It’s the holiday season, right?  And so, we are all supposed to be filled with the joy of this time of year – beautiful decorations,

CC courtesy of PBS NewsHour (
(CC courtesy of PBS NewsHour)

Christmas carols, food and drink and lots of parties.  Why then do I find myself so discouraged and even depressed?  The truth of the matter is that the horrible events of 2016 have simply worn me out.  I just want to bury myself in a good book so I don’t have to look at the headlines any more.

Here are just some of the terrible things that happened this year, a far from comprehensive list:

The deaths of David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Muhammad Ali, Gene Wilder, Alan Rickman, Jose Fernandez, Christina Grimmie, Gwen Ifill, and Florence Henderson.

New Ebola cases in Africa and the Zika virus outbreak

The Istanbul Airport attack, the Bastille Day terrorist attack in Nice, France, plus the bombing in Brussels, and the ISIS attack in Jakarta.

The killings of unarmed black citizens.

The nightclub shooting in Orlando and  the Dallas police shooting,

Harambe’s killing at the Cincinnati Zoo and the Disney gator attack

California wildfires and Gatlinburg, North Carolina, wild fires, plus the most recent wild fires in Tennessee.


The plane in Brazil running out of fuel and crashing with the young championship soccer team aboard.

The escalating refugee crisis and the horrors in Syria.

And,  don’t get me started on the U.S. elections.

I am certainly hoping that 2017 is far, far better.  Curious, though, do you all agree that 2016 was a miserable year?  And, what are you reading to take your mind off the news?