persuade others in her chosen subculture that being a Goth and being polite is much, much more subversive than just wearing black t-shirts with “edgy” sayings on them. With illustrations by her husband, noted fantasy artist Pete Venters, best known for the artwork he’s done for the game Magic: The Gathering, GOTHIC CHARM SCHOOL: A GUIDE TO DARK DECORUM AND ETIQUETTE FOR GOTHS AND NON-GOTHS is a look at what life is like as a Goth, with advice on common Goth topics such as how to deal with people who assume your eccentric wardrobe is a costume, why parents shouldn’t worry if their child starts wearing black velvet and eyeliner, how young Gothlings can help set their parents’ minds at ease, and why friends shouldn’t let friends dress like The Crow. (Please note, Lauren Abramo is the agent on this project.)

In 2003, Marcella Echavarria was working as a magazine journalist in Bogotá when the Colombian native had an idea: why not help artisans sell their wares in the global market, rather than as souvenirs on the streets? Seeking a big name collaborator, the 28-year old Echavarría sent an e-mail to a general address at Donna Karan and, despite no previous connection to the designer, found herself in Karan’s Madison Avenue offices a day later, pitching the idea to the designer. Karan launched Echavarría’s company, SURevolution, in 2004, and since then SUR’s sustainable crocodile handbags, gold leaf cuffs, and vibrant woven satchels have landed on the shelves of Barney’s, Neiman Marcus, and Ralph Lauren, and on the pages of Elle, Vogue, and the New York Times. But what has yet to be told are the awe-inspiring tales behind the products–those that Echavarría will share in UNO, DOS, TRES: ONE WOMAN’S QUEST TO BUILD A LUXURY EMPIRE, written by Echavarria with former GQ and Departures editor, Caroline Callahan, where she chronicles her unusual adventures between the New York City fashion world and remote indigenous villages in the middle of Colombian demilitarized zones. The timing for this is excellent: UNO, DOS, TRES manages to mix sustainability (Marcella is intimately involved with all the peoples she works with in Latin America and now India) with New York fashion and, of course, Colombia, a country that’s miraculously trading its notorious affiliations with cocaine and kidnapping to emerge as the rising star of Latin American travel destinations. This is a fascinating story that continues to unfold daily, and one that will have enormous international appeal. (Please note, Stacey Glick is the agent on this project.)

Seat two people next to each other on an airplane for a six-hour cross-country flight and they won’t exchange words beyond “Could you lower the window shade? I’m trying to watch The Lake House.” But seat them next to each other in a stadium during a game and they’ll be slapping high-fives, hugging, crying together over past losses and orchestrating the wave. Copernicus was wrong when he postulated that the world revolves around the sun. It revolves around sports. There are 24 major time zones in the world, and each is there for a single important reason: So that we know what time the game starts no matter where our favorite team plays. WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS by longtime writer, Jim Caple, will show this global passion for our games by covering a sport in every one of those time zones. In his many travels for ESPN–Caple has written about sports in 39 states, 15 countries and five continents, driven across the breadth of the United States and down the length of the Mississippi, he has even put his spouse on his back in northern Finland for the world wife-carrying championships–he’s found that no matter where he goes, people are as passionate about their local sport as fans anywhere else are about theirs. WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS will be like Caple’s many travel pieces for ESPN, a little Bill Bryson, a little Charles Kuralt and a little George Plimpton. Like the fascinating and inspiring stories it will tell, the book will have worldwide appeal. (Please note, Stacey Glick is the agent on this project.)

Dale Hammer is trying to live the American Dream. A recently successful novelist, he’s got the big house in a fancy suburb, an expensive gas-guzzler, and a seemingly happy wife and kids. But Dale’s life hasn’t panned out in quite the way he’d planned; moving to the suburbs was supposed to be an experiment–one he hoped would fail. And fail it does. Dale is no longer writing, unable to pen anything at all. He loses his part-time teaching job, as well, though he doesn’t let on. The sign announcing the entrance to his subdivision has recently been destroyed, and after vociferously denouncing it as an eyesore, he’s the only suspect. And when his cantankerous Southern father from Virginia comes to live with him over his garage, his life unravels over the course of a week. He believes his wife is having an affair, his bank account is dwindling, and nobody seems to like him–not even his kids. But nothing is as indicative of his fall from grace as his inability to perform his duties as “Rocketman” for his son’s scout troop. It’s his responsibility to organize and operate the most exciting day in the scout year, when all the kids get to launch the rockets they’ve built. Distracted by the disintegration of his once-flourishing existence, he is woefully unprepared to launch what amount to mini-bombs in the presence of small children. If he can’t do that, what can he do? ROCKETMAN by novelist William Hazelgrove is about what we do when confronted with our dreams and ambitions, only to find out that they weren’t what we wanted in the first place. Biting, insightful, and unfailingly funny, ROCKETMAN is a moving, and yet refreshing, portrait of a family on the edge. (Please note, Michael Bourret is the agent on this project.)


OnRead Books purchased Indonesian rights to A. J. Hartley‘s The Mask of Atreus with Kontinents taking Latvian rights to the title. Israeli rights to David Morrell‘s The League of Night and Fog went to Odyssey Publishing House. Thai rights to that book, along with the author’s The Fraternity of the Stone and The Brotherhood of the Rose went to V. N. Interframe who, in a separate deal also purchased rights to his The Totem, Blood Oath, and The Fifth Profession. Morrell’s Scavenger went to Generights, Ltd. for Czech publication and Editorial Via Magna for World Spanish. Norwegian rights to Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama sold to Damm. Polish rights to that title went to Media Rodzina, Japanese rights to Diamond, Hebrew rights to Kibbutz Hameuchad-Sifriat Poalim Publishing Group, and Italian rights to Nutrimenti. The World According to the Simpsons by Steven Keslowitz will be published in Brazil by Ediouro Publicacoes. Editorial Planeta Mexicana took World Spanish rights to When He’s Married to Mom by Kenneth M. Adams with Alexander P. Morgan. World Turkish rights to Jewell Parker RhodesVoodoo Dreams were sold to Kirmizi Kedi. Keith EllisMagic Lamp will be reprinted in Hungary by Bagolyvar. And Tapping the Healer Within by Roger Callahan and Richard Trubo will be published in Estonia by Nebadon.

The New York Post bought first serial rights to Diane Fanning‘s Out There.

Audio rights to Mary Doria Russell‘s Dreamers of the Day sold to Random House Audio. Brilliance Audio purchased rights to David Wood‘s Around the World in 80 Rounds, Thomas Norman DeWolf‘s Inheriting the Trade, and Jeff Yeager‘s The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Road Map to True Riches. Audio rights to Michael Krondl‘s The Taste of Conquest sold to Tantor.

An option to Mark Henry‘s Happy Hour of the Damned went to Showtime. Three of David Morrell‘s titles were optioned: Assumed Identity by United Artists, The Brotherhood of the Rose by Warner Brothers, and the short story Rio Grande Gothic by Tribesmen Pictures. Toulillian Films optioned Michael Weinreb‘s The Kings of New York.


Bestselling author and inveterate tinkerer William Gurstelle‘s latest, The Art of Living Dangerously, was sold to Cynthia Sherry at Chicago Review Press. The author retains translation rights.

Award-winning reporter Rose Ciotta‘s upcoming true crime about the murder of a UPenn professor sold in a North American deal to Charlie Spicer at St. Martin’s Press.

Kermit Hummel at Countryman Press purchased World rights to chef and food photographer Brian Yarvin‘s untitled book on tomatoes from Michael Bourret.

Jim McCarthy sold World rights to Michelle Maddox‘s futuristic romantic thriller The Challenge to Leah Hultenschmidt at Dorchester for the Shomi line.

Kathryn Casey‘s mystery debut, Singularity, sold as part of a three-book, World rights deal to Jason Pinter at Minotaur.

Weatherman: An Anti-Memoir of the Sixties by Mark Rudd, founder of The Weather Underground, was purchased by Henry Ferris at William Morrow. The author retains British and translation rights.

Michael Bourret sold World rights to Emily Farris‘ untitled book of modern and classic casserole recipes to Meg Leder at Perigee.

Gary Krebs at Globe Pequot bought North American rights to Yitta Halberstam and Judith Leventhal‘s Small Miracles of the Holocaust.

Lauren Abramo sold North American rights to Jes Battis‘ urban fantasy debut, Night Child, to Ginjer Buchanan at Ace/Roc in a two-book deal.

Celebrated chef Gale Gand‘s latest cookbook, Brunch, was purchased by Rica Allannic at Clarkson Potter.

Children’s book author Pat Lowery Collins ‘ new young adult novel, Voices from Heaven was sold by Lauren Abramo to Hilary Van Dusen at Candlewick Press.

World rights to Ghouls Just Haunt to Have Fun, the third book in Victoria Laurie‘s Ghost Hunter Mystery series were sold to Kristen Weber at NAL. Jim McCarthy is the agent on this project.

Melanie Murray at Grand Central Publishing bought World rights to author Michelle Rowen‘s latest, Stakes and Stilletos, from Jim McCarthy as part of a two-book deal.

Michael Bourret sold World rights to Matthew Amster-Burton‘s hilarious memoir, Hungry Monkey, to Jenna Johnson at Harcourt.

Poet and scholar Dwayne Betts‘ memoir about recovering from the mistakes of his youth, A Question of Freedom, was sold to Jeff Galas at Avery/Viking Studio. The author retains British and translation rights.

Celebrated food writer and cookbook author James Villas‘ latest, The Glory of Southern Pig sold in a World rights deal to Justin Schwartz at Wiley.

James Villas is also the author of Dancing in the Low Country, his debut novel, which sold in a two-book, World rights deal to John Scognamiglio at Kensington.

Denise Silvestro at Berkley bought North American rights to Sheila Himmel and Lisa Himmel‘s You Must Be Hungry, the harrowing but never humorless memoir of a food writer and her anorexic daughter.

Stacey Glick sold World rights to Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, LD‘s Flexfoods Diet to Judith McCarthy at McGraw Hill.

Harry Truman’s Excellent Adventure , reporter Matthew Algeo‘s recreation of the former President’s 1953 road trip, sold to Cynthia Sherry and Jerry Pohlen at Chicago Review Press in a World rights deal.

Brian McDonald‘s latest, an investigation of the Pettit murder case in Cheshire, CT, was bought by Charles Spicer at St. Martin’s Press. The author retains British and translation rights.

Adina Kahn sold World rights to food and nutrition editor Frances Largeman-Roth‘s The Bun in the Oven Cookbook to Shana Drehs at Sourcebooks.

The Personal Mixologist by Eben Klemm, the mixologist for the B.R. Guest restaurants, was sold to Kirsty Melville at Andrews-McMeel in a World rights deal.

Founder of the controversial, Jam Donaldson‘s Dirty Laundry sold to Sue Betz at Chicago Review Press in a World rights deal.

Tom Krattenmaker‘s Onward Christian Athletes was bought by Brian Romer at Rowman & Littlefield in a World rights deal. Michael Bourret is the agent on this project.

Buying the Cow, a delightful collection of unusual stories of love and romance by Cynthia Ceilan, was purchased by Holly Rubino as part of a two-book, World rights deal from Jim McCarthy.

Stacey Glick sold World English rights to Tilar Mazzeo‘s Back Lane Wineries of Sonoma County and Napa Guidebook in a two-book deal to Angela Hederman at The Little Bookroom.

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