A conversation this week reminded me that I’ve been meaning to put together a little pronunciation resource for the trickier agent names here at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret. Some of our names I think people have a pretty firm grasp on—I don’t think I’ve ever heard a mispronunciation of Amy Bishop or Erin Young, for fairly obvious reasons—but others I hear wrong more often than I hear them right. Mine included.  And frankly, I don’t blame anyone. In an age where you see names written far more often than you hear them spoken, it can be shocking to discover how long you’ve been saying something very, very wrong.

As someone who has been known to hit up google for confirmation and then have an awkward little practice session before picking up the phone, I always appreciate a name pronunciation resource. So, how about a little help?

Jane Dystel = emphasize diss (not dice); conveniently the same as “distal” which has a pronunciation guide here: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/pronunciation/english/distal

Miriam Goderich = god not go; rich not rick

Michael Bourret = bour like burr; ret like retribution, don’t Frenchify it

Lauren Abramo = A like arrive not agent, bra like the clothing

Jessica Papin = puh-PAN, like Chopin

Sharon Pelletier = pell-uh-teer, rhymes with Mouseketeer

Mike Hoogland = who-glend

Kemi Faderin = Keh-me Fah-day-rin

Is trying to figure out how to pronounce any other DGB names keeping you up at night?