I personally love book clubs. Why?  They are a great chance for friends, family, and all book lovers alike to gather together and share their thoughts, laugh, cry, and drink a few glasses of wine. Aside from that, they help you become a better reader and an even better person. With book clubs you learn to read faster and stick to deadlines. You also learn to veer into other genres that you aren’t so comfortable with; and most importantly, you learn to express your thoughts and opinions to other people.

 I’m very fortunate that here DGLM we are a book club of our own. However, I’ve also been thinking that I’d like to join other book clubs, but where is the TIME!?! 

 This is where digital book clubs come in. If you can’t make the time to physically join a book club, or maybe you hate speaking in front of strangers, there is always another option. With digital book clubs, you get the benefits of being in a book club, but with the luxury of participating from wherever.

 There are tons of digital book clubs out there. I’m sure everyone knows about Oprah’s Book club. I very recently discovered Emma Watson’s feminist book club called Our Shared Space on Goodreads. Watson, who is a UN Woman’s Goodwill ambassador by day (Hermione Granger by night), is using this space to encourage us to have conversations, ask questions, and learn more about gender equality and feminism. There is no pressure, just an avenue to learn and make great friends.

 So if you have been looking for a book club, now’s the time to find one. And honestly, if you can’t find one you like, start your own!

 Good luck with your search and please share if you know about some amazing digital book clubs out there.